Hurricane IRMA passed over St Barths on September 6. The category 5 winds and associated storm surge damaged many homes.

The hardest hit were those residents living in older homes, some of which had been passed down for generations, and many of which were not insured.

These people are not the wealthy owners of multi-million dollar villas. Instead they are the school teachers, firemen, bakers, chefs, shop keepers, maids, waitreses and others who keep St Barths running for our enjoyment.

These people have specific and urgent needs, which will change over time - moving from chain saws to clear property to tarps to cover damaged roofs, to basic clothing, to ovens and refrigerators so people can make their own food again.

This fund was created by, an international community of people who are passionate about the people, local businesses and the unique culture of St Barths.

100% of the funds raised are going to supplies to rebuild the homes and businesses of St Barths.  We are purchasing essential supplies in the US (chain saws, tarps, gas cans, generators and related supplies), and paying to fly them down to St Barths for immediate distribution to relief workers. and residents

The people of the island need your help, fast. Please contribute whatever you can today, and forward information about the campaign to anyone who may be interested in making a donation.

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Thanks to Tradewind Aviation and WIMCO Villas for their support and energies.

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