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This Emergency Go Fund Me Campaign is to raise $200,000 in funds for Legal Expenses to enforce our Tribunal's Emergency Injunctions in the National Courts of the 118 Nations ratifying the International Criminal Court Statute and Common Law and other lawful Venues, which have Universal Jurisdiction to prosecute Genocide and Crimes against Humanity that our Tribunal proved at Trial is being carried out by named Defendant Pandemic Perpetrators.

Tribunal - Natural and Common Law Tribunal for Public Health and Justice

In a Nov. 29, 2020 Tribunal virtual Trial and Judgment, accessible at our Website:
The Tribunal ordered:

1. Emergency Injunctions stopping all 5G rollouts, all COVID 19 vaccinations, any and vaccinations, use of Aspartame in vaccinations and all consumer products, Lockdowns, Detentions, Concentration camps, and a planned Reset on grounds of immediate and irreparable harm from Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity being caused to humanity. One Pandemic expert estimated more than 70 million starvation deaths worldwide alone from Pandemic Social Control Methods, constituting genocide.  Another Trial expert testified that RNA/DNA COVID vaccinations could cause irreparable damage to the human DNA genome worldwide, constituting Genocide and Crimes against Humanity.

2. Emergency Writs of Mandamus, clawing back Unjust Enrichment by Pandemic Profiteers.  and Setting up a South Africa Style Pandemic Reconciliation Commission - For example:  Unjust Enrichment during the Pandemic –
Jeff Bezos (Amazon)increase = $36.2 billion
Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)increase = $30.1 billion
Elon Musk (Space X)increase = $14.1 billion
Sergey Steve Brin(Google)increase = $13.9 billion
Larry Page (Google)= $13.7 billion
Steve Ballmer (Microsoft)= $13.3 billion
MacKenzie Bezos (Amazon)= $12.6 billion
Michael Bloomberg (Bloomberg)= $12.1 billion
Bill Gates (Microsoft/BMGF)= $11.8 billion
Larry Ellison (Oracle)= $8.5 billion
Mark Zuckerberg – From March 18 to June 4 Zuckerberg increased his wealth 52% to over $83 billion, according to the report. CNBC
According to that report, the total net worth of America’s billionaires rose 15% during the two months, from $2.9 trillion to $3.4 trillion. FORBES
Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, was the biggest winner as his fortune grew by $36.2 billion to $202 billion between March 18 and June 4,

3. Imposed Incarceration Sentences without Parole for Pandemic Defendants, including:

5G Defendants and Perpetrators - 10 years incarceration
COVID Vaccination/Vaccination/Aspartame Perpetrators - 10 years  incarceration
Pandemic Social Control and Disinformation Perpetrators - 10 years incarceration

Crimes regarding 2009-2020 Lockstep Depopulation 5G-vaccines-Pandemic Criminal Conspiracy:

For a Criminal Co-conspiracy allegedly commencing May 5, 2009 at 3pm EST in the President's room, Rockefeller University, 1230 York Avenue, New York, NY 10065
Rockefeller Foundation - All financial assets and real capital owned by those prosecuted and convicted of crimes against humanity shall be seized and confiscated.
David Rockefeller Jr.: Life Imprisonment without Parole
Bill Gates: Life Imprisonment without Parole
Warren Buffett: Life Imprisonment without Parole
George Soros: Life Imprisonment without Parole
Ted Turner: Life Imprisonment without Parole
Michael Bloomberg: Life Imprisonment without Parole

Melinda Gates: Life Imprisonment without Parole
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO: Life Imprisonment without Parole
Donald H. Rumsfeld [Aspartame]: Life Imprisonment without Parole

In a 108-page PDF Indictment downloadable at the Tribunal Website, 29 Tribunal Judges of the Natural and Common Law Tribunal for Public Health and Justice hailing from four continents have indicted high profile Pandemic defendants that distribute COVID vaccines and rollout 5G installations that allegedly cause DNA damage and EMF/vaccine genocide, and summonsed them to a November 29, 2020 virtual trial.

Indicted Genocidal Technologies Pandemic defendants include:

Indicted Heads of Government ranging from Xi JinPing, Core Leader of China; Vladimir Putin, President of Russia [who plans to distribute 200 million potentially DNA damaging COVID vaccination doses to Latin America]; President Donald J. Trump, prime mover of Operation Warp Speed that plans to distribute 300 million doses of potentially DNA damaging COVID vaccines to Americans; the 46th President-Elect of the USA; Justin Trudeau and Boris Johnson, PMs of Canada and UK, who each plan to distribute hundreds of millions of doses of potentially DNA damaging COVID vaccines to the human beings in their nations.
NGOs such as the World Economic Forum, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that are masterminding a 2010-2020 Lockstep Reset for self-enrichment and the destruction of fundamental human and constitutional rights, and Financial institutions such as the Bank for International Settlements, and the Federal Reserve System that are facilitating this Reset.
Major Vaccination regulators like the World Health Organization (WHO) and vaccination companies including Pfizer, Moderna, and Merck & Co., and
5G regulators like the FCC, OFCOM UK,
International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, as well as
5G entrepreneurs including Elon Musk, Bill and Melinda Gates, and telecommunication companies such as Samsung Electronics, Huawei Technologies, Ericsson,
Qualcomm, Nokia,
ZTE Corporation, NEC Corporation,
Mobile, TeleSystems, AT&T,
Cisco, Systems,
LG U+, South Korea telecom, Telstra Australia, Vodafone UK,
Sprint USA, T-Mobile USA, Reliance, JIO India and others.

You can access Full Information and Tribunal documents at the following links

Trial Video Transcripts & Tribunal Judgment

Trial Video Transcript Part 1: 

Tribunal Judgment: 

Indictment & PreTrial Documents: 
All the 118 Nations Ratifying the International Criminal Court Statute where the Tribunal's Judgment can be enforced:

International Tribunal Indicts Pandemic defendants that distribute COVID vaccines and rollout 5G installations that allegedly cause DNA damage and EMF/vaccine genocide 

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