Support for Matt Koenig's Family

Rest in Peace Matt: Son, brother,husband,father,friend

Matthew leaves behind his beloved wife Venus and his three children James, Ryon and Raven whom he adored!
As the days ahead progress his family will have unexpected expenses and we as their family and friends would like to contribute to ease the burden. They should be taking time out to mourn and not have to worry about anything else. Thanks in advance for your support!
 Please keep this family in your prayers as they progress through the next parts in life with loosing a loved one. They will need our strength and love.

This message is from his sister~ Nicole Koenig DeProspo and I think we can all say the same about Matt....

My big brother Matthew through my eyes when I was a child. He was my invincible super hero. He was the funniest, coolest guy in the world and no one could dance as good as him or fart as loud as he did. I looked up to him and always wanted to be as cool as he was. He owned my heart and I would do anything to be around him. I have so many great memories of our childhood and I was blessed to grow up having him as my big brother. I have not nearly spent the amount of time with him the last few years that I should have and that is my biggest regret. When we did see each other it was like no time had passed. His personality was such that when you were with him you could not help but love him. His sense of humor and big heart was so endearing. When I received the call that he had passed I physically could not breathe. At that moment I realized the my superhero brother was not invincible. My heart was broken. Please pray for my Mom who told me yesterday that she lost her baby boy. Please pray for my family, especially for Venus, James, Ryon and Raven. Thank you all for your prayers and love. Please do not wait until someone is gone before you say out loud how much you loved them. Tell the people in your life that you love them because you never know when it will be their time.

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