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Support the Creation of a Double Bass Concerto

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Classeek and ICMA are proud to host this fundraiser for a groundbreaking collaboration between two distinguished ICMA award winners, Ivan Boumans and Marc-André. This extraordinary project, conceived by Remy Franck, pairs their exceptional talents to breathe new life into the double bass – an instrument with limited solo repertoire – while creating fresh soundscapes and expanding its musical legacy.

© Karol Sokolowski

About the Project

Embark on a musical journey with us as we unveil an extraordinary collaboration between two distinguished ICMA award-winning artists, Ivan Boumans, recipient of the Composer Award in 2020/21, and Marc-André, honored with the ICMA-Classeek Award in 2023.

In a harmonious fusion of creativity and virtuosity, Ivan and Marc-André are set to compose a breathtaking Concerto for Double Bass and Orchestra that promises to redefine the boundaries of classical music. This ambitious project not only celebrates their remarkable talents but also shines a spotlight on an instrument that has the potential to dazzle and mesmerize in ways yet to be fully explored.

© Ivan Boumans

With over 170 compositions to his name, Ivan (pictured above) has enthralled audiences worldwide with his versatile musical styles, performed by esteemed ensembles such as the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra and the Orchestre National de France. He passionately believes in revealing the hidden depths of the Double Bass, an instrument often overshadowed, and this concerto is poised to be a testament to that dedication.

© Marc-André

Marc-André (pictured above), the inaugural recipient of the ICMA Classeek Award, stands as a trailblazer in classical music. His playing is described as possessing "the most exquisite and elegant sound on the double bass." With a profound musicality and a mission to push boundaries, Marc-André's artistry promises to breathe life into Ivan's composition, creating an experience that will linger in the hearts of listeners.

A few words from us...

“When Marc-André told me he was looking to get a new concerto for double bass and orchestra, I immediately thought of bringing him together with our Composer Award winner Ivan Boumans. With the chemistry between both musicians now functioning well, my colleagues and I look forward to making this project a big success.”
– Remy Franck, President ICMA

"Too often the Double Bass is considered as an accompanying instrument. However, it is an instrument that offers many more possibilities than one might think. The project of composing a concerto for Double Bass is not only a composer's challenge but also the opportunity to highlight an instrument that is not known at its fair value."
– Ivan Boumans

“My biggest goal in life has always been to push beyond boundaries and to do something that has never been done before. As a performer, I find it my duty to work with composers of today in order to help create the history of music and show to the world how this underestimated instrument is able to sound.”
– Marc-André

© Karol Sokolowski

Supporting the Project

By supporting this project, you are championing the artistic endeavors of these two remarkable talents and contributing to the flourishing landscape of classical music. Your generosity will enable us to bring this extraordinary concerto to life, captivating audiences and showcasing the true potential of the Double Bass. Your support means the world to us, and we can't wait to share this extraordinary journey with you.

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