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Help for Immigrants Re: ICE Detentions ***

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***After you donate please fill out this form so we can thank you and stay in touch: http://tiny.cc/SiembraDonors (GoFundMe no longer gives us donors' contact information. And we would like to be able to be directly in touch so we can keep you updated even after this fundraiser meets its goal.)


ICE has been detaining our neighbors in the Triad (as well as in other parts of NC) since the morning of Wednesday, February 6th.  Over thirty people have been detained so far and ICE is continuing. Families are being torn apart, lives disrupted.  Family members left behind have lost a family income, are trying to scrounge up legal fees, and are missing work and wages as they stay home in fear of being next. More info and updates: https://www.facebook.com/afscnc/

But Siembra is organizing. The Latinx community is working hard to keep each other safe. We can show up for them now.

Siembra NC is fundraising to help these families, in partnership with the Triad Immigrant Family Support Fund of the Interactive Resource Center of Greensboro. Money raised will help them with legal fees, to cover family expenses and lost income, and other emergency needs as a result of the raids.

We may not be close to the border, but we can stand against the Trump Administration's policies by supporting our neighbors during this emergency. Please donate today.

For more info see WFMY news story "The Hardest ICE Has Ever Hit the Triad"


ICE está atacando a nuestros vecinos en el Triad (así como en otras partes de Carolina del Norte) desde la mañana del miércoles 6 de febrero. Se han detenido más de diez personas hasta ahora y las redadas continúan hoy. La migra está separando familias y destrozando vidas. Una familia pierde más que el ingreso del detenido—por temor a ser las próximas víctimas, la familia no sale de la casa y pierde más salarios aun cuando trata de conseguir honorarios legales. Mas info y updates: https://www.facebook.com/SiembraNC/

Siembra NC recauda fondos para ayudar a estas familias, en asociación con el Triad Immigrant Family Support Fund del Centro de Recursos Interactivos de Greensboro. El dinero les ayudará con los honorarios legales, para cubrir los gastos familiares y la pérdida de ingresos, y otras necesidades de emergencia como resultado de las redadas.

Puede que no estemos cerca de la frontera, pero podemos enfrentarnos a las políticas de la Administración Trump al apoyar a personas como Aura y Allan. Por favor dona hoy.

Additional info at the Request of Go Fund Me:

1) Who you are: I am Isabell Moore, a volunteer with Siembra NC and American Friends Service of the Carolinas and a co-coordinator of the Siembra NC Solidarity Committee (https://www.afsc.org/office/greensboro-nc)

2) Where you're from: I live in Greensboro, NC, where Siembra NC and AFSC's offices are located.

3) Your relationship to the parties you're raising funds for: As a volunteer, I am in touch with Siembra NC/AFSC staff. They are in constant communication with the 34 affected families in our area that have already been identified and are in the process of identifying others.

4) How the funds will be used (be specific as possible):
Families have been using funds raised before this latest emergency for bail bonds, legal consultation and to pay rent after the loss of an income, but those funds are basically gone. The funds raised here will replenish the Triad Immigrant Family Support Fund (https://www.afsc.org/story/nc-triad-immigrant-family-support-fund). Families will continue to use these funds for this purpose.

5) If you intend to withdraw the money, how you plan to send the funds to the parties you're raising money for or use the money on their behalf:
Because the Interactive Resource Center could not share their bank info for direct deposit, volunteer Isabell Moore deposits funds to her bank account, then writes a check to the Interactive Resource Center to deposit to the Triad Immigrant Family Support Fund (https://www.afsc.org/story/nc-triad-immigrant-family-support-fund). She passes all records of the transactions from GoFundMe, her bank and the IRC to AFSC administative staff for record-keeping. A committee jointly administered by Siembra NC and the IRC manages requests and disburses funds to families in crisis.



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