SMCL Soirée Mode College LaSalle

As a part of the Fashion Presentation course in the Fashion Marketing Program, LaSalle College second-year Fashion Marketing students are hosting their annual Fashion Show event, Soirée Mode Collège LaSalle, also known as SMCL. This year's event celebrates its 10th edition and explores the theme “The Future of Fashion”. In this edition, students are delving deep into the current scenario of the fashion industry and into the impacts of our consumer behaviour. The students are analysing issues like the manufacturing process, sustainability, and climate change. We aim to bring awareness to the Earth’s problems and propose ethical solutions and different approaches to the fashion industry. To demonstrate this, the concepts of “Reality Check”, “Impulse Control” and “Mars” will be presented:

Reality Check:

The recent call to action in the fashion industry pertaining to sustainability has benefited the minds of young creatives. Pushing them to find innovative ways to manufacture clothing. We, as consumers, wear clothes. Whether for recognition or confidence, we buy garments to cover ourselves from certain truths and with that we've managed to conceal the harshest truth - the daily hardships faced by those producing our clothing, the makers. A garment's appearance is far more than just fabric and patterns, it showcases craftsmanship. "Reality Check" demonstrates the contrast between the makers of clothing and those consuming their finished product. We choose to bring to light this reality, we show respect to those in these conditions, and we hope to spark a change. It all starts now.

Impulse Control:

How do you imagine our future? Grim, dystopian, fast-paced? We imagine it deliberate, meaningful and slow. Contradicting a present where impulsive consumption prevails and grows, our future practices the art of restraint and “Impulse Control”. We want to project our interpretation of the different phases leading to a future that embraces community and awareness as primary values. This story is a gentle reminder that the path to a more thoughtful and sustainable future may be paved with deliberate choices, greater appreciation for the power of restraint and of course, “Impulse Control.”


Forced to leave Earth after destroying its environment, humans now survive on a planet with endless sandy mountains and an arid climate similar to Mars. Mars embodies the instinct for survival and the powerful strength of a warrior. Sit back and enjoy this wonderful immersive journey to Mars.
3-2-1... Lift-off!

As a part of the student’s learning process, this event is completely self-funded. This includes reaching out to the sponsors and donations. We believe that in collaborating with each other and the public, we as students benefit from the process of networking. This event seeks to raise awareness and make room for reflection on the issues faced by the fashion industry.
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  • Kevin Cooper
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SMCL Soirée Mode College LaSalle
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