Support for Megan and Family

“Megan is home! She is resting, healing and working to get her body and life back or should I say forward. There is no going back. 
Every time I get overwhelmed while paying medical bills I think of all of the people like you who donated to the gofundme. Without you the overwhelm might break me but with you I bend and don’t break. Thank you for all your love and support. Please send me a note if you think of us and want to know how we are doing. You are part of our journey now and we love having you with us. Bless your sweet life and your families too!
With love  and appreciation,

Aaron “



Update from Megan The Art Pantry Herself! The miracle continues!
“People keep telling me that I’ve been preparing for this for years. I’m not sure how it’s all unfolding, but I do believe that everything is happening for me, not to me.
I’ve been in the ICU for almost a month now. I was asleep for the first week or 2 and I still don’t know the whole story -I don’t really want to until I get better.
I do know that I had the flu in mid January, which lead to pneumonia, which lead to meningitis, a stroke, and multiple infections. I’m getting lung surgery tomorrow and then will be focusing on recovery.
I wanted to let you know where I’ve been and why I’m so quiet these days. I miss you guys and I miss sharing ideas about kids and creativity, but I have also been floored by the fact that when everything else is stripped away, all that’s left is love. I’m in awe of the love and support I have received from family and friends. People coming out of the woodworks to show how much they care.
I have been trying to “walk my talk” and find ways to feel joy in each moment. If I start to feel sad or anxious, I begin to list every little thing that I appreciate in the moment and it really helps.
I’m already exhausted writing this, but if you want to do anything to help, please send healing thoughts or prayers my way.
And if you want to stay updated, my amazing hubby Aaron has been sharing updates on his ig @coachschiller or on Facebook
Love you all ❤️”
Please pray for a smooth and super helpful successful surgery tomorrow around midday.
Feel free to create home made cards to send to her via me - she enjoys looking st then (message me for our address”
Thank for signing up for the meal plan and the donations on the gofundme. Message me if you want those links.
Thanks for the hugs - More hugs for me.
We are blessed...we are touched...we are moving forward in the best way we know how - which is all in on loving each other and ourselves.
Help spread the word!

UPDATE- From Aaron: Feb 18,
Thank you all for the generous donations. Megan was blown away when she heard that over $10k has been donated to our family. She actually told me to raise the amount because it would help me :). She is so herself and present with us all and that is truly a gift and miracle. I know many of you but many I do not. I truly feel like we are in this life together and your generosity has touched me in ways I do not know how to fully articulate. I have not historically been good at letting people love me. I prefer to love people. But I am cracked open and the love is pouring in. I realize I would never make it on this journey if I don't learn to be loved the way I love others. Thank you for loving me, Megan and our girls. We appreciate you so much. Keep loving us and holding us in your hearts and prayers.  A simple prayer for Megan's full and remarkable recovery!

If you were to ask me 3 weeks ago if I would I be happy with where we are today - I would say that we are so grateful and in the prayer that began weeks ago. A simple and direct prayer for Megan‘s full and remarkable recovery. I have held a singular focus that consists of loving my family and praying for what we want. We have felt so much pain, cried so many tears, been so terrified and felt  so much love and gratitude. We have come together as a family and as a community. The human kindness we have received has made us feel more deeply connected to the people in our lives and most importantly to Megan. Her grace and love has grown exponentially over these past 3 weeks. I have never seen someone endure so much and remain so kind, positive and loving. 

The doctor told megan that she would be in the hospital for another month. She is still on assisted breathing through a tracheotomy connected to a ventilator, on a feeding tube and a bunch of other tubes, drains and things. She sat in a chair for the first time in almost three weeks. She was so happy and it was really hard. She sent me and Karuna an email and a few texts. Never have I been so happy to see the three little dots showing that someone is typing. She is in the ICU getting better slowly. She is herself true and true.  Writing notes to us and mouthing words since she cant talk with the trach in. She is low on energy but high on spirit. Once she is stronger and the Pneumonia has cleared up they will decide what kind of surgery she will need - If surgery is still needed at that point(miracles happen). She is ready to take the next steps towards her full and remarkable journey. But for now she does the hard work of getting better. to sit up again, move her feet legs and arms. To breathe again on her own without support.  She is building a new relationship to her body and life. She has surrendered gracefully to the journey she must endure in order to live the life of her dreams that waits just on the other side of this chasm.

I went from falling off the edge of a cliff to making it back onto the mountain.  Now we have to climb a mountain where Megan has to do most of the climbing,

After three weeks hanging around the ICU I am deeply touched by the love people have for their loved ones. Inspired by the nurses and doctors who are so committed to their patients. I can not even count how many nurses have been part of the relay race that is Megan's care. I can not count how many families I have seen come and go from the ICU. Nor can I count how many people have collapsed into a loves ones arms crying the tears of our human predicament of not being able to hold on to the people we love forever or least in this form forever.

Once again - sI am guided by my singular prayer for Megan’s full and remarkable recovery. I have never been this focused on anything in my whole life.  So many prayers have been answered the past fews weeks, that I am just so grateful and asking for more of what we want - which is Megan back home with us as soon as possible. I rush to be with her in the morning and rush back once our girls are asleep at night. Family and friends visit her during the day. She likes to know her schedule. When I am not with her I am taking care of our amazing girls. Our daughters have been as graceful as their mother through this all. They have enjoyed the gifts people have sent them and the love being showered down on them. They have amazingly strong, wise and tender hearts.  

If you feel called to visit her please send me a note. It can get very boring on the ICU.  

It’s all so much and yet somehow I move forward in the best way I know how - which is to go all in on love. And to let my prayer shield me from fear of the unknown while guiding Megan and our family to an amazing even better life ahead of us together. 

I am feeling a lot of things:
Grateful, tired, focused, blessed, overwhelmed, scared, happy, present, deeply connected, and probably still a little in shock over what has transpired over the past three weeks

Remember everything that is not love is a distraction. Because when the distractions are removed all there is -is  love...

Dear friends and community,

Our dear Megan has been in the ICU on a ventilator with a bad lung infection, pneumonia and meningitis since the end of January.  She may now need lung surgery as well.  Megan and Aaron have 2 young daughters, Karuna and Ora.  As anyone who has dealt with severe family illness knows, the financial burden that accompanies this kind of life challenge can be great.  Please, let's come together and help hold Aaron, Megan and their family up by allowing them to concentrate their energies on healing and loving each other, not on mounting bills. Please consider contributing  to assist with whatever medical and living expenses the family needs right now .  

Thank you for your generosity!



From Aaron 2/11/19:
A new day is here. So much of the world goes on just like any other Monday. Yet I don’t even know what to say. Two weeks later meg is still in the ICU. Something is shifting she is slowly improving but still have a long way to go. She is a miracle! It’s like we got hit by lightning and touched by something so much bigger than ourselves. While we suffer by having Megan in the ICU she suffers 10x by being in there. Maybe the meds help maybe they don’t but Megan is the one who got hit by the lightning.
I can’t imagine what she is going through.
I can’t hide from what I am going through.
Every time it seems we are out of the woods something comes up that puts a shiver down my spine.
It is prayer and grace that help me to focus my mind and heart from the fear and darkness that hunts me in the night and in the morning.
But somehow some way I find my footing during the day and I take one step forward. My focus is on our daughters’ and Megan’s recovery. I eat because people feed me I sleep because I must. I pray because it is my full expression of my heart and my guide forward. Our girls have endured not seeing their mom for two weeks and I am so proud of them for their courage grace and joy. We are all fatigued but we have a mountain to climb with meg and we will never quit till we reach the summit. Karuna gave me a quote that said the best views come after the hardest climbs. There are still a lot of unknowns but what is clear is our vision and direct yet simple prayer for Megan’s full and miraculous recovery. For our family to be together again and for whatever we are going through to assist us in our full blossoming in this life. It’s part of us all now shaping us like water over rock. Karuna my eldest writes me quotes she finds like the one in this picture. She helps me manage the google doc with needs people are getting us. She is remarkable just like their mother. I am so grateful to Megan’s family and mine for being so loving and committed to Megan’s wellbeing. Please continue to pray and hold Megan in all her glory and amazingness!!
Thank you for showering us in human kindness via the gifts of love,food, soup, juice, money, books, toys
Heal Her

From Aaron 2/8/19
Thank you for all your love and support. It has touched my heart and our family to receive so many prayers on Megan’s behalf and for our family. Megan is here with us. She is still in the icu making slow progress forward. Her body needs more time to heal before she can move into recovery where our prayers already have her but we need to let this old reality transform into the new one we feel now. So we patiently and sometimes with patience wait. When she is sedated she is in a peaceful state and when they take it off she moves from a very sweet innocent state of being to a get me the bleep out of this stuff state of being. When she waves at me once or twice a day I melt into a puddle just wishing we could spend all day just waving at each other.
I am focused and guided by my prayer for her full and remarkable recovery - The strength and grace to navigate this path we walk down now. This is an unfamiliar road. I cry when the water rushes which is often. I miss her some much my heart aches always. Yet I feel her with me and that is the comfort that carries me forward. I take care of our girls in the best way I can and I make sure to make them great school lunches just like Megan would want. I can’t bring their mom home today or take them to visit her but I can get them from school, take really good care of them, put them to bed, be there when they wake up and let them know that I got them. They love the books and toys people have sent them and they feel the love of the community bringing us meals and groceries. There is only one way we choose to move through this and that is together. To be the loving kind, appreciative, silly prayerful, creative people we are. The people Megan has molded us into.

More prayers, more love, more appreciation of the people in all of our lives more creativity and more joy. It’s what Megan is all about. And what she is all about is what we all want more of in our lives.

Bless your sweet life Megan and take all the time you need to heal up. I am surrendered to what ever unfolds for us and if the data of our lives together is my indicator it will unfold into something amazing!

And please source of all life- Heal Her

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