Support Stuart's Healing Journey


The Journey Unfolds…

I can hardly believe it’s been almost 9 months since I put together my first request for your support and  investment in this ongoing healing journey!  

It’s equally overwhelming (in the best possible way) to count the number of phenomenal results that have come about, largely as a result of YOUR gifts, donations, support, blessings, prayers and more!

I’ve been so eager to update you all for some time now, and yet have been procrastinating on doing so, as I wasn’t quite sure how to do so succinctly, and I’m still not sure if I’ll be able to keep it short, so you may have to prepare for a long and adventurous read  (with LOTS of SUCCESSES!) - grab a cup of tea and settle in, or just skim the headlines I will incorporate to hopefully make for easy reading!


The first - and most important - success to celebrate how I was blown away by your generous financial and energetic support and the astonishing rate at which it flowed in and the love and encouragement I felt and experienced - it was almost difficult to comprehend, and again, I thank you and appreciate you from the bottom of my heart!

Mexico was an amazing experience on many levels:  


Travelling to Puerto Vallarta and receiving treatments at La Flor de la Salud and Centro Método Holistico was a truly transformative experience.  The mere logistics of travelling internationally, resurrecting the remnants of my conversational Spanish, then navigating an unfamiliar citywere aspects of the trip which were unexpectedly healing in their own right.  

Not having travelled internationally on my own for over 7 years, the mere idea of going through customs, having a bolt-and-run layover in Montreal - with just enough time to get from one plane to the other (and a mini-meltdown on the way, when I thought I had lost my passport!), and then to connect with my host in Puerto Vallarta was more than just a little intimidating and anxiety provoking in the state in which I found myself in January (You may remember that one of my chief difficulties was the neurological impairment I was experiencing).

But much to my delight, I was surprised just how much of my conversational Spanish rose to the surface, and came to my aid just as I needed it.  Likewise, navigating a bus system with no signed ‘stops’ proved to be another neural-enhancing experience.  What I thought were long forgotten words and phrases, trickled in just as I needed them, and I felt divinely inspired, guided, and well-taken care of by the divine intelligence that pervades each one of us.

I was excited to see this neuronal growth taking place as just a few months earlier, I was having trouble finding words and names in my own native language of English.  “This is progress!”, I thought, “All is not lost!”  Having watched an interview with Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon who suffered a severe bacterial brain infection and subsequent near death experience, I knew it was possible for one to ‘come back’ from dis-ease and ‘disability’ with even more clarity and capability than before, and I was holding onto that promise for myself as well!


At the various clinics I visited in Mexico -  thanks to you - I was able to experience:

Intravenous Ozone Therapy

Magnetic Bed Therapy

Deep Tissue toxin cleanses

Structural Alignments





Sound therapy



Rife Machine

Yoga & Qi Gong classes

Energy Alignments and tinctures and much more.

Meditation and visualization during (and in-between) those treatments has played a huge part in my recovery as well, but more on that later!  

Also, I’d like to commit to a series of ‘weekly-or-so’ updates over the next several weeks to highlight each of these therapies in greater depth.


Each therapy had its own particular benefits, and I am happy to report a vast array of improvements since being able to avail myself of these therapies - and again, largely thanks to you, here is a partial list of ailments and issues that together - you, me, the practitioners, and Divine Healing Intelligence - have been able to resolve:


After close to a year of severely compromised sleep (hardly ever sleeping more than one or two hours per night - and sometimes not at all!) at some point things shifted.  I was no longer waking up an hour after going to sleep, nor was I getting up half a dozen times per night to use the washroom.

If you’ve never experienced prolonged insomnia (and before this, I never had - and I hope you never do!) you have no idea how close to the edge not sleeping takes you.  To be completely honest, over the course of the last year and a half, I have come closer to planning my ‘final exit’ than ever before in my life.  That said, I was still amazed at the miracles we call a body and mind - and their ability to continue to function to some degree on little or no sleep.  However, I am quite happy to have put that little ‘experiment’ behind me, so thank heavens for deep, blissful sleep!  AND I’m dreaming!  Blissful, fun, adventurous, delightful dreams!!!


At one point in the last year and a half, eczema and dermatitis covered a good sixty percent of my face, but upon returning from Mexico and attending a party, friends (some of whom I hadn’t seen in over five years!) kept commenting on my skin, how clear it was, and how youthful I looked!

An entire plaque of very painful plantar warts had covered the ball of my right foot, and the left foot wasn't far behind.  After these various treatments I am happy to report that my feet are as smooth and clear as a baby’s bottom - with not a sign of a wart anywhere on my body.  That’s definitely a fantastic sign of a strengthening system, and I am taking it as a clear sign that I have cleared warts from my system once and for all!

Two spots of athlete’s foot are completely cleared!  Another fantastic sign of a strengthening system!


In November, my vision was so weak, that I couldn’t focus to read road signs at night when Darrel was driving. Last year in June and July, the flashes of light that angled in between the trees in our neighbourhood as I passed under them were momentarily blinding.  

But now, everyday, my vision is getting clearer and clearer!  I’ve had a life-long desire to be able to get rid of my glasses altogether - perhaps that time is just around the corner!  I still have some better days than others, but am happy to report that the general trend is upward!


In addition to blurry vision, I had also been plagued with repeated styes on my left eyelid.  No doubt the cleansing and clearing I have been doing is flushing out many of the toxins in my liver (liver being related to the eyes) and those have all disappeared as well!


You may remember that I was suffering with extreme dental pain and sensitivity for months.  Hot and cold foods, the act of chewing, and even the intake chilly winter air would send maddening bolts of pain running around my gums and teeth, directly to my brain.  And I am SOOOO happy to report that there is NO MORE sensitivity or pain related to gums or teeth at all!

There are still a few issues with my oral mucosa which can make eating challenging at times, but the McCombs Plan that I have begun (combined with meditation and intention) is sure to make short work of that!


Not only is the dental pain gone, but the rapid gum recession I had noticed has now abated, and even in some cases reversed.  I have a dental appointment tomorrow, so I am quite excited to have my measurements taken so that we can compare them with those from 6 months ago!


At times last year, I could barely hear myself think, for the ringing and buzzing in my ears was so intense.  Now I might notice it a couple of times a week, and then only if I am in a very quiet room, or when I am meditating.  You have no idea how excited I am about that!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but nonetheless, a major relief!  Thank you!


At times over the past two years, I have felt like I had the hips, knees, and upper back of a very crippled 90 year old.  

Now, I am happy to report that knee and hip pain are pretty much non-existant, (with the exception of low barometric pressure days - but I'm set to change that too!) and my back is SO much better now - I’m definitely heading on the right path!


For several months, I had a blocked, or swollen eustachian tube, primarily on my right sight, that felt like it was full of water, and made all the sound coming through that ear very muffled and garbled.  Now, I still get that occasionally, but it’s not an all-the-time thing, and usually doesn’t last very long when it does occur.  So thank you for that too!


Again, for several months, every time I would get up from a seated position, or out of bed, my nerve impulses would send severe pain shooting through my feet and up my legs, and I would hobble my way down the hall.  That pain has completely diminished to the point where now I just have a mild sensation of numbness, and chilly toes - but I know that’s working its way back to normal too, hurray!!


I didn’t even know there was a name for these until I started getting them all over my torso and in my thighs, and beyond, but if you’ve ever had an ‘eyelid twitch’, then you know what these involuntary muscle contractions are, and how distracting and annoying they can be.  Now multiply that by all the body parts I mentioned above, and you begin to see one of the many reasons it’s been so difficult to work, even when everything else in my body was going right! 

The great thing is, where at one point these were a near constant, I rarely, if ever experience them anymore.  Thanks to the miraculous healing power of intention, food, exercise, meditation and more - feeling very grateful for this one!


Coupled with the anxiety and mental/neurological stresses of the past year-and-a-half or so, my cardiovascular system has been all over the place with palpitations, arrhythmias, all kinds of irregularities.

I’m quite happy to report that my heartbeat is now strong, and no more ‘irregular’ than normal, and that it is becoming more coherent every day as I practice my meditation and energy healing exercises!


This is perhaps the greatest victory thus far.  A year and a half ago, I was battling the most extreme anxiety (read panic!) and depression I had ever encountered.  

I’ve been lucky, I guess, that I’ve really ever only experienced the ‘natural’ amount of anxiety or depression, as related to circumstances in life, but this was an at times very illogical anxiety, that I sometimes describe as a ‘body anxiety’ as it wasn’t really coming from my thoughts or imaginations, but really seemed to rise up from the gut, which is why I am now working with the specialized eating regime of the McCombs Plan.

In the thick of the anxiety and the not sleeping, I was trying everything under the sun to keep calm and centred.  GABA, skullcap and valerian, and other calming herbs and teas, melatonin, and at some verrrry low points, I did even resort to a prescription from my medical doctor (which only made things wayyyyy worse!).  I did find a great deal of relief in the moment with many of the holistic remedies, and I’d be happy to write about those in some of my following posts, in case anyone could benefit from the information.

Practices like the Dynamic Neural Retraining System and Qi Gong have been very helpful in quieting this frazzled, cross-wired state, but nothing has done as much for me as committing to at least an hour of meditation per day, utilizing some of the Abraham Hicks processes, as well as Joe Dispenza’s ‘Becoming Supernatural’ program, Neville Goddard’s processes, and more.

Since July 7th, I have been meditating every, single, day.  Often I am meditating for three to four hours a day, but never less than one hour, and probably most often for two hours per day.  I quickly noticed an 80-90% reduction in anxiety/depression - and began laughing again, taking photos, engaging in activities like cooking, and gardening, and walking with the dogs.  Things I had always loved to do, but had been too anxious, or depressed, or too lacking in energy to actually engage in. 

My thinking processes, have become tremendously more clear, my vocabulary has returned, and my memory SO much better!  I am SO much more relaxed and at ease in the world, and for that I am eternally grateful!

I am able to cook meals on my own again.  I’m reading again.  I’m browsing through cookbooks, and websites, and doing the shopping all on my own again - what a blessing and gift this all is!


Upon arriving home, and feeling so much more like the self I desired to become, a couple of tasks were foremost on the ‘things to do list’.  We had checked in with our landlord to see if we might be able to rent out our main floor guest suite as a means to supplement our income, which continues to be very minimal as my energy levels continue to build.  He had okayed it, but the bathroom sorely needed renovating, and there were a few other jobs like cleaning up the gardens and landscaping that needed to be done to make the room and house fully hospitable and, more important: rentable!

We finally got the renovations to the guest suite completed, painting the bathroom, and laying the new flooring ourselves to keep costs down, and I am happy to report we have the perfect tenant/friend/boarder staying with us for four months, so that has been a definite boon to our income, and is helping to ease things a bit.

But then Darrel slipped on some ice on his way to work on St. Patrick’s Day and broke his wrist/arm in two places, and was out of work for almost 12 weeks as it healed.  That didn’t help the income situation as he is, like myself, self-employed and he didn’t qualify for very much in the way of benefits, other than a few little things like deferred payments on his credit card - nonetheless, we were definitely appreciative of the support that did come in!


There were some minor relapses since returning home from Mexico, and anxiety - and that despairing, suicidal thinking - did creep in once or twice, but things are SO much better now, as mentioned above, since really committing to my meditation/intention/energy healing practices for a good hour or more each day!  I haven’t taken any herbs or supplements for anxiety in at least two and a half months, and I couldn’t be happier about that!


The biggest challenges at the moment have to do with ongoing fatigue, weakness, dizziness and lethargy that keeps me from being able to work at a normal pace.  Often, after sleeping 12 straight hours (thank heaven, I can finally sleep!!) I’ll get up, meditate, shower, and then be so exhausted from the showering process that I have to go lay down for another 20 minutes or so.  I’m often taking three hour naps in the afternoons, and then, as I say, heading back to bed around 7 or 8 in the evenings.

It’s definitely not like that every day, and some days are actually quite good, but as I’m never quite sure how I am going to feel, and how my body and energy levels are going to respond, you can imagine how this would be problematic in going to a regular, full-time job, or even building my business from home while working part time.

The remaining vision issues and nerve pain continue to be distracting when I do try to work at my desk with anything that requires focus and attention, and I continue to have a challenge with digestion and keeping weight and muscle on, which leads to even more fatigue, but ALL of this IS getting better, and I am holding the intention that ALL of this already is healed energetically, and is just taking a little longer to clear out on the physical front.

My goal is to be 90 - 95% where I would like to be by the end of 2018, and I am committed to continuing doing what I need to do and being who I need to be to make that happen.  And part of that vision is to be completely self-sufficient financially, so I am working on that every day, bit by bit.

There are a few more things that I know will be of massive benefit to me in completely overcoming this debilitating chronic fatigue, and setting me fully on the path of vigour, vitality, financial abundance, and even greater contribution to those around me.

The first is a set of supplements recommended by The McCombs Plan that I have been researching for some time…I’ve already adapted my diet to meet the requirements of this particular program and am eager to get the supplements that support the process.  

I haven’t had sugar, grains (other than brown rice), processed or packaged foods - basically nothing but vegetables, fruit, brown rice, and meat for well over two months, and to be honest, I have been delighted by ‘getting back to my roots’ and making my own bone broths, soups, stews and healthy snacks that are in keeping with the McCombs Protocol for Candida - and Darrel’s been a great support in joining me on this dietary path as well - and coming up with delightful creations that ‘fit the bill’ of the program.

The other highly effective thing that I would like to be able to do is to attend an Advanced Course in Meditation and Energy Healing as presented by Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of ‘You are the Placebo’ and ‘Becoming Supernatural’ among other books. 

Dispenza is a chiropractor who crushed seven vertebrae in a cycling accident, and whom was told that he would ‘never walk again’ without a highly invasive surgery and steel rods, and even then, there were no guarantees. 

Six weeks later, he was walking, and another six weeks after that, he was training for his next triathlon!  He’s now a leading edge neuroscientist, and is making history with individuals experiencing spontaneous healing of cancers and tumours, degenerative diseases, MS, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and so many other ailments.  

I’ve been following his work, and reading his books for the last 15 years, and he is definitely one of my top heroes and mentors, and it would be an immense privilege to be able to study and practice with him in person!


With an income of about $900 per month, and mounting bills you can imagine how it might be difficult to make those things happen on my own.  

And that’s where I am reaching out to you, to see if you might be willing to invest in me and in this vision again, to bring this healing journey all the way home!

Know that you are investing in something far greater than just me and my particular situation, because, as stated earlier, it is my intention to continue to share all that I am learning through this process, in order to inspire and empower as many people as possible, to heal themselves as well, or simply to overcome whatever obstacles seem to be standing in their way.  I know this journey is making me a far greater coach, designer, writer, and a more compassionate, encouraging person in general!


So, the next steps, as I see them are as follows:

1. To continue my self-guided meditations, and various intentions, and energy-healing practices at home - meditating and ‘creating’ the 'new me' for at least one hour every day.  

2. To continue my McCombs / Candida-free eating plan.

3. To raise the funds for the supplements to go along with the Candida Plan above, and to work through the next three months of supplements and exercises to turn around the Candida situation once and for all!

4. To raise the funds to for the tuition to be able to attend an Advanced Course in Meditation and Energy Healing with Joe Dispenza at the earliest opportunity


Ultimately, I see myself bringing ALL of this work together to create a website and blog, to facilitate coaching sessions and groups for others who desire to overcome similar obstacles in their own lives, and I see myself writing more - fulfilling my life-long ambition of being the possibility of INSPIRATION, EMPOWERMENT, and TRANSFORMATION along the way.


Candida Supplements and Consults and Grounding Mats $1400 + $350

Advanced Course in Meditation and Energy Healing / Quantum Healing $5000

A small backlog of household expenses $1000

A few outstanding medical and dental bills $300 + $400

Shipping artwork to the winners of our draw!! $150



I have spoken with the staff at Joe Dispenza’s organization, and have arranged that anyone who donates toward my expenses at the advanced course will receive a tax-deductible receipt for their donation.  

Of course, this is only a portion of the funding I am seeking to receive, so if you would like a receipt, it’s important that you let me know.  Your donation will be processed through GoFundMe, as before, and will be forwarded by me, in your name, so that a receipt may be issued.  Once we reach the cap for the Dispenza course expenses, receipts will no longer be available.  


I am excited to report that I have finally had enough energy, wherewithal, and clarity of mind to be performing my first design consults in months, so if you, or someone you know is planning a renovation, or just sprucing up a few rooms, I would be most appreciative of the opportunity to work for you, or to have you refer me to them and them to me!  I’ll definitely consider at any project that may come my way, even though I have been working my way back up with mostly smaller projects the last few consults.


Many of you know that I also have a Young Living Essential Oils business on the side.  These oils have been such a boon to me throughout this ordeal, in terms of dealing with anxiety, assisting with sleep, and helping to heal various aspects of what’s been going on on the physical level as well. 

These oils are Therapeutic Grade, many of our single oils and blends being approved by Health Canada, and extremely powerful on the energetic level.  

If you need to order any oils, or supplements, or are interested in learning more about them, please consider ordering through my business, or contacting me to learn more.

LINK to my online shop HERE: 


As I mentioned earlier, one of the career horizons that I would like to continue to expand is my writing and editing.

I have written and produced articles for Chatelaine, Canadian Living, Style at Home, and have also edited books and articles for others, as well as maintaining a number of different blogs and social media sites over the years.

If you or anyone you know requires writing or editing services, please consider putting the word out as this is something that is relatively easy for me to do, no matter what my energy levels may be, and I can easily do it from the comfort of home, if necessary.

Again, it is my strong desire to be as completely self-sufficient as possible by the end of this year, and I am excited that I can finally work towards that via my writing and design work!!


Don’t forget that we still haven’t drawn for Darrel’s beautiful original oil painting and the prints that he has so generously offered up with his gratitude and appreciation for your assistance.  

This next surge of donations will put us well over the $15,000 mark, so we will be doing that draw as soon as we hit that milestone!



Registration will be opening soon, and the spaces fill up very quickly, so if I could raise the funds for the tuition ASAP, so that I can guarantee a space, that would be absolutely amazing!

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU so much for your generous and loving support on this journey.  It truly is amazing to have this opportunity to move through what have been very difficult circumstances into the light of love and wellbeing - and I/WE are doing it!  

SOOOOO much appreciation to each one of you!


ORIGINAL CAMPAIGN STORY: (December 27, 2017)

Hello, for those of you who don't know me, my name is Stuart Swing, and in my wildest imagination, I never thought I would be writing a letter like this...

Life has served up an astonishing array of 'contrast', showing me quite clearly what I do not want, and so it is that I find myself petitioning your assistance to help me with the healing of a number of serious health issues, so  that I can get on with the business of creating even more of what I do want in this magnificent life that is afforded each one of us: to live as the possibility of inspiration, empowerment and transformation in this world!

The Story so Far

As you may (or may not) know, I have been dealing with some fairly intense health issues, which have made day-to-day living challenging on the best of days, and almost impossible to navigate on others.  Over the course of the past few years, a series of life events and various toxic exposures have conspired to place a significant amount of stress and toxic overload on my physical body and my mind.  

Testing and Treatment Up to Now

I have been blessed to be supported by loving friends and family members, including my tireless partner, Darrel and have been put through a gamut of medical testing.  I have been fortunate to have experienced excellent care at the hands of many doctors, nurses, specialists and other practitioners here in Halifax, both in the conventional and in the alternative health arenas.

Results and Disconcerting Signs of Decline

While there have been some promising results in terms of mental and emotional health and resiliency, there appear to be no conclusive answers, from a conventional persepctive, as to why there continue to be several disconcerting signs of decline on the physical level with threats of disability and (without wanting to sound alarmist) the possibility of premature death.  Nor do any viable solutions seem to be presenting themselves from that perspective.

Without going into great detail, the most concerning signs of decline relate to neurological impairment which is affecting vision, cognitive abilities, motor control, and creating an increasing amount of nerve pain and numbness throughout my body.  

Sometimes the simplest of reasoning and day-to-day tasks which normally would come quite naturally to me have become exceedingly difficult, and debilitating anxiety, dental pain, chronic insomnia and accompanying day-time fatigue have all made it exceedingly difficult to maintain even part-time work.

While my life-long studies in holistic nutrition, energy medicine, aromatherapy, and other alternative modalities are providing me with some insights into what is going on at the cellular level, many days I have been at my wit's end, not knowing how to navigate this or put together the pieces of the puzzle on my own.  

I remain convinced of the innate ability of the body and mind to heal themselves and to thrive, given the proper conditions, and I am doing all that I can on the nutritional, emotional and spiritual levels to facilitate that healing, but still require further support.

Significant, Immediate Intervention Required

This truly has been the most challenging year of my life, and I find myself at a place where significant, immediate intervention is required to arrest any further decline, and ideally reverse the symptoms I am experiencing.

This condition is a strain on me physically, mentally and emotionally, and has also been very challenging and difficult for those around me, and now is the time for it to change.

Hope for Complete Healing

Allow me to tell you about a solution that has presnted itself, one which I will be able to pursue with your help:

Many months of soul-searching and Face-Time conversations with friends around the world have resulted a great deal of loving support, and through the guidance of one of those dear friends, I have been introduced to a world-renowned specialist, Dr. Jose Luis Romo, who works out of his clinic La Flor De La Salud (The Flower of Health) in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Leading Edge Protocols

Dr. Romo, a trained medical doctor with decades of experience, travels the world, learning from (and teaching) many of the world leaders in unconventional, alternative health modalities.  

Many of the services he provides are not available in Canada or the US.  The ones that are available in Canada are made available at his clinic at a mere fraction of what they would cost here.

Dr. Romo has consulted with me via phone and email and is confident that he can assist me in turning my situation around - together restoring my body, mind, and ultimately my 'self' to optimal health & vitality.

Healing from Cancer and Chronic Conditions

Romo  has an outstanding reputation internationally for helping people heal from cancers and other chronic conditions that have been otherwise unresolved by conventional methods. And the methods he uses are exclusively holistic, and proven effective.

The friend who introduced me to Dr. Romo was herself healed from Stage IV malignant melanoma using many of the identical protocols that he is recommending for me.  She's also referred other friends with similar diagnoses to him, and they too have experienced complete healing.

One of the local doctors I spoke with recently told me that if he received a cancer (or other 'big' diagnosis) he would be on a plane to Mexico as fast as he could get on one, because their protocols, technologies and testing really are that far ahead of ours in many ways!

Timelines & Milestones

It is critical that I get to Mexico to see Dr.Romo in person as soon as possible.

My chosen date to fly would be January 10, 2018, and ideally it would be phenomenal to have all the funding in place by that date.

As a first milestone  it would be amazing to have the first $5000 or more in place by January 1st.

Another initial milestone would be to achieve 100 shares via social media by January 1st.

The Challenge

I feel I have been guided to this talented, leading edge physician, with a whole range of powerful treatments at his disposal, and yet, because my ability to work to my full potential has been severely compromised, there is only the most basic living-needs budget available to me at the moment  and that does not include any funding of heath care protocols, no matter how discounted the price.

My not being able to work has also taxed our household budget, and my partner's resources have also been greatly depleted due to him being the primary provider, and also in his assisting to fund many of the alternative care methods that have been so beneficial to this point.

And this, if you so choose, is where you come in...

How You can Help:

If you are so inspired, there are many ways in which you can help me complete this healing journey:

1. Donate: You can easily and effortlessly use the links here to safely and securely donate funds using your credit or debit card.  These funds will be allocated as noted below. It is critial that I receive $5000 or more by January 1st.

2. Share on Social Media: Please share this appeal widely with your networks of friends, family and acquaintances on Facebook and Twitter.  (Would you be willing, as a first step, to help me reach 100 shares by January 1st?) (Celebratory Note:  we far surpassed this in our first 24 hours!  Could we uplevel that to 250 by January 1st??)

3. Share in an email:   Perhaps you have friends who are not on social media, but who you know would like to contribute in some way - please feel free to share this link in an email:

4. Share Airmiles: If you travel a lot for work or otherwise, and have excess Airmiles that you would like to donate to finance a flight to Puerto Vallarta, that gesture would be most welcome too!

5. Connect me with your Contacts in Puerto Vallarta: If you know anyone in PV who might have free time on their hands and be available to serve as a guide or supportive friend, please feel free to hook us up!

6. Campaign Ambassadors:  If you find yourself with some free time on your hands and would be interested in assisting me in promoting this campaign and coordinating all the details of making this trip on such short notice, that would be beyond amazing!  Please contact me directly to let me know how you can help!

How the Funds will be Used

The financial support I need would cover the costs of treatment with Dr. Romo, all travel and transportation costs, food and lodging, as well as costs that need to be covered at home, as I will be unable to work my current job while undergoing treatment. 

This would total $14,460 so I am setting my target at $15,000 to provide for any unexpected costs that may arise.  An approximate breakdown of costs would be as follows:

Airfare                 $1 200
Treatment             9 360
Food                         1 000
Transport                   500
Home Costs          2 400

                               $14 460

What Your Support will Mean to Me

Your support will mean the world to me, not only because I will be able to experience the physical healing that I am unable to fund on my own at this point, but also because I will be empowered to play 'full out’, pursuing the work and play that I am so passionate about in assisting others in living thier lives to their fullest potential and creating the world as an even more beautiful, loving, abundant place.

As an individual whose life passion and purpose is to cultivate love and to empower others to find and fulfill their own passion and purpose, you can imagine how frustrating it must be that in my current state I am unable to perform this important work.

I have reached a critical point, realizing that in order to help others, I must fully heal myself first.  

I also know that through this journey I am currently experiencing, I can only come out stronger as a result of going through it.

I know how valuable this experience will be in the process of me helping others, but right now I need your help!

By funding this journey, you will be funding a world of possibility.

With much love and appreciation, from my heart to yours, 


P.S. The Unfolding Story...

I will be providing regular updates as to the progress of the funding campaign, and when in Mexico, as energy levels and time between treatments allow, it is my intention to document and share as much of this experience as possible for the benefit of others, 

In my ideal world, I would love to develop and produce a website dedicated to all that I have learned, and am continuing to learn as I move through this challenging process, so that others may be inspired by the infinite intelligence and healing potential of body and mind, and may find answers and empowerment for themselves.

Here we go . . . together!

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  
( From me and the whole family :) )

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  • Maricela Rodriguez 
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    • 23 mos
  • Kyla Wood 
    • $10 
    • 26 mos
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