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Stage 3 Cancer Medical Bills Fund

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I am starting this because I was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer and was forced to stop working. I went in with what they thought was a bad stomachs virus, and after many tests and scans, they said I had an obstruction in my colon. When they went in to operate, they found that the blockage was in fact a rather large tumor, and removed it along with the surrounding portion of my colon. The surgeons also were forced to remove many of the surrounding lymph nodes due to some small growths on them that they wanted to test. There was also a problem that due to the infection/sickness related to all of this that caused me to developed fluid around my heart. They are keeping an eye on it now, but if it developes any further I will have to undergoe another surgery to drain the fluid. I have scans every two weeks to moniter the fluid on my weeks off from chemotherapy. After a couple of surgeries already, they are trying to avoid any more during my treatment so we are hopeful that the fluid goes away or at least doesn't increase. After learning to deal with my new ostomy bag (with a lot of help from my husband), I then started with my chemotherapy treatments about 6 weeks ago. Now, my husband is just trying to keep up with all the medical bills as they come, but we are just struggling to keep our heads above water making minimum payments.  To add to all of this, we live very far from any family and my husband is the only one able to help me with all the doctors visits and information that are being thrown at us. This unfortunate disastrous life event took our household down to just my husbands income which made a hard situation even worse. Furthermore, the stresses involved have exasperated a neurological problem that my husband has leading him to have seizures. He has been too proud to ask for help and I can just see how much this is all taking a toll on him. Despite the fact I have insurance through his job, the medical bills keep piling up between insurance deductables, treatment bills, and medications (some of which the insurance wont cover). I am 22, recently married, and am just trying to help my husband out. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


Savannah Dray
Tallahassee, FL

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