Stop Uyghur Genocide

A human rights crisis is unfolding in China, the like of which the world has not seen since the darkest moments of the 20th Century. 

•At least 1 million Uyghur Muslims  and other minorities are in labour and prison camps
Evidence suggests  that Uyghur women of childbearing age are subject to forced sterilisation  and other birth prevention policies.
•Children are being removed  from their homes, sent to boarding schools that forbid our language and practice of our religion
•Uyghurs are subjected to forced labour, to produce products sold on the high street

Who are Uyghurs?

We are a Turkic muslim people (like Kazakhs & Uzbeks), with our own language.  We have lived in an area in north-west China for over 1000 years. We call our ancient homeland East Turkistan. 

What is happening now?

Documentary evidence, satellite imagery and witness testimony has shown the world that China uses advanced digital surveillance  to detain, enslave and otherwise persecute millions of us in camps for  “separatism” or “religious extremism". We are aggressively profiled and extrajudicially detained on spurious grounds such as having beards , praying, owning Korans, or  talking to relatives abroad.

Inside the camps

We face starvation, torture, murder, slave labour, rape and forced abortion, sterilisation and organ harvesting. We are made to drink alcohol and eat pork.  Our hair is cut off and sold. 

Outside the camps 

Girls are forced to marry Han Chinese men; children are sent to boarding schools that forbid our language and religion; thousands of mosques and burial grounds are destroyed.

As recent leaked documents show, this persecution reflects Chinese Government policy that goes to the very top. Xi Jinping himself said that "absolutely no mercy " should be shown to the Uyghur people. 

What your donation will support

A cross community and cross party campaign:

•Demanding an independent United Nations investigation into atrocities carried out against us

•Demanding governments recognise the genocide through appropriate legal means - independently from the UN if necessary

•Demanding governments pursue all possible methods to hold China accountable, not excluding the possibility of coordinated sanctions with allies

•Demanding the UK impose Magnitsky style sanctions against state and non-state officials perpetrators

•Demanding the UK proscribes companies and institutions which are facilitating these atrocities

•Raising awareness of the scale and severity of this suffering through the media, in parliament and among civil society organisations

We will not stop until China:

Closes the camps, releases all prisoners, ends forced labour, sterilisation, and organ harvesting, restores our  religious and cultural freedoms, and allows us to contact family abroad.

Thank you for helping us,

Rahima Mahmut
World Uyghur Congress UK
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