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Stand with Bev Standing

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Bev Standing  is a lot of things in the voiceover industry. She is a voice actor, a coach, a mentor, a cheerleader. She's the founder of the #Watercooler group, where all of us freelancers can come together for advice, camaraderie or just a break from the padded box. 

We also learned this week that Bev is the North American voice of TikTok's female AI in their text to speech setting. This is not a job that Bev was hired for or compensated for. Instead, the app has used sound files that she recorded for another job without her permission and without compensation.

Her signature voice is her brand. Her reputation. And it's being used without her consent or her control. Major brands are using her voice on their TikTok ads, which could lead to major commercial conflicts for her business, not to mention the reputational risk. 

We are #StandingWithBev because she deserves to be compensated fairly for the use of her voice. Voice actors have a right to decide what their voice is used for when they are engaged in work and Bev did not agree to be the ubiquitous AI female voice of TikTok. 

We have started this fundraiser, with Bev's permission, to support Bev in what will certainly be an uphill journey in suing TikTok over the unauthorized use of her voice. We have no idea how long it will take or if she will be successful in her fight. Funds could be used to help her supplement her income while she works with her attorney on the lawsuit, or help with travel or lodging expenses if and when she goes to court. Or, just to help with daily expenses and self-care during this ordeal.

Bev has pledged that if she does not need some or any of the funds from this fundraiser, they will be donated to the Brad Venable Memorial Scholarship  fund to assist other voice actors in their times of need or to further their education. 

Watch Bev's interview with her lawyer, Robert Sciglimpaglia, on CBC Canada:

Questions about this fundraiser can be directed to Bev's friend and colleague, Maria Pendolino.


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    • 3 yrs
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  • Jamie Ramage
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  • Shelley Stephen
    • $100 
    • 3 yrs
  • Richard Owen
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Maria Pendolino
Clarence, NY

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