Stomatitis Kitty Needs Cat Angels!!

4/21/19: Please check the update section for several updates on Sierra as well as some videos I’ve posted up on youtube. She’s doing fantastic!

1/13/19: Just posted a video in the updates section. She has found her voice and is thoroughly enjoying play time!! Miss Sierra is trying SO hard and it’s a joy to be a part of it all.

11/4/18: Sierra is in Colorado with me in her own room with a big window! Please check the updates in the “Updates” section for my more detailed update.

Update 8/1/18: Hi Sierra fans! So on Friday Sierra is coming back to me from my friend as she will be out of town for a few weeks. Because I am now officially leaving Florida in September, I can’t keep Sierra in crates in my guest bedroom as I must have that space for packing. My only option for her is my bathroom. I can’t fit crates in there so she will be out in my bathroom and I will have to share it with her. I’ll keep the door closed but my cats are already very stressed sensing something is changing with all the boxes everywhere and a couple are starting to pick on the others, which I don’t want. They are used to having access to my bathroom. So I am very concerned about the effect on my babies considering what is going on right now in my home. My pets will know she is in there and I honestly have NO idea how Sierra will react towards me once she is out of a crate. I will set up her cat tree in there so she can hide. Fingers crossed.

I am truly hoping that Helping Paws Animal Sanctuary in St James City, FL will be able to take her soon. I will drive her there and if for any reason don’t feel totally right about it, I’ll bring her back. Right now this is her only option and I don’t yet have a date as to when they can take her, which is stressful. All of this back and forth for her is not helping as she needs a stable environment and person.

If anyone has connections with another rescue, literally ANYWHERE in the US, please contact me [phone redacted]. I really can’t have her with me right now. What I was trying to avoid when I started this has just happened and being in a stable, safe place is now URGENT.

UPDATE 7/7/18: Please see all of the posted updates for the last two months of Sierra's news.

Sierra has been at my friend's but wasn't doing as well there because she was totally reverting to feral. We thought allowing her access to cats would be a good thing and it was, but it gave her no reason to interact with people. She also recently started drooling again. So, I picked her up on Tuesday and we went to the vet. He said it is stress so she needs a quiet, stress free, cat free environment. We discussed trying prozac for a bit too just to help ease her stress. I am picking some up tomorrow and we'll see if it helps her stress level. I won't keep her on it if not, but need to get the drooling under control so it can't hurt to try it. I'm also giving her colloidal silver, lysine, probiotics and plaqueoff in her food for her drooling. 

She just took up the bit of room I had made in my guest bedroom that I desperately need for packing. I am out of town 7/18 - 7/22 and will have to take her back to my friend's while I am away. I am closing on a house in Colorado on 8/15 and I need her some place safe well before that date. She has a rescue that is willing to take her, however because they are in Florida, they are totally overwhelmed with kitten season and have no available fosters but they WILL TAKE HER. So she needs someone who has the space to set up two LARGE dog crates and work with her, one on one without other cats having access to her, until the rescue can take her. This can be ANYWHERE as I can work with Imagine Home on transporting. She does well with cats but will revert to more feral if she is around them so she needs to be secluded. If you can please spare a couple months to help her, she needs it right now. You will NOT be stuck with her. I give you my word. Imagine Home has been very involved in her well-being and is coordinating any transport Sierra may need until she is with the rescue. She can go back to my amazing friend but my concern is that Sierra has yet to take to her the way she has with me, for whatever reason. I think another temporary option needs to be found so I need your help. Taking her back and forth from home to home isn't helping so if there is any chance someone can take her on July 16 or 17, before I leave town again, that would be the best for her. I'll provide food, litter, her favorite wand toy, the crates, etc. I just need someone else to take her for a while.

Yesterday, she reluctantly allowed me to pet her for several minutes. Her back was to me but she was not flinching like she used to when I would try.  She also let me use the wand and scratch around her head for a bit. She is back hissing at me when I walk in the room but she has not taken a single swipe at me. I used to watch videos with her and spend more time with her but I can't now because of moving. What I was trying to avoid when I first trapped her, having her here when I am on a countdown to move has happened and I have to find her a safe place to be ASAP. Please help me help her!

UPDATE 5/11: Sierra did well. It was a LONG surgery. She has mild to moderate stomatitis. She has also had blunt force trauma, whether hit by a car or a person, she had a broken canine and several missing incisors on the same side. Vet toyed with leaving 3 canines and incisors so she isn't defenseless, but we both agreed to take everything out. I hope this was the right decision for her but do believe that it was.

She is doing well. Acting feral so giving her more pain meds has to be done at the vet so she's staying overnight to be medicated. I'll call in the morning and me springing her depends on her eating so that I can medicate her here. No charge for her to stay  overnight. Invoice is $2026.78.

I will post an update tomorrow on her status.

Thank you ALL so much for your donations, shares and support!! This took any army and thank goodness she has had one!!
I found Sierra outside of my South Florida condo in a busy, high traffic area. There are no colonies nearby and when a cat shows up here, it’s usually friendly and lost. I trapped her thinking she was lost and posted her everywhere. She was checked for a chip which she didn’t have and I wasn’t surprised considering she’s actually feral. I was planning to try and relocate her to a colony but she was drooling, which was concerning. When I took her in for her spay, I requested an exam. She has stomatitis. She tested negative for FeLV & FIV.  I had her FVRCP vaccinated and paid for an antibiotic shot. I  started her on a course of Clindamycin. The vet said that outside of the stomatitis, she is a young, healthy girl.  
Stomatitis is a severe, painful inflammation of a cat’s mouth and gums. It can lead to weight loss, drooling, halitosis and increased breathing noises and is thought to be caused by a problem in the immune system. It tends to be progressive, so cats that are treated rapidly tend to have better outcomes. Sierra will eventually need her teeth pulled in order to survive. Cats with stomatitis require lifelong, expensive medical care.

I was faced with the decision of having to put her down since I couldn’t release her where I found her as it isn’t safe.  I sat with Sierra and begged her to show me a sign of what to do. Could she tame and how could I find someone to care enough to take her? I had her for two weeks at that point and she wouldn’t even eat when I was in the room. BUT then she started eating off of a spoon that I was holding inches from her face. She let me know I had to try. She has since been eating out of my hand and is very slowly relaxing around me.
I promised Sierra to do my best to get her the funds needed for her to start feeling better. I NEED YOUR HELP! It will cost roughly $1667 - $2027 for her teeth to be pulled and for digital xrays to ensure all roots have been removed. She has a rescue in Florida who will take her and work with her so that she can be an indoor only kitty.

I am asking for donations here that I will then donate directly to the vet, All Aboard Animal Hospital in Pompano Beach. You can also donate by calling All Aboard at [phone redacted]. Let them know you are paying to fund the costs for Sierra Davis (it is under my name as it is my account at the the vet). You can donate to my PayPal without fees if you send it as a money to a friend, [email redacted]. I will be adding all offline donations to the total here so everyone can see the total.

If you aren’t able to donate, please help me share her story.  Please help me give this gorgeous girl the chance that she hasn’t had at knowing what it feels like to be loved and to no longer be in pain.

Thank you!!!
Annette Davis, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Annette Davis
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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