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Soteria Network UK

Do you want to join me in making a difference? I'm raising money in aid of SOTERIA NETWORK and every donation will help. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to me.

Soteria Network promote humane, non-coercive mental health services.

We are a network of people in the UK promoting the development of drug-free and minimum medication therapeutic environments for people experiencing ‘psychosis’ or extreme states. We are part of an international movement of service users, survivors, activists, carers and professionals fighting for more humane, non-coercive mental health services.

People who hear voices, have visions or experience reality in different ways to those around them — and become overwhelmed by their experiences — are often referred to as experiencing ‘psychosis’. We believe that people can and do recover from difficulties which tend to be categorised under the term psychosis. This recovery can be with, without and sometimes despite psychiatric intervention.


  • Jan Pearson
    • £50 
    • 10 d
  • Lesley Brinkman
    • £50 
    • 15 d
  • Gillian Whelan
    • £20 
    • 15 d
  • kerry kirwan
    • £20 
    • 10 mos
  • Sally Parnell
    • £15 
    • 1 yr

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