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Hi, I am Deepika Rawat and I have been selected from among hundreds of applicants to participate in the International Antarctica Expedition (24 March - 4 April, 2022) and the 'Leadership of the Edge' program by the 2041 Foundation to promote actionable solutions around sustainability, climate change, and renewable energy use.

The Expedition is led by Polar Explorer, Sustainability Champion, Environmentalist and the UN Goodwill Ambassador for the Youth, Robert Swan OBE —the first person in history to walk to both Earth’s poles, alongside Barney Swan and Jeff Bonaldi. The Expedition's mission is to inform, engage and inspire the next generation of leaders to take responsibility, be sustainable, and know that now is the time for action in policy development, sustainable business generation, and future technologies—for a better future—and in doing so, preserve Antarctica, the last great wilderness on Earth!

This fundraiser campaign is to seek your support to raise the required funds needed for me to participate in this Expedition.

(2041 International Antarctica Expedition | 2021 | Trailer)


I am currently a Ph.D. Student at the CEN Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability, Institute of Geography, University of Hamburg, Germany with a research focus on climate change adaptation and sustainable development of marginalized communities in the high-altitude regions in Indian Himalayas. I also work part-time as a Teaching Assistant at my university where I teach Bachelor's students Geomorphology and the impact of climate change in the world's ecozones. I am originally from the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand but grew up in New Delhi. I also have prior work experience in the field of natural resource management, GIS mapping, and children’s education.



Antarctica contains approximately 90% of Earth’s ice and roughly 70% of our planet’s freshwater. The most visible effects of climate change i.e. melting glaciers and ice shelves have been observed in Antarctica, a largely pristine wilderness that belongs to no country. Likewise, numerous studies conclude 'the Himalayas is one of the world's most sensitive hotspots to global climate change, being affected at a rapidly alarming rate.' Warming temperatures, erratic rainfalls, melting of glaciers, loss of snow, natural disasters, etc. are leading to water scarcity, crop loss, food insecurity, loss of biodiversity, economic uncertainties, and migration, threatening the lives of millions, including my own community, my own region.

As a person hailing from the Himalayas, I have automatically grown to be very close to nature as I knew no other way. My most cherished memories as a kid are from my village back home where I used to accompany my grandmother to work on fields, fetch water from a nearby stream, milk the cows, collect fodder and firewood—which I believed was a "normal way" of living until I realized the "changes" around me.  And as I grew up, I became more aware of my surroundings, about the environmental crisis we are in the middle of. Coming from a mountain village, I have experienced the implications of changing climate on the agricultural practices, lives, and livelihoods of my own community, along with the occurrence of various extreme disasters, such as the 2013 Kedarnath flash floods. Due to such personal experiences, the theme of climate change, women in the midst of changing climate scenarios, and sustainability are really close to me.

All my past experiences have driven my career choices in the field of climate action and sustainability because I am certain that we can combat climate change by sustainable means and collective action.
For me, the Expedition is not just an expedition to Antarctica, it’s a once in a lifetime learning opportunity to see the real climate change happening up close; to get to know diverse individuals from around the world and all walks of life, and to learn and get inspired from each one of them. Furthermore, meeting and learning from renowned and inspiring environmentalist Robert Swan himself would be a dream come true!



◼️2041 Foundation was founded by Robert Swan OBE with a mission to inspire the next generation of leaders for the preservation of Antarctica by the promotion of renewable energy, recycling commodities, and sustainability to combat the effects of climate change. 2041 Foundation is named after the year '2041', the year in which the Antarctica Treaty established to preserve the 'last wilderness'—that belongs to no nation, can be renegotiated. The treaty prohibits nuclear explosions, disposal of any radioactive waste material, and mining; and promotes scientific research and peace for international cooperation to create a sustainable world. 

◼️2041 Foundation also aims to create a movement of energy/climate champions also to facilitate ClimateForce initiative , a 7-year commitment to clean up 360 million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere through strategic offsetting partnerships, led by Barney Swan, the first person to trek 600 miles to the South Pole powered solely by renewable energy.



◼️This ‘carbon-negative' expedition aims to inspire, develop, and train the next generation of leaders to promote a more sustainable future. Through lectures, shore landings, hikes, group discussions, workshops, and more, the Expedition will train inspirational participants on up-to-date climate science, sustainability, and leadership skills and will equip them with the tools to create meaningful impacts in their communities, institutions, companies, and governments in order to benefit this planet that we all call home.

◼️I will experience and learn about the first-hand impacts of climate change in Antarctica and brainstorm on the most innovative solutions to combat climate change globally. 

◼️During the expedition, I will be receiving various intensive leadership training and workshops from Robert Swan and other renowned climate and sustainability experts. 

◼️As an aspiring Policymaker, having an opportunity to participate in this Expedition would tremendously benefit me in learning more about the latest developments and innovations in line with my climate research which would define my future actions towards fighting climate change.

◼️Being a Researcher and an Educator, I would be able to increase the visibility of my individual research and projects, apart from creating environmental awareness

◼️As much as the thought of crossing the tempestuous Drake Passage to reach Antarctica brings me thrills, I am thrilled about meeting and learning from Robert Swan and so many other global climate experts and leaders on this journey.

◼️Coming from a country with a population of nearly 1.4 million, youth engagement in tackling the climate crisis is much needed, because if not we, then who?!? But I personally believe that there’s so much lack of information and knowledge gap, which then becomes our responsibility as individuals and as youth, to come to the forefront and initiate the climate dialogue and action within our own communities and beyond. 



Post-expedition, as being one of the 2041 ClimateForce Ambassadors, I will use my learning to amplify the need for collective climate action, sustainability, and use of renewable energy, because, well, actions speak louder than words!

◼️ I will continue my ongoing multi-country environmental awareness campaign 'The Faces of Tomorrow ' (started in August 2020 and supported by Climate-KIC)  focusing on spreading awareness regarding the positive impacts of sustainable living through storytelling and educating people on various environmental issues.

◼️ I will continue working at storytelling creative podcast 'No Place Green Enough ' (supported by Climate-KIC & that blends the art of creative tales and real-life events to shed light on major global issues (and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs) related to climate, human rights, health, environment, economic development, and more.

◼️ I will closely work and collaborate with university student unions to run learning programs and knowledge sharing to sensitize our youth towards simple ways to contribute to climate action and sustainability.

◼️ I will share insights and experiences from the Expedition on my social media and personal blog to inspire young people to become climate warriors because that's what the world needs right now!

◼️ Furthermore, my future vision is to transform my Ph.D. research into practice. In any crisis, poor people are the most vulnerable ones that are affected the worst and so, I want to create a sustainable and profitable social enterprise for community empowerment and ecological restoration for the marginalized communities in the Himalayas. 


◼️ I am an Alumni of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology’s Climate KIC , European Union’s largest climate innovation initiative, and the world’s largest summer school. I was one of the 400 participants selected from all over the world at Climate-KIC Summer School- The Journey 2020 , I learned about climate action, climate innovation, systems transformation, and community building from host institutions—Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and the University of Helsinki in Finland. I also successfully achieved an overall Excellent grade.

◼️ I have previously worked and volunteered with various national and international organizations (Azim Premji Foundation, Centre for International Projects Trust- Columbia Water Centre  (India office), Pravah, GVNML , Kids Care Campus ev ).

◼️ Since 2013, I am a recognized Lifetime member of the Golden Key International Honours Society, Atlanta, USA, selected on the basis of academic performance during my undergraduate degree.

◼️ Apart from the typical studying stuff, I am a bit of a fun person too! I have played and participated in university football tournaments during my bachelor's and master's studies and have represented the University Of Delhi in Lincoln University, New Zealand under an advanced football training camp by Asia Pacific Football Academy back in 2013. 

◼️ Presently, when I am not studying, I am either trekking and hiking (been to many in India, Germany, and Poland), painting, or doing photography!

Lastly, as I dive deep and learn more every day about what we are doing to our planet, I am realizing what more I could be doing on an individual basis to reduce my own environmental impact and in the process engage and motivate others too—YOU. This would sound like a small accomplishment but I and my siblings were able to convince my parents to have a rainwater harvesting system and solar heating panels at our new house back in India, although they still need to be a bit improvised—changes are possible!

In a nutshell, let's make the world a little bit better together! 

******CALL FOR SUPPORT******

I believe that this Expedition would get closer to my dreams and reveal paths I might otherwise never discover. But, for me to take part in this Expedition, I need YOUR SUPPORT.

I need to raise approximately 20,400 USD (~17,000 €)—I hope to pay as much of this out of my pocket, however, for the rest, I am looking for sponsorships and crowdfunding support. I am trying to raise 8000 € from this fundraising campaign and any donation-big or small-will help me immensely and will be appreciated!

A breakup of the expenses is:

Expedition fee: 16,900 USD (14, 200 €)
Gears and extreme weather equipment: ~1000 USD (~800 €)
Return flight tickets from Hamburg to Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, Visa, Travel Insurance: ~2500 USD (~2100 €)

REWARDS as a token of appreciation!

I would like to thank you for any kind of support as I embark on this incredible journey—be it monetary or sharing my campaign with others. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I hope you can help me make it happen!

Thank you very much! Danke! धन्यवाद!

If you happen to have any problem with making donations, please contact me.***


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Inspirational video link to why it is imperative that we should care about climate change: An urgent call to protect the Third Pole by Tshering Tobgay 


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