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Support Emily Willis's Journey to Recovery

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Dear Friends and Family,

With hearts heavier than we ever imagined possible, we find ourselves reaching out for support and care for our beloved Emily Willis—a cherished daughter, sister, and a beacon of light in the lives of all who know her. Recently, Emily's world, and ours, was turned upside down when she was admitted to the hospital, marking the beginning of an incredibly tough and unforeseen battle. With every ounce of her remarkable strength and bravery, Emily is fighting.

The path to recovery stretches far ahead of her, requiring lots of care. The weight of this position extends beyond the emotional and physical; it bears down upon us financially. With mounting medical bills, the necessities of travel, all while the regular flow of life's expenses continue.

Why Your Support Is Invaluable:

Medical Bills: Even with insurance, the gap in coverage leaves us facing significant out-of-pocket expenses for treatments and medications essential to Emily's recovery.

Travel and Accommodation: To ensure Emily is never alone, we're committed to being by her side, which means securing a temporary home far away from our personal home to be with her in the hospital.

Supporting Emily during this difficult time means being away from work, adding to the financial pressures we face.

The list goes on...

Every donation, no matter its size, will go directly towards easing these burdens, allowing us to devote our energy and resources to Emily's healing. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers to give her the strength for recovery. Sharing this campaign far and wide also offers invaluable support, helping us reach hearts and hands that might lift us in our time of need.

With all our love and deepest gratitude,
Her Loving Family


In winter's embrace, beneath Capricorn's gaze,
A brunette with fire, through life's complex maze.
Her beauty, a beacon, in night's deepest dark,
Her spirit, a flame, forever to spark.

With courage as armor, and grace in her fight,
She moves with a purpose, her goals in plain sight.
Her beauty, not just in the curve of her smile,
But in her fierce will to conquer each mile.

Capricorn's daughter, both lovely and strong,
In her heart, there's a power, where all dreams belong.
Through challenges, she dances, with life, she entwines,
A testament to beauty, and strength that defines.


Michael Willis
Los Angeles, CA

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