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Hi I'm Mark Stebles I have designed and Patented a new shape of bicycle frame and forks. I am trying to get this into production to follow my dream of creating my own bicycle. I have been working on this for many years trying to find the right people to help me along the way and been led along and let down several times. I'm now within touching distance of finally realising my dream and making my own design of bike. Please help me over this last hurdle by contributing what you can towards the cost of producing the first fully working and production ready bike.

The design CAD drawings are being finalised in the next month, once complete I will need to CNC machine some moulds to make the carbon fibre frame. This funding will cover the cost of the moulds and get set up ready to produce the bikes in small numbers, which will be for sale on my website 

Also aiming to lauch this at the London Bike Show on 11-14 February 2016
Stebles Bikes – From the beginning

Founded by Mark Stebles in 2012 - Stebles Bikes is an exciting new bicycle manufacturer looking to revolutionise bicycle design. With a focus on improving the whole experience of cycling and the way people look at cyclists.

Stebles Bikes have designed and developed a patented  revolutionary new design of bicycle frame and forks. The design separates the rider from the terrain surface and anything that may fly off the tyres, while also helping to keep the drive train running freely in all conditions. The unique design of frame and forks covers the wheels to protect the rider from tyre spray, while shielding the most vulnerable part of the chain where it picks up the most debris from tyre spray. The cover shapes form a structural frame to support the wheels eliminating the need for a traditional tubular frame.

The first bike style to be launched is into the fastest growing sector of the market, for road / hybrid bikes and perfectly meets the needs for commuting and all condition roads riding. All other bike styles will be launched in due course.

About Me (Mark):

Growing up, I developed my passion for bikes spending most of my youth cycling, from cycling round the garden through to spending every bit of free time I had mountain biking in the local woods and on mountain biking holidays.

After graduating with a BSc Hons in Product design, I struggled to get into the industry straight away, so followed my passion for cycling by joining the ranks of Halfords, Evan Cycle and then Discount Bicycles. During this time I dabbled in amateur racing at Beastways summer series in Stratford before the area was redeveloped for the 2012 Olympics.

Engineering runs in the family, my Grandad owned Lewisham Engineering Company manufacturing various car parts. He always told me stories from his years at the helm of the company, from as far back as during the war when he made of one off parts for the military. One particular story he told me that he couldn't go into detail about was a part he was machining for one of the british war ships that it was waiting on before it could sail into battle after being damaged in battle. I always thought one day I would make him proud by inventing something, maybe even my pedal lawnmower I made at university. But sadly he was taken from us in 2009.

Later that year I decided to follow my dreams and put my bike knowledge into practice by starting up my own local repair shop from home in 2009. Mark’s Cycle Always with the intention of gaining enough experience to one day make my own bike and keep the family name going.

Having had this idea many years ago, the design commenced. I did not simply want to create my own brand as many high profile cyclists have done by basically just putting their name to a standard bike and choosing the parts and geometry to suit. I wanted to go a step further and address the design of the bike to improve upon it and make the riding experience better.

There has been little change in bicycle design in terms of tubular frames for many years. The only advances coming in the form of new material like carbon fibre, but invariably they are mainly in tubular shapes. Mountain bike suspension design has come a long way and change the frame shapes explored these days, but road bikes have not developed anywhere near as much.

For me the biggest thing I always wanted to do was go out riding, (mainly mountain biking) but depending on the UK weather not always wanting the associated mud that comes with this. So I looked at how I could incorporate this into the design and created this revolutionary new frame separating the rider further from the terrain surface and anything that may fly off the tyres. Also, while helping to keep the drive train running freely, enabling the rider to enjoy the riding experience in all conditions all year round.

Being a Product Designer, it’s all about getting the right mix of form and function, solving problems. With Stebles Bikes it’s about the whole experience of riding that we are changing and improving upon.
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Mark Stebles 
Orpington, Greater London, United Kingdom