Chrissy Harker's Colorectal and Liver Cancer Fund

I have known Chrissy Harker for many years now. I first met her when I was working at the legendary Videomatica when it was still a rental and sales store. I worked in the office running online sales and ‘Harker’ worked in the front. As with most people who first meet me, I came across like an a**hole to her, but eventually she was transferred from rentals into the back office to help me run online sales. Over that time I began to know Chrissy as a no bulls**t person who was straight to the point in most matters and really focused when it came to her interests. With a fellow interest in cult film and a willing to learn as much as she can with no flaking out on putting serious time and homework in on the rare cinema experience, we became good friends. Eventually Chrissy moved on from Videomatica, working hard at various cafe jobs, until the fateful day she met my good friend from my home town Kelowna - Sam Thompson. It was love at first sight, and in no time Sam moved to Vancouver and shared an apartment with Chrissy which also meant sharing his collection of records in the thousands and her vivid collection of cult film DVDs, rare UK toys, and various other nicnacs that have a cult following. Even sharing an apartment in Vancouver is not easy, and Sam went to work almost instantly at a mail order company in North Vancouver (he still takes the Canada Line and Sea Bus every day) and Chrissy worked at various cafes and bakeries as she continued to establish her own personal extraordinary talents for advanced baking. Chrissy’s focus and obsession for film knowledge is only outweighed by her driven interest in baking technique and even amidst her working 40 hour work weeks she finds time to focus on the baking and cooking which she always maintains will be a major part of her future.

For the last two or three years, Chrissy had been experiencing stomach and spine pain. As the severity of the pain escalated, her regular doctor visits advised her that it’s nothing more than IBS, ulcers, or even simply stress. As the eventual bleeding and pain became overwhelming, Chrissy was checked into St. Joseph’s hospital a few weeks ago to finally work out what is wrong with her. Through various CT and MRI scans, they discovered that Chrissy has an abscess caused by a colon infection that was causing much of the pain. As the abscess was taken care of, the doctors were able to look more closely and discovered a cancerous colorectal tumor.

As the tests continued, the doctors also discovered cancer in Chrissy’s liver; the stage 4 cancer having spread to the liver from her colon. Immediately, Chrissy has been fitted for a colostomy bag anticipating the intense chemo and radiation treatment for the cancer to hopefully disappear or shrink enough for the doctor’s to remove all the cancerous cells via surgery. I’ve never known anyone who works so hard every day in and out at her job, all the while keeping herself occupied at home working with her many interests and passions, so it pains me to see Chrissy in a state where she can’t work, thus also creating a strain on the day to day VANCOUVER bills of the apartment rapidly being dealt with on Sam’s employment alone. Being self sufficient since she was a teenager working at fast food restaurants in Nanaimo, one thing Chrissy has never done is taken a handout, and it was hard enough for her to give me the list of bills she’s trying to navigate in the coming months:
“Aside from unknown medical expenses: 
- Rent is $1400 - Internet is $120
- Both of our phone plans are $65 each
- Sam's buss $128
- I usually put $40-80 on my compass card
- Hydro is between $40-70
- Laundry is around $30
- Groceries for a month are around $320 ($80 a week)
- Colostomy supplies are estimated at $150-300 a month
- Anti nausea pills are estimated at $150-200 a month  
Once radiation starts I'll need to buy special skincare products to keep my skin healthy. I don't know the cost of those yet. I think I've covered most of the basics.”

If people would like to donate discreetly or send cards/candy/tea or something other than money to Chrissy’s mailing address: 

Christina Harker C/O Sam Thompson
(if Chrissy can't/doesn't have the energy to get to the post office)
#7 3780 Cambie St 
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 2X5  Canada

Anything can help! And thanks in advance from Chrissy and Sam T. - Sam McKinlay
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Organizer and beneficiary

Sam McKinlay 
Vancouver, BC
Christina Harker