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Our  9 year son who is diagnosed with a progressive to terminal disease called Mitochondrial disease. Mitochondrial disease results from failures of the mitochondria specialized compartments present in every cell of the body except red blood cells. Cell injury and even cell death follow. If this process is repeated in the body, whole systems begin to fail, and the life of the person of whom this is happening is severely compromised. Cole is constantly in and out of the hospital for treatments and his family has suffered financially as a result. The biggest worry for Cole and his family is the uncertain future with his disease.

Since Cole was three years old, he had an obsession with police and always wanted to be a police officer when he grows up. The Brigantine Police Department learned about Cole when he approached an officer to say hi at a local Wawa. Since then, officers of the Brigantine Police Department were moved by his burdensome disease and put together a plan to fulfill his dream of becoming a police officer. A special honorary swear in ceremony and eventful day has been planned by the Brigantine Police Department to give Cole an unforgettable experience as he fulfills his dream of being a police officer. 
Here is a little bit about the Mulholland family and Cole. 

Cole was born February 22, 2008 and from 1 week old Cole started having medical problems. Medical problems from failure to thrive to having a stroke at the age of 4. Cole has spent more time in the hospital than out in his short 9 years of life. On top of Mitochondrial disease, Cole has several other medical conditions, such as, factor V Leiden mutation which causes blood clots, diffuse amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome and hemiplegic migraine.
On September 5, 2015 is when Cole was finally diagnosed with mitochondrial disease at the age of 7 after enduring so many hospitals admissions, medical testing and severe pain. Since the end of September of 2015, Cole has been in a progression with symptoms in his GI track and has been progressing since then. Cole has had 27 hospital admissions ranging from 1 week to 3 weeks. He has no motility in his GI track and requires hospitals stays almost every 2 weeks for treatments where they flush his bowels out to clear the build up of stool.When he is not hospitalized, he is required to be hooked up to a kangaroo pump (like an IV pump) for 24 hours a day for treatments at home through a catheter that goes through his navel into his colon. Regular tasks such as attending school has become challenging due to the time missed while in the hospital causing him to repeat 2nd grade. He is now in a great school and was tested and placed into 3rd grade. This year he was doing great until the hospital stays kicked in. In November alone he was hospitalized 2x for a total of 17 days. Its heartwrencing going thru this when he just wants to go to school instead of the hospital. Luckily the school works with us and sends work home weekly for him to complete. Cole’s doctors at A.I.DuPont hospital for children told us there is nothing more they can do at this time and recommended a ileostemy bag to reduce the time spent in the hospital. Which at this point we are not willing to do that and hope to find a alternate solution. So his Dr. Recommended for us to see a world  renowned Dr who is at Nationwide childrens hospital in Columbus Ohio. This was a long process but Cole's case was finally accepted, and after some convincing the insurance company aproved the needed testings in hopes of some kind of treatment and relief for Cole’s problems.

While having a child in and out of the hospital we have added pressure of mounding medical bills and normal every day living expenses. Cole is not the only child he has a sister named Nicole who is 22 and is in the military. Then he has a brother named Pete who is 13 who enjoys playing soccer and taking care of his brother. Cole’s mother Michele is unable to work do to Cole needing around the clock care. Cole’s father Reid  is a 4 time Iraq war veteran while working he is also undergoing treatment for severe P.T.S.D from the side affects of his 4 deployments with the Marine Corps and the Army national guard. As a parent you want to be with your child in a time like this it is important for Cole to have his parents  by his side at the hospital, it is a terrifying thing for us to go thru let alone  a child and having the support is crucial.  All donations made will go toward  any present  and future medical bills and any expenses that we will need for Cole’s visit to Nationwide hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Thank you in advance for taking the time in reading this and helping our family in this time of need.
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