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Silenced and Tased: Help David Haeg Clear His Name

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James Price, Holly Sheldon Lee, Scott Egger, and Dave Brummel are organizing this fundraiser on behalf of David Haeg and all Alaskans, to demand a Grand Jury investigation into evidence of systemic corruption by government officials.

The video of David Haeg being tased in court for attempting to present evidence of corrupt acts by powerful government officials convinced some of us to help. Video of Alaska State Troopers blocking his daughter Cassie from jumping the court bar to aid her dad while he was being tased, convinced the rest. 


The systemic corruption David and his family fight threaten us all. Their evidence of corruption implicates Alaskan state judges, attorneys, troopers, and oversight agencies in criminal acts and cover-up. The harder we all try to prove what is going on, the more evident the criminal cover-up. Recently, grand jury members in Anchorage and Kenai obtained evidence from David so they could investigate. In violation of Alaska’s constitution and laws, the same officials and agencies being investigated ordered the grand juries to stop investigating. 


Lifelong Alaskans David and Jackie built a fly-in wilderness lodge and guide business where they raised their daughters. In 2004, the State of Alaska asked David to help with their Wolf Control Program. Afterward they prosecuted David for doing exactly what they asked, destroying the family business and sentencing David to years in prison. Decades of investigation have uncovered State sponsored evidence tampering, perjury, and cover-up on an industrial scale. The apparent reason? To cover up evidence that the State was running their controversial wolf kill program in violation of its own rules – a national scandal that could have ended the program forever. 


I, Scott Egger, saw the tasing video of David Haeg in 2018 and became interested in this case. I found the map used to convict Mr. Haeg had been falsified by prosecutors and troopers. Prior to trial, prosecutor Scot Leaders and Trooper Brett Gibbens tape-recorded themselves discussing how the map’s boundaries had been falsified. They knew it had been falsified and yet used it to convict Mr. Haeg by presenting the map to his jury. Link to Map Evidence:

I found an official pretrial discovery request required prosecutor Leaders to give Mr. Haeg and his attorney a copy of the false map and tape-recording before trial, but he did not. As a result, Mr. Haeg never knew how he was being framed until years after his conviction. Link to Discovery Violation:

I found that during Mr. Haeg’s trial, Judge Murphy had numerous inappropriate contacts outside of court with the prosecution’s star trial witness. I found this was covered up by Alaska’s only judge investigator (Marla Greenstein) for the past 32 years. Link to Certified Evidence Against Marla Greenstein:

I found that Greenstein later falsified certified documents to cover her tracks. Link to Greenstein's Cover-Up:

I found oversight agencies that were made aware of these facts failed to investigate.

I found evidence indicating Mr. Haeg’s own attorneys were working hand-in-glove with prosecutor Leaders to frame Mr. Haeg.

There are some who endeavor to put forth Mr. Haeg’s evidence before a Grand Jury. This process is ensured in our State Constitution. In fact, this has been attempted at least three times that I have been made aware of. Each time, the process was illegally shut down by forces within the very same judicial system that was intended to be investigated by the Grand Jury.


I, Ray Southwell, was on a Kenai Court Grand Jury from the first Wednesday of January 2018 until the last Wednesday of March 2018.

During this time, I attempted to present evidence to my fellow Grand Jurors, so we could investigate it and write a report with our recommendations. Much came from David Haeg; evidence of crimes by district attorney Scot Leaders, judge investigator Marla Greenstein, judges, and troopers. Agencies overseeing these individuals were implicated. It was clear Mr. Haeg was victimized by an unlawful judicial process followed by a coverup. I also obtained evidence implicating the Office of Children’s Services in crime and coverup. All evidence pointed to systemic corruption concerning the public’s welfare and safety.

Before I could present the evidence to my fellow Grand Jurors, and before we could investigate it, DA Leaders personally stopped the process, gathered up my documents, and obtained an order from Judge Jennifer Wells prohibiting me from disclosing my concerns and evidence to my fellow Grand Jurors.

I believe DA Leaders and Judge Wells violated Article 1, Section 8 of Alaska’s Constitution, AS 12.40.030, AS 12.40.040, and pages 16/26 of the Alaska Grand Jury Handbook. Link to Ray Southwell’s Affidavit:

Alaska Constitution, Article 1, Section 8 The power of grand juries to investigate and make recommendations concerning the public welfare or safety shall never be suspended.

AS 12.40.030 Duty of inquiry into crimes and general powers. The grand jury shall inquire into all crimes committed or triable within the jurisdiction of the court and present them to the court. The grand jury shall have the power to investigate and make recommendations concerning the public welfare or safety. 

AS 12.40.040 Juror to disclose knowledge of crime. If an individual grand juror knows or has reason to believe that a crime has been committed that is triable by the court, the juror shall disclose it to the other jurors, who shall investigate it.

Alaska Grand Jury Handbook, Page 16: Can a grand juror ask the grand jury to investigate a crime that the district attorney has not presented to them? Yes. The Alaska Statutes state: ‘If an individual grand juror knows or has reason to believe a crime has been committed that is triable by the court, the juror shall disclose it to the other jurors, who shall investigate it.’

Alaska Grand Jury Handbook, Page 26: Who decides that the grand jury should investigate something? Generally, grand jury investigations are initiated by the district attorney. They can also be initiated by the presiding judge or by members of the grand jury. Prosecutors also sometimes receive letters from the public, addressed to the grand jury, requesting investigations. In these situations, the prosecutor will probably conduct a preliminary investigation and make a recommendation to the grand jury about whether to take action. It will be up to the grand jury to decide whether to investigate the matter requested in the letter.

The Investigative Grand Jury in Alaska (Alaska Judicial Council Report on Alaska Grand Jury Power), page 9: State grand juries have often exercised investigative powers to battle political corruption. At times, they have acted on their own initiative in the face of opposition from a district attorney.

Alaska Constitutional Convention (1307-1409): The power of grand juries to inquire into the willful misconduct in office of public officers, and to find indictments in connection therewith, shall never be suspended. The grand jury in its investigative power as well as for the fact it is sitting there as a panel sometimes is the only recourse for a citizen to get justice.    



I, James Price, became fully aware of the Haeg family plight in 2018. Realizing an independent Grand Jury investigation was needed, I manned a booth at the Alaska State Fair as: "Alaskans for an Independent Grand Jury"

I collected signatures on a petition calling for a Grand Jury investigation into evidence of systemic crime and corruption by “District Attorney Scot Leaders, numerous judges, judge investigator Marla Greenstein, troopers, and other officials”. The petition pointed out that DA Leaders and Judge Jennifer Wells prohibited grand juror Ray Southwell from disclosing, to his fellow jurors, his knowledge and evidence of crime by DA Leaders, judges, and other officials. It pointed out that Alaska law required grand juror Southwell to report this crime and corruption to his Grand Jury and that the Grand Jury was required to investigate. My efforts resulted in about 500 petition signatures.

Links to Signed Petition:


The Alaska Court System, Presiding Judge William Morse, Deputy Attorney General Robert Henderson, Special Prosecutions Chief Paul Miovas, and District Attorney Scot Leaders all refused to give the petition to the Grand Jury, even though the Alaska Grand Jury Handbook, page 26, required them to do so. Link to Refusals:

See also page 12 of the Alaska Judicial Council report “The Investigative Grand Jury in Alaska”, which confirms public petitions must be given to Grand Juries for investigation. 

On May 8, 2018, copies of the petition were mailed to both Alaska’s Governor and Attorney General. Although the Governor’s and AG’s offices signed the return receipts on May 9, 2018, no response regarding the petition was ever received. 

On January 28, 2019, a copy of the petition was hand-delivered to the Alaska Governor’s office. Although the Governor’s office provided a date-stamped receipt of service, no response regarding the petition was ever received.  Link to Proofs of Service:


I, Holly Sheldon Lee, became aware of the Haeg family plight in 2016. After researching their case, I was asked to investigate multi-faceted corruption within the Office of Children’s Services. As I dug deeper and deeper, I viewed facts and evidence of systemic corruption eerily similar in both cases. 

To generate revenue, OCS is taking children by violating Alaskan's civil rights and tampering with evidence. Officials within the court system, including state attorneys, are covering up. When grand jury investigations are requested now, they are denied.  When one grand jury started to investigate OCS, it was derailed by state attorneys who transferred it to Alaska's Ombudsman. The corruption is clearly widespread and systemic in Alaska and a threat to our public’s safety, welfare, and happiness.  

Holly Sheldon Lee, P.O. Box 1, Talkeetna, Alaska 99676  


“Your case has shades of Selma in the 60’s, where judges, sheriffs, & even assigned lawyers were all in cahoots together. You have an appeals court sitting there looking at a pile of dung & if they do right by you & reveal you know you have the attorneys going down, you have the judges going down, you have the troopers going down. I walked over here & attorney A says ‘My god they’re violating every appeal rule ever. How can it be like this?’ It’s absolute, unadulterated, self-bred corruption that will get worse until the sleeping giant wakes up.”    


Donations will help ensure a full and fair grand jury investigation into all evidence of corruption within Alaska’s judicial system. This may include a lawsuit; radio, television, print, and/or internet ads; TV documentary; book; direct mail printing and distribution of grand jury handbooks detailing the rights of grand jurors to investigate; booths; etc. 


1.     Sign the petition calling for a grand jury investigation of the above:

2.      Spread the word about what is going on, and how Alaska’s grand jurors have a right and duty to investigate government officials, even in the face of opposition from government officials. Evidence to investigate located at:

3.      Seek out grand jury service and tell any current grand jurors you know to investigate.

4.      Share this fundraiser.

5.      Join us in public assembly such as visiting Alaska’s courthouses to ask that grand juries be allowed to investigate without interference.

6.      Write to United States Attorney General Merrick Garland and request that, because Alaska state grand juries are being illegally stopped, he have a federal special grand jury investigate, report, and/or indict under 18 USC 3331 - 3333.

United States Attorney General Merrick Garland
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530




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Organizer and beneficiary

Dave Brummel
Soldotna, AK
David Haeg

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