Student Climate Action Committee

The bi-partisan Suffolk Student Climate Action Committee started in March 2017 with Sayville HS.  The 25 students have committed themselves to urge their elected officials to transition, schools, towns and communities towards 100% renewable electricity by 2030.  With support from Al Gore's Climate Reality Project they are provided road maps and support to help them acheive this.  

Sayville is our model school, the goal is to have schools across Suffolk County and Nassau County as we grow.  With these students mobilized, this will happen quickly.

To back the Paris agreement, the goal is to reduce carbon emissions to pre industrial levels to reduce our global temperatures by 2 degrees by 2030.  Once this is acheived, much of the major climate change issues will reverse protecting our ecosystems, our bank accounts and lives.

In just 2 months, these 15-18 year olds helped pursuad Congressman Peter King to join the bi-partisan Climate Sollutions Caucus, met with Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone, Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter, and the Sayville School Board.  They have attended outreach events to get meet new people and garnered over 1,000 signatures urging the Town of Islip to go 100% renewable by 2030.  They have plans to meet with Rep. Peter King, Suffolk County Legislature, Assemblyman Englebright, other Town Board members and more.  The goal is to create lasting, respectful, working relationships with each of the public officials to create a positive dialogue and eventual change.

To do this the students need to represent themselves professionally.  To impress with their seriousness and respect for their elected official.  This will help them understand the value of professional represenation at an age that it is not a prioirty.  The students need t-shirts for outreach events, button down shirts for official business, banners, business cards, name tags, professional SSCAC information packets to leave with the elected officials and more.  We have a website that costs monthly and we carpool 2-3 a week to various locations.  We need support and we need funds to get us off the ground.

Please consider donating to the students of the Suffolk Student Climate Action Committee.  We are all changing lives, one town at a time.

Some quotes from students:

“The Suffolk Student Climate Action Committee is genuinely student run and it is really empowering to have the ability to choose what actions we want to take on and see it through. Every member is as passionate as the other and I can see us all making an impact beyond our local community”.~ Senior Chloe Gaconnier

"I am a freshman.  I believe that this group will act as a catalyst to a revolution.  This group os the first pen mark of a much bigger picture to saving our planet".~ Freshman Lilia Bartolotta

“I am planning to major in environmental studies and policy and this Committee is exactly what I want to continue to do throughout college. I want to work alongside others to make positive change”.~ Senior Chase Hoffman

“ While it is not this generation’s fault for the global climate change, this generation is the last generation that can prevent the worst of what global climate change entails. We hold the future’s fate in our hands and history is watching. Taking responsibility is our duty and I will gladly take on the pressure if it means saving the planet earth”.~ Junior Hannah Bishop

“It is so important for this generation to take a stand, to stop standing still and start combating climate change. I, for one, am excited to begin this new Committee!” ~ Sophomore Harrison Bench.

"Climate change is our ominous future.  As the next generation we feel it is our duty to help preserve the plant and help in any way possible to keep what is left of our gorgeous home.  There is so much we can do to help slow down climate change and one greatly impactful way with is through government.  The government is the key to saving our eath and we must plead with them to save our planet.  Much is to be done, but the first step is through local government and that is what we are trying to do with the SSCAC".~ Junior Olivia Davisson

"This Committee has taught me so much and we hope to teach the people around us about hte effects of climate change'."~ Sophmore Cammy Surdi


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Melissa Griffiths Parrott 
Sayville, NY