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My name is Anna, and I am speaking on behalf of my mother, Corena Martin, who as of September, 2018 has been diagnosed with a rare form of vasculitis called "catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome ". What this means is that her body produces and excess of antibodies that attack the proteins in her body and cause inflammation of the blood vessels and widespread clotting. It is an autoimmune disorder that she will cope with the rest of her life.

Corena is a school nurse, a volunteer nurse at the free health clinic in Oneonta as well as the Laurens Fire Department, and an active ourdoorsman. However, since July 30th of this year my mother has been sick. She spent nearly a month in and out of the emergency room seeking help without any lasting solution. Week after week she was sent home with new possible cures; meanwhile she deteriorated further. 

-- By the end of August, Corena inexplicably suffered three seizures. Over the coming week, she developed hemorrhaging in the occipital lobe which deprived her of her eyesight, hemorrhaging of the adrenal glands, fluid around the heart, bleeding in the left lung, an unknown amount of small strokes, and an arterial blockage to the bowels, partially inhibiting blood flow. --

They could not immediately treat the core problem due to the extent of the damage already done to Corena's body in the previous days and weeks. After all the ups and downs and two surgeries, our family was feeling a cautious sense of relief and hope. Finally, my mother had started her treatment plan for the antiphospholipid syndrome and was undergoing plasmapheresis . 

The most recent setback happened the night of September the 4th, two days after the surgery. Corena complained of intense pain of the abdomen, which had been unnaturally swollen since entering the hospital. The next morning, she was finally brought in for a CT scan which revealed "perforations" in the bowel. She was immediately rushed into the OR where the surgeons found that the previously known blockage in the artery had occluded and caused more than half of the small intestine to become ischemic and die. More. Than. Half of the small intestine had to be permanently removed.

The doctors continue to remind us gently that my mother's condition is still critical. They cannot be sure the plasmapheresis has removed the antibodies from her blood successfully enough for her to function. In the coming days her progression will determine whether or not newer, or more experimental cures will be necessary. If the doctors cannot find a way to remove the antibodies, they cannot find a way to ensure Corena's future. 

This recording of events, although lengthy, is a brief summary of the largest problems my mother is fighting. Should the disease be eradicated she will still have a long road to recovery and learning to manage her new disabilities in a rehab facility. My father, James (Jim, Jimmy Lee, Mr. Martin), has already been required to start paying back the hospital bills. The financial burden is weighty, and all I can do is ensure you that every dollar means the world to me and my family. 

Both of my parents are only a couple of years away from their planned retirement, and it pains me to imagine them spending the rest of their lives struggling to pay off medical bills that were necessary to save my mother's life. They are the kindest, wisest, most generous and open people I have known, and I am privileged to be their daughter.  I am humbly asking for any kind of support, public exposure, or well-wishes that can be given. I set the bar high for the fundraiser fully expecting to fall short of my goal, but fully prepared to admit to the degree of aid needed. 

I could write a novel in support of my mother and her hobbies and glowing, attractive personality. She is an irreplaceable asset to her family, friends, and entire community. I appreciate your attention, your love, and your aid, in whatever form it may take, including having the patience to view and read about Corena's journey! 

Please share with everyone and anyone! This disease is very rare, hard to diagnose, and extremely dangerous. The more that is known about Corena's story and this illness, the safer someone else could be in the future (and the more likely my mother will recover in comfort!) 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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