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Support A through her surgery

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We are friends of A, a trans woman now living in the Netherlands. A has been granted asylum, and is beginning the process leading to gender affirming surgery.

A has little or no income and for this reason she has been waiting for many years to have this operation in the public health system. In Greece, where she lived before arriving in the Netherlands, she was subjected to a long wait for refugee status. Once this procedure was finished, the Greek health system wanted to subject her to a wait of several more years to access the surgery she needed. Facing this violent homophobic and transphobic context, A left Greece, hoping to find a place where her identity could be respected and recognised.

Living in Europe as a transgender person in exile exposes her to multiple forms of violence, and A struggles every day for a dignified life. As friends and comrades, we want to find ways through these transphobic and racist systems to support her. To show that outside the transphobic public health systems, there is a community of solidarity and struggle behind her. That despite the structural oppressions, there are many of us who exist, and who want her to exist as she wishes.

Please help A to fund her costs and care around this operation, which is vitally important to her. Any contribution is welcome.

And don't hesitate to share this with your friends/acquaintances/networks, whether they are well off or better off!

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