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Sponsor a child's Education & Future

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Children housed within orphanages after the age 18 are no longer the government's responsibility here in Mexico.
Providing vocational training internships and job opportunities for the youth that have aged out of the government's system is essential for their independence, empowerment and a path for success in the future.

Giving the youth various opportunities to find their passion, begin a career and or continue their education is crucial.
It is our goal to connect the youth aging out of the system with a plethora of opportunities.
For the children of all ages we have several programs currently running that require a small monthly donation. These funds are used to sponsor a child in a program of their choice.
These ever expanding programs so far include learning music, art, cosmetology and boxing.
Looking to the future we wish to create scholarship funds to support their continual education and provide them with the necessary resources and skills to succeed in their chosen careers.


Bruno Barbieri
Encinitas, CA

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