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This is (my mom) Cara Harriman. She has Scelrosing Fibroinflamitory Process. It's an incurable condition and she has no timeline. We are going to be talking to the insurance and seeing if she can get into some possible experimental treatments with the Mayo clinic but there is no guarantee.  We will be taking that route if it's possible however there are a lot of hoops to jump through and waiting time with this route.

So in the meantime the doctors have said to just keep her comfortable and wait. I personally think that is a terrible idea. Staying cooped up in a house stuck in a recliner all day doesn't sound like very good medicine to me. My mom has wanted to go a lot of places in her lifetime and because of inopportune times and limited finances she hasn't been able to go to many of them. There have been countless times where she has sacrificed herself and her wishes to allow others (I can personally attest that her kids have always, 100% of the time, been put first) to go and have adventures. I cannot even begin to put a number on how many times my mom has counted others above herself and went out of her way to help someone. Only God knows how high of a number that is. She has taken pictures for people, driven to see people, given rides, spent hours at hospitals and assisted living clinics, sent Facebook messages to people, posted Happy Birthdays, shown love and compassion at an uncomprehendable level, constantly gave encouragement and so much more. The woman that I call my mom has more love and goodness in her pinky finger than I, or anyone else I know, has in our whole bodies. If you have ever had even a single conversation with her, you know exactly what I am talking about. So now to the point of this gofundme. First and foremost I hope that everyone that reads this will send a prayer to the Lord on behalf of my mom. Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights. I believe that and I know she believes that. However if God doesn't choose to intervene (Isaiah 55:8) then I hope that with your help we can provide some financial help and maybe even give my mom a couple more adventures. 

So what I ask of you is that if my mom has ever went out of her way to help you out... give a little back to her (even if it's only a small amount.) If she has took 10 minutes out of her morning to post a happy birthday to your wall, if she has ever gave up part of her weekend to take pictures for you, if she has ever taken the time to spend time with you, if she has ever said something encouraging to you, if she has ever helped you out in a time of need, if she has ever done anything to positively impact your life I ask you to give back to her and help her out. She doesn't know that I am going to be creating this because I know she would protest this. She wouldn't want people sacrificing for her. But I know the impact that she's had on my life and so many others and I know the people that know her will want to help.

The funds that you donate will first go to any needs that she has in terms of bills (medical and everyday since she will no longer have her source of income) and secondly to the Mayo clinic bills (if that is a possibility) and lastly the funds will hopefully allow a possible trip for the family so she can go somewhere incredible (probably the beach, she's a tried and true beach bum.) 

Thank for you any contribution and send some encouragement my momma's way. 

-Please share and repost-
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