Strong like Liz- Bob & Brad Team Fundraiser

Liz and Alex are one of those special couples you hope to meet in your lifetime.  Good to the core, funny, honest, hardworking, and simply great to be around.  They have two little boys, and they were thrilled to find out that they will be adding a third child to their family. 

A few weeks later we were shattered to hear Liz has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

I have a daughter who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 4 years ago.  It shakes you to your core, and I wish no human being would ever have to hear the words “your daughter has cancer”.

Liz and Alex have handled the news and stress with the utmost in grace and composure.  But they have great challenges ahead including financial. We hope we can smooth the rocky road ahead with a little monetary help.

If you find it within your heart to offer some help, we will be forever grateful. Bless you and your families!

-Bob & Brad

Liz's Story

"I’ve been contemplating telling my story for a while now. I felt somewhat obligated to say something for the simple matter that it may be able to help someone else. 

A few months ago I went in for a routine physical appointment. An appointment I had ZERO intentions of going in for. I had previously called to schedule my son, Wesley for his annual wellness appointment and to meet a new provider. For whatever reason, when I called to schedule Wesley’s appointment, the scheduler was persistent that I come in for a physical since it would be a good opportunity to meet a new provider and because I was due for an appointment.

All I could think was I am young, I am healthy…do I really need to go in?

Little did I know, this appointment may have saved my life.

During my “routine physical”, my provider noticed a lump in one of my breasts. She asked me about it, “have you felt this before?”, “is this new?”… I hadn’t noticed it before. I explained how I had been nursing our son just a few months prior and that it must be a milk duct. I assumed it was nothing. My provider advised to have an ultrasound and mammogram completed, just to be sure.

Weeks passed and I really didn’t think much of anything. We went on with our life as normal. Towards the end of May my husband, Alex, and I found out we were expecting our third child. We were ecstatic! We have two boys already, Wesley (3) and Decker (1). A few days after finding this news out, I went in for my follow up appointment for an ultrasound and mammogram. During the ultrasound, the technician stated “did you know there is more than one lump?” … she then proceeded to leave the room to get the radiologist. I knew something was wrong at this point. Once the radiologist came in, he too did an ultrasound scan. He found one lump, two lumps, and then three lumps. There was a string of three lumps. He turned the machine off. He looked me straight in the eye and said, “We need to do biopsies, I’m worried this may be cancer.” I sat there numb as I could sense his concern. Days prior I found out I am pregnant and now I may have cancer!? I don’t think these two words should ever be in the same sentence. 

On June 3rd, I went in for biopsies on both of my breasts. Two LONG days later on June 5th, I got the call from my radiologist that I indeed do have breast cancer in my left breast. More specifically, invasive ductal carcinoma. After many appointments of additional ultrasounds, mammograms, biopsies, and consultations, I now have a treatment plan in place. 

After waiting out most of the summer, I will be starting chemotherapy treatment on August 5th, 2019. I have been reassured chemotherapy is safe while pregnant once in the second trimester, hence the waiting game. The baby will be very closely monitored with my high risk doctor as the majority of my chemotherapy treatment will be during my pregnancy. I will also be induced for delivery depending on my chemotherapy schedule and the health of the baby and I. Surgery will be scheduled after the baby is born and I’m recovered enough. This means I will be taking an extended leave from work as I recover from delivery and a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction, which will require multiple surgeries. It also means that my husband will have to take time off of work to care for our children and myself. There is also a possibility I may need radiation after delivery/surgery as well. 

My mind has been at ease (for the most part) because of my wonderful team of providers at Mayo Health System in Rochester, MN. I am so grateful for all of their support as I enter this journey with a lot of unknowns of what to expect. 

Alex and I have an incredible support system between our family and friends. The amount of people that have reached out to us and are praying for us is heartwarming. 

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers for my family right now."
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