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Tuesday morning Dave woke up feeling fine and went to work as normal. At around 10:00 am he was not feeling well and had a headache, he had what we think was a seizure. The next day he saw his Dr and had tests done. On Thursday we got the results. He had a aneurysm on his brain, it was measuring at 6.4 mm which we were reassured was small and nothing to worry about. Dave had a continuous headache, and nothing seemed to help but as the doctor reassured them this was “normal” in his circumstances. Dave was cleared to go back to work and was booked into hospital to have a Endovascular Aneurysm Repair on Monday 4th May however unfortunately he didn't make it to that procedure.

Saturday morning Dave had a restless night, he was awake from 1.30 am with a sore head, his partner Mellisa wanted to take him to hospital but he refused as he told was told it was "normal" to have these headaches.

 At 7:00 am the pain became unbearable and Dave agreed he needed to see a Dr but wanted to have a rest before he went. At around 8.30 am the unimaginable occurred, his eyes rolled back, and he started to have a seizure. Mellisa called 000 and waited 15 minutes which felt like hours for the ambulance to arrive. The seizure continued whole time. His breathing was diminishing, and he had moments where he would stop breathing and lost all colour. When the ambulance finally arrived, they instantly started working on him and called for backup. Nothing they did would stop him from the seizure. They could not stabilise him they had no choice they had to get him to hospital ASAP. He was in taken to resuscitation in emergency ward with a team of Drs and nurse working on him to keep him alive. They were frantically doing scans and tests stabilise him and stop the seizure. Doctors then paralysed, and heavily sedated him and put him on a respirator.

The doctors then advised Mellisa and his family that he had 2 ruptured aneurysm’s and there was a lot of blood in his brain and they didn’t think he would survive. Dave was transferred to ICU late that afternoon, the surgeons wanted to give him a chance to fight and he did. They reduced the sedation and paralysing meds to see if they could get the smallest response from him in true Dave form he shocked them all and he opened his eyes and responded to them.  It was then decided to do the emergency surgery to try and repair the aneurysm’s and prevent further ruptures.

Dave had the top brain surgeon in Australia perform his surgery. The surgeon advised they had some issues with the bigger aneurysm at the front but was able to fix them both. Doctors said he will be sedated for a few days to recover and would be in ICU for 5-7 days, but no Dave had other plans, he was sitting up talking and moving 2 hours after surgery. The odds of this were nil, but he proved them all wrong. The next day he was standing and starting to eat, Dave was determined to get out of ICU.

Dave is a single dad with 2 kids aged 13 & 11 and has the love of his partner Mellisa, family and friends who will continue on supporting him emotionally, mentally and physically however we are asking for donations to assist in Dave’s recovery and living expenses  as he will be out of work for an extended period of time. Dave is a very proud man who would never ask for helps but helps everyone in need and we would like to lessen the burden on him so he can focus on his recovery.
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