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Maya Sinstress was attacked by a dog.

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Hello everyone, I would like to share a story with you about the events that occurred within the last 24 hours. 

But first, I would like to tell you about who I am. I am Miss Maya Sinstress, a Chicago based Domina & Fetish Performer. I began my career as a professional Domina in 2000. I apprenticed at Jade's Dungeon & Lilith's Sanctuary before going independent in 2003. The following year, I established My own play space where I welcomed the lifestyle fetishists, subs, Dommes & kinksters of our community. After becoming an established Domina who travels the country & world, I began focusing on education. I would teach classes at a few venues on topics ranging from basic bdsm to heavy bondage to mind control and humiliation. Feeling almost complete with my lifestyle choices, I decided to give back to the community a little bit more. I began couching lifestyle Women who wanted to be kinky & fierce Divas. And to this day, I am still mentoring many Women, men and couples. 

Bdsm is an everyday part of my life. It's not something that is optional for me. I live it, I breath it. And after an accident that occurred on Jan 26th, I will be forced to take a break from it.

After a long day of executing a fabulous baby shower for my older sister, I was ready to wind down a bit. I received an invitation from some of My close friends to meet for snacks & drinks. Upon arriving at my friend's apartment, I noticed some of the furniture had been switched around. I pet the greeting dog at the door to say hello and made a brief stroll around the apartment. Once at the far end, the dog was again there to greet me. After another quick pet, I began to walk away. That's when the story gets a little  fuzzy.

With no warning, the massive German Shepard mix lunged at me. He took several bites into my cheeks, slashes the skin open across my bridge and cheeks and managed to take chunks of flesh out of my right hand. Not wanting to injure the dog or further injure myself, I wrestled him to the ground and pushed him away. My friends in the front of the apartment heard none of this over the music & had no idea it occurred. On the ground, unable to see because of all the blood in my eyes, and barely able to speak because of all the blood in my throat, I crawled my way to the front of the apartment. I tried calling for help, but no one had heard me. A few more feet farther and everyone came running over. One of my best friends held me while another ran for towels. I held my chin up trying to clot the blood. I asked how bad it was. Everyone was silent for a second. Then, I heard Ben say "D, go get your car right now!". I knew what that meant. I don't have insurance. Pretty much none of my friends have insurance. And in a situation like this, you cross your fingers that you don't bleed out & you get yourself to the hospital. Calling an ambulance was not an option for me.

Going well over the speed limit, They managed to get Me to Illinois Masonic within 10 minutes. A staff member came to get me in a wheel chair as I was too weak & in shock to even walk. I was in such a frazzled state, I arrived with no shoes or coat on. I was only wearing a velvet blouse & skirt adorned by blood stained skin & hair. As disheveled as I was, the staff rushed me to the emergency room. Between the tears running down my face and the blood streaming from my nose, I was barely able to recap what happened. Luckily, my friends assisted every step of the way. 

My stress elevated as I was told I needed a CT scan. I had to wait in utter pain for my body piercer to arrive with the appropriate tools to remove my body jewelry. I feel very blessed that he was awake and able to rush to the hospital in under and hour and just before my pain level was at almost a 10! Through the CT scan, we discovered that my sinus cavity wasn't compacted. But, the bridge of my nose is fractured. 

At this point, I still had not looked at myself. I had no idea how mangled my flesh was or wasn't. I just hoped that what remained would resemble the way I was. After being fully clean & flushed, I was told I would require a few rows of stitches. One of the doctors could do it or I could find the on call reconstructive surgeon. I opted to go for the specialist as this is my face we are talking about! I knew not having insurance that it would be quite a bit more expensive. But, I wanted to be in the safest and most skilled hands I could. 

Two hours & another hospital later, I could let go of the compression pack that was helping hold my nose together. And the surgeon was ready to begin. He sutured together the 3 inch slash across my face. At this point my face was swollen to capacity and bruises already started coloring in. 

The surgeon discussed that the swelling was so extreme that I would need to come back in 5 days & every few days following. It's not yet determined if I will need surgery on my nose. But, as it stands my bridge is crooked and poking out. That's really not a good sign. And depending on how my sutures and cuts heal, more adjustments may be needed. I took a deep breath and was just grateful to be alive and blessed to have friends that care for me.

Now, I was finally able to look at myself. I cried for several moments and I cry as I write this. The person in the mirror was deformed but she was still beautiful. I'm a big believer that inner beauty is what counts. And no matter what I looked like, it would still be there shining through my puffy green eyes.
The physical flaws are not of as much concern to me at this time. My urgent concerns are not getting an infection. Dogs mouths are filthy and I am at high risk. My face is so swollen that it's preventing me from talking properly and seeing properly. My right hand is swelled up and there are chew marks over several tendons. I am in no shape to do anything other than recover. I have no idea if this will take 3-4 weeks or if I will need additional surgery which will require much more time off. All I know is that I will be bedridden, unable to work & will be accumulating medical expenses.  

I'm not one to ask people for help or handouts. I am much too proud for that. But, after positing some photos on twitter & mentioning the incident, it became apparent that the community wants to help. This not only encourages me & makes me smile. It shows me there are still good people in the world and in our community who know what it is like and can feel my pain. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and needed. Please help in whatever way you can.

(P.S. I have met with the police and animal control. And they are taking the appropriate measures to assess the dog's mental stability and determine what happens from there)

Thank you for listening to my story,

Miss Maya Sinstress

(The photo to the right is of me yesterday evening, celebrating my sister's baby shower. The top left photo shows the deep gash that needed mending. The bottom left shows the excessive swelling and sutures from about 12pm Jan 27th).



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Maya Sinstress
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