Stand by Jon Strode

My name is Dan and as Jon's Dad I am asking for you to stand by Jon and help us care for him. Please read Jon's story and if you have any questions contact me through this campaign.

On the evening of  August  8th, while riding his bicycle home from work  Jon was the victim of a hit and run.

Jon was just two blocks from home.

Traveling at high speed the late model silver BMW ran through the stop sign at Miami and Nebraska and struck Jon propelling him into the air and then off the drivers side of the windshield and finally down to the street.

The violence of the impact caused the following trauma:

Comminuted pelvic fractures  - Jon's pelvis is fractured in several places and will most likely require surgery to screw/pin/plate it back together. Jon is enduring an incredible amount of pain.

Pneumothorax- Jon's right lung was punctured, thankfully this was not severe. 

Internal Bleeding -
Jon received 4 units of blood  and 4 units of plasma on Friday and subsequently another unit of blood and plasma on Sunday. It seems that the bleeding is slowing and we are hopeful.

Deep lacerations
to Jon's right knee

Dislocated shoulder - This has been treated however his shoulder has dislocated 2 additional times, some of the bone on the socket was chipped away. 

Though the trauma is severe JON IS NO STRANGER TO PAIN...  

At 6 years old Jon's mother died of a genetic disorder (Marfans syndrome). This disorder was passed to Jon and has required the following medical treatments.

At 14 years old Spinal fusion - Several vertebrae were removed and his spine was straightened then two stainless steel rods were secured to the base of Jon's neck and top of his pelvis. Jon cannot bend his back at all.

At 16 years old Artificial Aorta with Aortic valve - This open heart surgery was required due to the inability of Jon's connective tissue to stretch. 

Other injuries and medical procedures include, Appendectomy, 
Torn ligaments in right foot, broken nose etc....

It is important to understand that even through all the medical procedures and the complications that come with them JON PERSEVERES.

Jon is an accomplished artist with incredible attention to detail, I encourage you to see his artwork here. Please let him know if you like what you see. 

Even with the injuries and challenges Jon endures with a witty sense of humor. He is an incredibly hard worker and creates his artwork on the side with hopes to make his living through art. 

At this point Jon will be responsible for all the costs of his hospitalization and subsequent recovery. Jon does have medical insurance through his disability however it is very important to understand that Jon disability insurance is VERY LIMITED. We are talking to local police and are  hopeful the driver of the vehicle responsible had insurance but at this point no person has been located, arrested or charged.


Giving the following:

1.    Your love and spiritual support, Good thoughts help!

2.    Sharing Jon's story with others, share this link with others, tell people  to visit Jon's art pages. Get the word out that Jon needs help 

3.     Money, give what you can
Funds received through this campaign will go to Jon's recovery. His future is uncertain and full of challenges. When he leaves the hospital it will take a great deal of time and support from others to return to any sense of normalcy. 

Please contact should you have any questions at all.

Thank you!

Dan - Jon's Dad
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Dan Strode 
Webster Groves, MO