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Slamhood's medical bills fund

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I, Nemophilist_, of /r/popping am starting this campgain on behalf of Slamhood. She has been through a long journey of multiple foot surgeries due to an infection on her left foot and I believe we at /r/popping can help her! With her permission, I have started this gofundme.

Her first post to /r/popping was 3 months ago, posted right before her 3rd surgery.

She updated us again a month later following her 3rd surgey. Her incision had split and was leaking puss.

It was still not healing correctly.

There was now a possibility of losing her foot.

Now she was scheduled for her 4th surgery.

Things were not looking up.

Here is her most recent post. From Slamhood "UPDATE: Not sure how I can edit a post so I’ll write in the comments in hope that everyone will see it. I’m going into My 5th surgery At 11AM. My labs are extremely high causing a lot of concern. They are going in again to clean up and find the source of infection. Not sure what risk I’m running at this point as it was a quick phone conversation with my doctor. I trust he knows what he’s doing. He and the rest of the practice work with all of the MSU athletes and he was highly recommended to me.

I don’t want everyone to be so upset with the gentleman who removed his comment. It’s a strong possibility more so now than ever before that I could lose my foot. I’m not happy about it by any means but my oldest brother is a left side below the knee amputee from a Motocross accident. He’s been such an amazing success story after all of his complications he went through. If he can do it, then damnit so can I. I even joked that we could share prosthetics! He’s been rooting for me and helping me know that if it happens, I’ll be okay just like him.

What are big bros for right?!

I’d like to ask again for kind words are prayers. They mean so very much to me from each and everyone of you. I’m so very scared and worried but I know I’ll be okay. I’ll update at some point after the surgery when I’m coherent enough.

Thank you again everyone, you all mean so very much to me. I can’t thank you all enough.

With all of my love, SLAMHOOD"

So /r/popping. We have popped, squeezed, and we have also gazed at Slamhood's posts in awe. Now lets do some good and make a difference! I have set the goal to $3,000 because Slamhood is too modest to set the goal herself. 

Thank you for reading,


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