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A nasty rainy Saturday, had to go out and get mom diapers. Thank goodness for Dollar General.
The update today us moms confusion/ memory issues kept me up late last night. Her freshly laundered pants were dirty and the dirty ones were clean, and she refused to believe anything else. So. I let her get clothes from her dresser and she insisted they were damp and needed drying.
Other than that she keeps trying to touch her dialysis catheter, which is NOT a good thing.
Overall, she is wearing me out, I could not walk without a walker when I first got up.
Prayers for her and me please, and yes cash helps too GOD BLESS, and thanks
Since this is about helping my mom more than me I talked her into including a picture of her
I took several and she said no to most of them, ya go, my mom, Carolyn Hagin

That is the one she picked. Sitting on her favorite chair watching TV. Thought y'all might want a picture. Also got someone to give her a ride to and from Dialysis tomorrow. She seems to enjoy it more if a ride service drives her, so, there she goes. She stays most of the Day, sweeping a bit or sitting outside. Although it has been way to hot for that past few days.

I moved my mom here from Texas at the very end of 2019. She is unable to be left alone, per doctor's orders. She has diabetes, gets dialysis, and is suffering from memory and confusion issues. I am her caregiver, and it is, as you might expect, a challenge. Handling the finances has become a major challenge. Her Social Security is barely enough each month. And after cutting back on groceries as much as we can, we are sweating the end of each month. We usually make it OK. These past few months though, have proven increasingly tough, and we are just sinking a bit more each month.

So, long story short, I am hoping to raise enough so that we have some cushion each month. Right now it is pray and hold on each month.

My health is bad as well. My doctor tells me I need a knee replacement. I have Medicaid, which, I believe would pay for it. But, if I am bedridden I cannot prepare meals and get mom to her doctor appointments or dialysis. This is a great concern for me. Increasingly. I have real issues staying on my feet. I have a brother-in-law that takes her to dialysis, sometimes, that helps a bit but if he can't, her Medicare does not pay for transportation, which runs about $70 round trip.
And now, my car needs a new battery, and key fob apparently, and it is another 8 days until her Social Security check gets deposited.
As you can see, the needs outpace our funds, and, until my knee is fixed, I am increasingly bedridden.

If you could please help, we could have enough money to fix the car, the laptop. Right now that would be a bonus. The main aim is to stop falling behind on bills and to be able to have some stability. I only am asking for help to get able to regain our feet, and remain standing.

Please consider giving, Doug Hagin

Well, just spent our last cash on groceries. Those need to last until next Wednesday when moms check gets deposited. Her home health nurse was here at 10 this morning, as usual moms feet were the bug issue. Nurse was concerned about place on moms heel. So, pray about that if you would.

More updates coming

Update. So, mom has decided that adult diapers are, well, optional. Most of the time, hygiene has not been an issue, but now, I have to be there when she gets dressed because she might forget the diaper. It is not her fault, but just sad. I am grateful she does as well as she does
Her appetite, is still really good, although she sometimes forgets that she just ate, and swears she is hungry. Well, time for her to get ready for Dialysis. So, more updates later

UPDATE The most frustrating issue with my mom is the memory issues. She has a Rollerator, has has it for several years. And uses it. The issue, however, is in the mornings while she is sitting watching TV. After checking her sugar, I use that rollerator to help me and my blown knee and bad feet get around to fix her breakfast. It usually not a lengthy process. But, these days she refuses to just sit while I make her food. She has to be up walking around. And she fusses because I will not buy a second one to use for me. Truth is I would, except we cannot afford one. And this has become a morning routine. Me, trying to hobble around and make her food, and her fussing at me about it.

Then there is the thing she does now, where she takes one sock off, usually the foot that has had several surgeries, and puts her shoes back on sans-sock. Anyway, her home health nurse will arrive soon, so time to clean up moms dishes and argue about using her Rollerator to take them to the kitchen and wash them.

Today is a big day. First, the home health nurse said moms feet look in prettu good shape. I was concerned about her left heel, but the nurse seemed positive
Now, to the money. Please consider Any donation you make today before this evening, can be in our bank tomorrow morning.
And that could help cover some costs, like utilities, and transportation to dialysis for mom. That, of course is a big one. It costs $70 which is not bad, considering it is round trip. I will have to cancel the ride if no more funds hit the bank before morning. So please consider helping. Again, God bless and thanks

UPDATE This morning, mom was so confused. She did not seem to understand how to change her shirt, or to get down the front stairs, or even get in the ride shares car. Some days she is right there, plugged in, but today, not a good day. She should be home soon. Hopefully she is more clear……prayers appreciated, and yes, donations are too. Thanks so much

UPDATE 2. So, I might to host a new fundraiser, just for adult diapers. Which my mom keeps destroying before she ever wears them.and, the confusion from earlier is still there. When she got home, I sat her in her favorite chair. And started her lunch. A ham and Havarti cheese which I fly in from Krogerrovia every week, sandwich. With a dill pickle and a salad of lettuce, fresh from the Iceberg. A Roma tomato, and sliced English Cucumber, which is a lot like an American cucumber but more snooty. And ranch dressing. However my mom kept getting up and trying to walk, without her walker while she quizzed me about my restaurant (the kitchen). So. The confusion is worse.

Did I mention a need for more money…… PLEASE DONATE, thank you!
prayers appreciated, and yes, donations are too. Thanks so much

So, her mind is going the wrong way, sad to say. So, is there a point coming where I will have to ” put her somewhere”, which is what so many people call rest homes? If so, how much would that cost?


WELL, I M back, my home internet went away Saturday, and so did my cell phone for the most part

I am back, again, partially, and, will be able to provide more updates... .

  • Mom is in dialysis right now, my brother in- law gave her a ride, and I have some time. The heat here in Virginia has been miserable, but I think we are getting a break. Now it is time for groceries, and an attempt to get a battery for my car, and look into a getting key fob.
More updates later
Thanks, Doug Hagin


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