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Thank you to all of you who have already donated – ICLR would not be where it is today if it weren't for you. With your support we have:

-    Designed, built and successfully ground-tested an L1 Class Rocket which served as a test bed for the dual-recovery systems intended for use in competition
-    Used AI-assisted topology optimization to design a rocket which can be and has been entirely 3D-printed
-    Completed the design and manufacture of Constant Impulse (see render above), a 4-metre tall rocket to be used at EuRoC, featuring AI-assisted topology optimised airframe components
-    Designed Encore, a 2 stage rocket with electromagnetic interstage separation and complete recovery of all stages with 3 separate recovery events
-    Created a completely custom-designed, yet extremely flexible avionics system. Fully open-source, it is more powerful than almost all COTS solutions on the market, at a fraction of the cost
-    Manufactured the payload containing a 360° mechanically stabilised camera array
-    Created a deployable CanSat payload, capable of landing independently of its carrying rocket, and collecting soil samples
-    Researched and completed the preliminary design of advanced hybrid engine ignition methods, utilising electric arcs through the motor grain
-    Continued Manufacturing of the Oxidizer feed system
-    Developed and set up the ICLR Silwood Park Test Fire Sit
-    Finalised design of a 2nd Generation hybrid engine and commenced manufacturing
-    Explored CFD modelling techniques in designing injector plates
-    Developed a high fidelity Simulink model to simulate engine firing
-    Successfully test fired our hybrid nitrous/paraffin engine

Our long-term plans involve designing, building and flying increasingly large-scale rockets that would eventually become capable of reaching a precise desired altitude, all while learning and teaching others about aerospace technologies.

We have been searching for a competition to participate in since the project’s inception. We originally set our sights on the Spaceport America Cup, as at the time a similar competition in Europe did not exist. This however presented large problems in terms of logistics and cost of transport, and we were thus thrilled when we found out last year that a competition of a similar scale was being organised in Europe.

The European Rocketry Challenge (EuRoC) is Europe's first rocketry competition hosting teams and students from all over Europe to launch vehicles that they have designed and built. This year the competition is being promoted by Portugal Space, Portugal's space agency, and is taking place in Ponte de Sor in October.

We are fortunate to have been selected for this year's competition owing to the hard work of all of our members resulting in a high quality design report. For our inaugural competition, we seek to flight-test our innovative design, featuring AI-assisted topology optimised airframe components, a payload composed of a mechanically stabilised 360 camera array and a custom-designed advanced open-source avionics board. With the help and support of the Department of Aeronautics, our industry partners and the immense efforts of the team, ICLR is on track to completing the manufacture of a unique and competitive rocket.

Taking part in such an exciting competition would not only expose us to real engineering challenges faced in the aerospace industry today, but would also allow us to meet and learn from rocketry teams from other universities throughout Europe, sharing knowledge and experience so that we can all move further towards our goals.

Despite being far simpler to attend than Spaceport America Cup EuRoC still poses significant logistical challenges and costs, augmented by the impact of COVID-19. And we need your support to help us get there.

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