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Welcome  to Our     GO Fund Me    website where we explain our 18 year effort and why you should be interested  :-)  :-)

If you choose not to donate - we understand - but do choose to understand what we are doing by reading this website.

No tricks, no gimmicks - but its a compelling story that you can be a part of if you choose.  Again - no tricks or gimmicks.


In 2001  my wife & I started a "crazy idea" to find answers to nationwide concerns we  saw regarding our Seniors in the U.S..

Now before we go even 1  more paragraph further . . . 

      Lets define you:    If you are 55 or older               -  you are  a Senior now or will be very soon
                                            If you are younger than 55    -  then you will be a Senior in the future.

In other words - Certain efforts to benefit Seniors - like ours - will effect you now or later &  your parents or family/children.

My wife & I looked for GOOD,   Logical,   Reasonable,  Creative Solutions to solve our country's primary  Entitlement concerns . . .  -  but not with big new tax payer spending or crazy ideas or  "rose colored glasses"  giveaway  opinions as Congress was doing. 

Solutions of common sense & inventive NEW thinking that are also  COST CONTROLLED for Taxpayers. Is not crazy to expect.  But it has seemed like a fantasy to believe Congress could or would do it on their own.   So we started in 2001 to do it for them.

But I'm told our efforts have found TOO MANY solutions or we invented too many items or innovations to make it possible.  I've been told readers like yourselves can't understand all our solutions or can get confused by the quantity our husband and wife team offer -  so then  readers don't become donators to our effort.    Many inventors over our 300 year U.S. history have faced the same issues - - - of being told negatives are the only responses to expect.    I'd like to believe everyone isn't so limited if I make better efforts to explain.   

Donations is what will keep us working on finalizing these plans.   Is it a compliment we've been told we have too many solutions?    ABSOLUTELY - its nice to hear . . . .  but its still a problem of obtaining  donations to live on while we work for everyone's benefit - - - and its been 18 long years of efforts.   

So we've simplified  our GoFundMe story to focus on just 2 goals instead of a dozen we have.  Here are our 2 goals to start with and I'll include a limited number of graphics to explain as well :

Goal number ONE

1.  Find methods to Reduce "Entitlement costs" in the U.S.  -  SPECIFICALLY   Social Security,  Medicare,  and Medicaid.

Our concerns of 2001  are coming true  quickly .  .  .   just late in 2018  the Majority Leader of the U. S.  Senate  publicly confirmed in many media interviews -  the U.S. must focus SOON on reducing  certain  "Entitlements"  . . . . . .   and he named:

      Social Security . . . .   Medicare  . . . .  Medicaid.    

Those same stories also showed - Democrats confirmed they agree with the situation.      So   . . . . .   NEITHER party by their own admissions  is planning to save your benefits  as they are currently    . . . . .  but they do want to preserve their other spending and/or  tax cuts or both in other areas.    And they'll argue till they are blue in the face that "their party" is good and the other  is all wrong.   Talk about illogical - both agree problems exist & NEITHER have a single good solution between them.

Elected Congress has continued to spend  more these last 12 years  and Federal deficits have gone up greatly since 2014  which  already had high deficits.   Yes,  the  current economy has improved - but new spending legislation and adding new categories of people to entitlement programs who NEVER DID contribute have been far greater than our larger economy can afford. 

I won't debate the merits or partisan politics  of Congress's spending - but the facts are that Congress has NO POSITIVE answers .  .  .  . for the three most important programs  ===>   Social Security . . . .   Medicare  . . . .  Medicaid < ====   their  only "answers  in Congress"  are to  cut  benefits & increase program fees for those specific 3 entitlement programs & those qualified for them.    

I think that is bad planning and weak reasoning by Congress that harms our country and its current and future Seniors.   Why?  Well first off, every one of you reading this is either a Senior now - or will be in the future - we are all effected.

Unlike  other so called  "entitlements" or giveaways = = = =>  Social Security,  Medicare,  and Medicaid  get most of their funding from  ALL  THE LEGAL workers  of past and present who have ALWAYS been  funding those 3 entitlements programs from their wages and earnings  and been doing that ALL THEIR WORKING LIVES.      Congress is not supposed to be providing benefits to either illegal immigrants who don't contribute or   those  who are refugees and haven't contributed.   

And remember all the workers who have contributed for years and decades  . . . . also pay income taxes besides.   Social Security and Medicare entitle those who "properly supported" or "properly qualified" for inclusion in those insurance programs  to be the only ones  who should  - but Congress tinkered with those rules over and over and over again  too. 

Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid IS NOT a giveaway "entitlement" - its been paid for by most of those who receive it except where Congress added many others even though they didn't contribute.     Now don't do the Democrat and Republican "thing".        Excuses DO NOT fix the problems -
        but real live solutions could and can correct some of the problems
                                                & our husband & wife team have some solutions if you'll read along.

My wife & I  started in 2001 - to design, invent, & innovate at levels beyond what most  would expect "a regular citizen couple" could or would do.    Congress is "addicted" to spending and promising money to voters.   It appears we need citizens to motivate "treatment" for those addictions of spending.    Congress wants  to  benefit cuts and increased fees - instead of finding good answers.    A nation of regular people like you & I have been paying toward  those promised  programs to fulfill what we've paid towards them our  whole lives.   But remember - if you aren't a senior now - you will be - its about everyone.

===>      If  you donate to our effort  . . .  its for your benefit or your family & friends benefit if you are to use these 3 programsin the future.    Our grandparents and great parents understood "there is no free lunch" - you have to work for it.  WE (my wife and I) have been working to benefit others - but its going to require others to help and support our significant efforts and to add to it to get Congress listening and discussing what they have not been able to do for decades.

===>            How is that possible ?   

My wife & I have done what Government has not . . . .  imagining real solutions - then testing to prove them valid & reasonable.    We've been  inventing,   innovating  and testing ways to reduce the costs or  REDUCING the need for services  . . . . .  rather than looking at it from the negative side of reducing benefits or costing more.  Our theories are based on the idea of eliminating the needs for costs - rather than cutting the benefits that make the costs ===>  its a stunning difference in benefits.

Here's an example of our country's history and our logic.    Invent what doesn't exist,  innovate to create what has not been thought of -  create what others don't imagine.      Thomas Edison,  Eli Whitney,  Benjamin Franklin,  Henry Ford and 1000's of others invented and innovated our country to successes both large and small.     So we used the exact same concepts.   

Use new ideas and methods with common sense to reduce the frequency & expense of healthcare needed for Seniors.  

               Each hip NOT broken could save  $100,000 or more to Medicare  . . . . .  imagine how many there are each year. 
                                      Each pneumonia not suffered  saves  untold hospital costs and nursing home stays.   
                                                    If Seniors avoid  causes of hospitalization & long nursing home stays, big chunks of money are not spent.   

Meanwhile  if Seniors can avoid these problems and stay healthier they don't need to lose their benefits or pay more fees.    

=====>    How simple can I say this?   If we can eliminate the need for many big expenses - we don't have the costs to pay.

But it takes much more than wild ideas to accomplish this  - and  we've been working on those needed solutions - while politicians have talked for years about "cutting and reducing" the benefits as their "solution".   

Let me be crystal clear . . . .  cutting benefits or paying more fees is not an answer . . . . .  it is merely a painful reaction to not having a solution.     Our effort of having real solutions - avoids the pain - and continues the benefits where needed.

Why could a husband and wife team come up with positive solutions by the hand full while Congress over the same 18 years can't ?   Its a difference in motivations and not taking "the easy road" to get answers - its a lot more work and testing.   And its understanding normal people don't have the benefits that elected Federal officials are guaranteed.

============> end of point number 1.

2.   Improve safety and comfort for Seniors who choose to live in our "proposed"  Assisted or Independent living design structures. 

We believe Seniors whether you are 60 or 75 or 90 are not only a rapidly expanding quantity - but a GROWING IMPORTANCE in our country's future.    There are good and innovative ways to make Seniors lives safer and healthier and more pleasant for Seniors and not burden taxpayers at the same time.   But there is more - they have wisdom we are not harvesting.

How can it be safer?   

a.  Better material choices &  better design to protect against  ever MORE INCREASING yearly Tornadoes,  Storms & Wind damage,  not to mention better protection and safety  from Wild Fires,  or accidental fires and several forms of random crime.

b.  Improved air quality,  heating & air conditioning  and breath ability.   As you age - these are big issues to consider.

c.  Safer designs to help avoid falls, and reduce healthcare costs caused by  pneumonia,  broken bones,  lung  &  joint issues. 

d.  Unique NEW methods to help Seniors be more aware of their health  &  be pro-active rather than re-active in responding.
      "Checking the oil in a car" is much cheaper than rebuilding or replacing "a car engine that didn't have enough oil" in it.

d.  a focus on making seniors more valued and desired to  others in our country which also improves their mental & emotional perspective as well as helps the U.S. too.   When your body is exposed to a healthier more motivated mind & heart - your body responds as well.   Harvest Wisdom from Seniors just like a farmer properly treating his land gets better crop production too :-)

Will people live longer if they are healthier?   We'd like to say Yes . .  but there are No guarantees . . .  but its safe to say they will likely be healthier in those same Senior years no matter how long those years are.    QUALITY of Life - not QUANTITY of years is OUR issue.

                 What would I have given for the knowledge I have now - for my grandmother 40 years ago?

                 She could have been healthier mentally the last 3 years of her life - and could have remained
                             sharp till the end instead of worrying herself into a nursing home for those last 3 years.

============> end of point number 2.

When combining  goals and solutions for  #1 and #2 above -  you create healthier productive Seniors with less costs caused by hospitals,  surgeries,  medications & clinic visits;  if done correctly with the aid of our inventions & innovations    CUTS  in benefits & more FEES aren't needed because our ideas can reduce the spending on unneeded healthcare treatments. 

                              This is one of our dozen+  graphics -  this one targeted at the 2 stated above goals of our many solutions.


Your government representatives aren't going to invent and innovate these ideas - but our husband and wife team DID.

If you're going to be a Senior some day - our ideas help you.    If you have senior parents, friends, relatives etc.  it may help them. 

Can these ideas extend a parent's life or happiness or both ?  Maybe.     I can accurately  tell you it did by 7 full years for my mom - because we've tested much of our innovations and ideas on her . . . .   and they worked for her and others.    My wife and I aren't   "throwing darts at the target and hoping for a fluke bullseye"; from  2001 thru 2018 - we invented and then tested.

Your donations keep us working on these goals and finalizing these inventions & innovations . . . .  and  finding ways to influence government as well as private enterprise to adapt our solutions.

TWO  solutions - just 2 - from a list of more than a dozen+ solutions we have.   I'm highlighting  just 2 .  
Is your donation worthwhile to help for just these 2 priorities ??   Who among you could say No - when YES is the logical answer.

Don't even think about the other  12+ solutions not highlighted  here.      :-)

Donate . . . . for choices  Congress members are not even considering possible.    They can't  "imagine" reducing costs - only reducing benefits or increasing fees.    That is opposite our country's founding and earlier history of  inventors and Innovators to be focused on THE POSITIVE - not the negative.   

Why don't we (my wife and I)  contact Government about this.    We DID - starting with Congress and the Executive branch in 2011 and going forward . . .   1000's & 1000's of emails and MANY hundreds of mailings.   NONE of them since then has had a clue of the possibilities and only contacted us - with boiler plate  "thank you" letters or an occasional Governor or two interests.

We need financial support - we need people support to get a positive and needed citizen impact for current and future Seniors.

Congress wants to mess with your Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits - Its up to the citizens (you)  to keep us working because  government . . . . . needs to see and hear something other than their negative answers.

Knowledgeable people tell me my wife & I  are offering

                        too much proof - too much information - too many solutions.
                        _________________     ________________________    ______________________

I think that is nuts in a country badly lacking  solutions & answers to many needs.

When we benefit Seniors properly  . . . . we benefit the country for everyone especially our youngest generations.

===>  The graphic below is our entire plan of solutions woven into a single plan.   Above I talked of only those 2 solutions but the graphic below shows that we INDEED have a large and considerable number of solutions to eventually offer.  

                Don't look at it or get distracted with "too many solutions".     

        REAL creativity - not just colorful words and  old, tired, worn efforts to be heard only at election time.

I'd challenge you to name a single solitary proposed candidate for President in any party - offering ideas like ours.

I challenge you to name 2 Senators or Representatives offering this level and quality of solutions to our entitlement issues.

The graphic below is focused on ideas . . . . .  then the testing of the ideas . . . .  then experience inventing what is needed.


Solutions for America - A Blue Collar Dream

Facebook.  and our Photos/graphics  
@ABlueCollarDream - look in the Photos

Email questions to  = = = = >   Unlike Congress - we'll actually answer questions.

See our graphic explanations or Timeline Photos by searching  Facebook at  "AR Hanifl"        ( that's my wife and I)

Donate today for a better tomorrow for our U.S.  & for healthier Seniors to UNIFY us instead of divide the U.S..

A  PLAN  that  makes you proud to be a citizen - &  encourages you to think  regular people could be a KEY  to  future efforts.

When I was young in the 70's young people said they would be the difference for the future.   Its time to fulfill those promises.
===>  tell others by social media or emailing friends about  our effort.    :-)

Donate money or effort or both.

As you see by the picture below - we're real people - no  makeup.  And we're surrounded in that picture with just a few of many parts of our work and experiments and inventions at that time.    We're proud to be regular people - but isn't that what has made our country great - regular people like you and I ??

                                                   Alex      .   .  .  .  .  .       and       .   .  .  .  .  .      Rhonda



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