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Dan NEEDS your HELP!
Be Part of a MIRACLE!

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Dan Meyer has spent his life fighting fear. 

Now he’s fighting for his life… fighting cancer. 

Dan’s 2023 Goal: Impact 10 million lives with his message of hope over fear

On August 15, 2022, Dan received the devastating news:

Dan was diagnosed with colon cancer. 

Today, Dan is facing his biggest battle, his toughest challenge yet – beating cancer.

Despite the devastating news, Dan is determined to fight cancer with the same courage and determination that has defined his life. 

This is where YOU come in:

Donate to Dan's GoFundMe campaign to help cover the costs of treatments and focus on what really matters – slashing cancer and inspiring others to do the impossible in their lives.

Dan has already proven he can overcome fear. With your help, he can overcome cancer too. Join us in supporting Dan as he faces his toughest challenge yet. Together, let's help Dan slash cancer so he can continue to inspire countless others along the way.

WHO: Dan Meyer: Impossiblist

Ever since he was a child, Dan Meyer has been on a journey to overcome fear, walk by faith, do the impossible and change the world. 

Growing up a scared shy, skinny wimpy kid, Dan was plagued by extreme fear, social anxiety disorder, teased and beat up by the bullies.  

But Dan refused to let fear rule his life. He vowed to perform superhuman feats the bullies could not do, find his calling, do the impossible, and somehow change the world. 

Dan eventually overcame his fear and found his calling doing the impossible... as a sword swallower! 

Dan now performs around the world mixing swords, danger, laughter and fun by defying death with a smile and amazing audiences with fearless feats, while inspiring them to overcome THEIR fears and do the impossible in THEIR lives.

Today, Dan loves inspiring others to “FEAR LESS and DARE MORE” — to overcome fear and undertake a journey of faith to find their purpose and calling and do the impossible in THEIR lives.




Dan has now been blessed to inspire audiences in 55 countries around the world, and his 40 World Records and death-defying feats have earned him the title of World’s Top Sword Swallower” by Guinness World Records and Ripley’s Believe It or Not! 

His viral TED Talk "Cutting through Fear" has now been translated into more than 85 languages as the “Most Translated TED Talk” in the world.


Dan’s goal for 2023: to Impact over 10 million lives with his message of hope

2023 looked like the year to do it!  Until…


It started when Dan noticed he was constantly exhausted. 

On August 10, 2022, Dan had a routine colonoscopy

The next day he got the call…

It was Cancer.

Adenocarcinoma - colorectal cancer.

It felt like a death sentence. 

Initial prognosis: 5 different tumors - some the size of a peanut, some the size of a grape - in his colon, on his cecum,, liver and adrenal glands. 

The cancer began taking its toll, draining Dan of energy, leaving him exhausted. 

For the past few months, Dan has felt anemic and extremely exhausted - with barely enough energy to walk up a flight of stairs - and nauseous, with sharp pains in his stomach.  (No, it wasn’t from the swords!…)

As the cancer eats up his nutrients, it drains his energy, leaving him exhausted and anemic and constantly passing out from the anemia. Over the past few months he’s lost over 40 lbs and feels like he’s just skin and bones. 

Dan has his good days and his bad days. Some days it’s hard to function between the cancer and all the treatment and pills.  Other days, if he takes lots of vitamins and supplements, he can generate enough energy to go out in public and do shows. 

But it hasn’t stopped him from striving for his goal of impacting millions of people - but now with an even BIGGER message.


In between traveling and performing shows, Dan has been working with some of the top doctors and oncologists, and undergoing testing and integrative cancer treatment at some of the top cancer treatment centers in the world: 

Ironwood Cancer Center, Mesa AZ

 • Brio Medical Center, Scottsdale AZ  and 

 • Huntsman Cancer Institute, Salt Lake City UT 

Dan is now on a healthy plant-based diet of mostly fruits and vegetables - no red meat, sugar, breads, carbs, dairy or alcohol - with intermittent fasting to starve the cancer… and lots of prayer. 

At Brio Medical, Dan’s cancer treatment includes an integrative mix of conventional and holistic treatments including 

 • laser radiation therapy, 
 • hyperbaric oxygen chambers,  
 • ozone treatment,
 • hypothermia treatment, 
 • BEMER and TESLA coil frequency treatments, 
 • Swiss Bionics frequency treatments
 • a mix of low-dose chemotherapy medications,
 • high-dose Vitamin C IV (150,000 mg) 
 • B17, curcumin, quercetin, melatonin IV drips
 • and a range of numerous other supplements - about 100 pills per day which make him even more nauseous - and a mix of integrative cancer treatments - both innovative Eastern and conventional Western - that are known to shrink and starve the cancer.


We’re starting to see progress - 3 of the tumors are now considered “non-cancerous” and we’re working on shrinking the other two. 

Recent update: Dan’s SUV (Standard Uptake Value), the activity level of the sugar uptake by the cancer tumors has now decreased slightly, so it looks like we’re heading in the right direction!

But treatment is not cheap - costs are adding up quickly.

Weekly expenses: 

GOAL: $92,685


You might not think you can make a difference. You might not think you can do the impossible. You might not think you can impact 10 million lives around the world...


Dan needs your help.

Here's your chance to be part of a miracle...

Join Dan’s team as a partner, support Dan, and help him slash cancer so that together we can impact the world.



4 Things YOU can do to help: 

Pray for Opportunities,
Donate and Share!


GOAL: $92,685

The cost of treatment is immense, something a small business like Dan is unable to afford on his own. 

We humbly request your help in reaching our goal of $92,685 to help cover medical expenses for cancer treatments, blood tests, labs, PET, CT and MRI imaging, prescriptions, and other medical treatments, procedures and expenses not covered by Medicare insurance.

We know this is a considerable amount of money, and we are hopeful that with your support, we will help Dan raise the money, beat cancer, and continue to impact the world with an even more profound story.


Please give whatever you can:
$10, $25, $50, $100, $1000
to help Dan pay medical bills, defy death, and stay healthy to impact even more lives around the world.

Give what you can.

Anything you can contribute makes a huge difference. 

Every little bit counts.

Your donation could mean the difference between life and death.

Support Dan by donating here on his GoFundMe and by sharing this page.

If you prefer to donate directly to Dan by etransfering funds, please contact us, or use these direct links:




All funds raised will be used for Dan’s cancer treatment and medical expenses. Any portion of funds raised above Dan’s expenses will be used to support cancer research for others.

Besides DONATIONS, Dan needs your help with PRAYER, OPPORTUNITIES, and SHARING!


• for strength to keep going and stay positive
• for complete healing
• to defy death
• to dare to live
• to overcome obstacles
• to do the impossible
• to slash cancer so he can
• continue speaking and performing
• to impact 10 million lives with a message of hope and faith over fear
that God can overcome obstacles and do impossible miracles in our lives today!


Dan has been blessed with a busy schedule in 2023 including even more Got Talents!

But Dan is always open to more opportunities to raise support, reach others and share his message of hope!

If you know of any opportunities to help spread his message - TV, radio, podcasts, social media, corporate, church, family/youth events, fairs, festivals, or other events looking for profound impact - please have the event contact Dan directly!


When Dan was diagnosed, in true Dan fashion, he rubbed his hands together and exclaimed,

“God's opened up so many great opportunities this year! I can’t wait to see what kind of MIRACLE He’s going to do now… how He’s going to do the impossible and BEAT this cancer!

With the prayers, encouragement and support of friends like YOU, Dan is looking forward to seeing God work a miracle, beat cancer and heal his body so God can be glorified!

"As serious as this cancer is, for me, I see it as just another challenge, another obstacle to doing the impossible and reaching my goal of impacting millions."

"But God can use this to turn obstacles into opportunities, problems into possibilities, trials into triumphs, tests into a testimony, and burdens into blessings… so He can be glorified! With God, NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE!

“Everyone dies; Not everyone really lives. FEAR LESS; DARE MORE. Dare to really LIVE!
- Dan Meyer

Join me on this journey,
Help me in my mission,
Be part of my team,
Be part of my miracle.

Help arm me in my army,
Help me fight for my life;
And when the sword gets too heavy,
Help me hold my arms up high.

Help me slash cancer;
Help me cut through fear.
Help me defy death
and do the impossible.

Be part of my miracle...

Together we CAN do the impossible and impact the world!

Be part of the miracle!


Dan needs your help in SHARING this campaign wherever you can!

Please share this post on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and anywhere else.


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"With gratitude,
optimism is sustainable."
-Michael J. Fox

Thank you for anything you can do to help Dan!

ANY donation helps and is greatly appreciated, no matter how small. 

Dan is praying for everyone who donates to be blessed back exponentially more than what they give. 

Thank you.  

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