Job Loss And 3 Surgeries

Hello there everyone!

As hard as it us for my husband and I to admit it, reality slaps us in the face and tells us to get Help! We desperately need your help!

The title itself is where James' medical journey began. After buying our first house, and getting married in June of 2015 we thought we we`re on a track for life's amazing journey! However, on August 21st 2015 I rushed him to the hospital in excruciating pain. This is when they found out he had an appenicitious and quickly had his appendix removed. A year later we had finally paid off that hospital stay and were ready to move on. Bought our first car together, everything was looking up!

Then on October 16th, 2016 I got a call that my husband was in the hospital because he had lost his peripheral vision. He had been having major headaches for a few days prior and we had choked it up to him being sick. When the nurse came in panicking that he was sweating we knew something major was happening. She rushed out to get the doctor to let us know that he had a brain tumor and they were going to send him off to the neurological hospital so they can do further testing. My heart sank that day, those are not the words you want the doctor to say to you. After further testing it was discovered that he had a 6.2cm prolactanoma. A hormone secreting tumor that produces prolactin right on the pituitary gland. Typically they would perform surgery to remove this type of tumor, but after speaking to the neurosurgeon we could tell that he was scared to perform that operation. He advised us to try medication first and so far the medication has done the trick and the tumor is shrinking. After 5 days in the ICU he was released.

In January of 2017, we begin getting the hospital bills. They grew very fast and rapidly, but even with the high costs we knew we could get through it.

A few short months later, a week after our 2nd anniversary, his doctor told him that he had the iron levels of someone in his 50s and since the tumor was shrinking he was probably bleeding internally somewhere else and we needed to find out where.

His father was diagnosed with colon cancer at 38, so they were worried he might be on that same track. They scanned his body and found out that he has a rare syndrome called multiple polyposis syndrome. This causes polyps to grow in the digestive tract quickly and rapidly. Turns out he has thousands of polyps in his colon at only 26 years old! The only cure to avoid the nearly 100% chance of cancer is to remove the entire colon and recreate it using the small intestine.

We've been trying to prepare for this the best that we can, but we realize he can't work until he is 100% cleared. Unfortunately this surgery is going to be a 5 to 6 month recovery time.

We realize that even though we are tough and will fight to the end there is no way that we can make it though this major surgery without support!

Upon this realization that we are going to need help, we were faced with yet another obstacle. 2 weeks ago he got an ultrasound of his thyroid, because this syndrome makes him at a higher risk for thyroid cancer, they found a lump on a nodule. Upon biopsy the first came back inconclusive, the 2nd test came back suspicious. So in order to find out if this lump is cancerous or not, they need to remove half of his thyroid to test it. They are wanting to do this before his colon surgery which is scheduled for late September.

We are seriously at a loss, and I feel so bad for him. He's fighting to stay positive but is stressing about the strain this all is having on our finances. Specialists fees are costing us around 300 a month just for seeing them. This doesn't include the previous medical debt, his medications, and the future medical debt we are going to pile on after his next few surgerys!

We need your help so that some of this burden can be taken off of James, and he can focus on his path to recovery. We need this money to help with bills while he's out of work, but also to help pay co pays and pre existing medical debt.

We appreciate any donation you can make, and know that we are internally greatful!

Thank you for reading our story and helping us stay on our feet!

Organizer and beneficiary

Sherri Lindsey
Peoria, AZ
James Lindsey

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