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Hi... My name is Henry, and my love for Silver Gate began with my first visit as a young boy with my grandfather. It has set the tone for who I am, and my love of nature ever since.  I've been operating a lodging business for the last 20 years in Silver Gate, Montana. Over the years we have built a tremendous community. We've made many friends and facilitated countless memorable moments for our guests.
On June 12th, after non-stop rain and rapid snow melt, we experienced what is now called a 1000-year flood event. Yellowstone Park closed all gates for the first time in history.

We were fortunate enough to have evacuated our staff and guests just in time. This tight knit community has had its challenges, but nothing like this. We're viewing this as a unique experience and an opportunity to be reminded of why we love Silver Gate and the magical experiences it has given so many of our guests, employees, neighbors & fellow business owners. Now our job is to come together and support one another to rebuild for current & future generations to come.
Over the next couple of days, we will be assessing damages and any possibilities of reopening some cabins, sooner than later. The Yellowstone Park Superintendent does not foresee the Northeast Gate reopening this season. Therefore, as we start to navigate any federal assistance we are asking for support, large or small, so we can keep employees paid and use funds to support the town while we rebuild. Thank you to all who have gotten us this far, and to those who have yet to experience the magic of Silver Gate & Yellowstone.

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