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Would You Like Shots with That?—The Fast-Foodification of Pharmacy in the US, a documentary in progress to expose the reality of the crisis happening behind the retail pharmacy counter.

We get it. Retaliation is real. Not everyone can share their experience openly. That's okay, we have found plenty of people who can. But EVERYONE can help ensure the truth about pharmacy is told by contributing to the cause with dollars and cents.
Think about it: how often have you given your time to stay late? How many extra hours of effort without any compensation?
We challenge you to take back your time and invest it in yourself and your profession by funding this film. 


The Covid-19 pandemic has uncovered dangerous, and in some cases fatal, flaws within the US retail pharmacy industry.


To create and distribute a full-length documentary film or series that tells the truth about the brokenness of retail pharmacy.


When people think about the issues related to pharmacy they inevitably think of the opioid epidemic, as portrayed in the Netflix documentary The Pharmacist and the Hulu series Dopesick

But sadly, the problems in pharmacy extend much further and have existed far longer. 

Corporate chains like CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens have taken over community pharmacy, elbowing out patient-focused independent pharmacies, and forcing a retail sales environment. The chains have ratcheted up production for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to a fast-food pace along with adding metrics for upsells and serving times. 

Unbeknownst to the general public, this has been going on behind the counter for decades—far from ideal, but manageable. 

But then Covid hit. 

More specifically the Covid vaccines hit. Corporate chains took on the responsibility of vaccinating the nation, skyrocketing the workload but ignoring the staffing needs required to get the job done safely and effectively. Now pharmacies across the country are facing unsafe conditions for both pharmacy workers and patients. 

The pharmacy community has been longing for someone to do a long-form piece that exposes the realities of pharmacy. This is precisely what we're here to show—and change—with our film.


The general public does not understand what happens behind the pharmacy counter. How can they? Retail chains have set up false expectations for patients by obscuring what the profession of pharmacy is all about and how essential each element of the workflow is to ensure patient safety. 

The film will educate the general public about pharmacy, highlight the flaws in the retail pharmacy system, and how Covid-19 was the final straw that killed the camel.

The film will follow individuals dealing with the consequences of a broken pharmacy system in their everyday lives: the patients, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians. To trace the history of these issues, experts in the industry will offer their knowledge and insight on everything from medication safety, legislation, and insurance reimbursement.

As the general audience learns the realities of retail pharmacy, they will understand the reality of problems and their roots. It will become clear that the problem is not pharmacy staff versus patients, it's corporations commodifying pharmacy for profit, no matter who it hurts. 

The reality of what pharmacy is up against can be daunting and feel hopeless. This leads the viewer to the question, “What now?” 

Our answer will be three-fold:
Advanced technology
Alternative pharmacy models 

The truth about retail pharmacy? There is hope when we all fight together. 


Every dollar that is contributed will go towards supporting the production costs of this film.

Production trips completed so far:
  • At the end of August 2022, we completed our first production trip to the Districts 6, 7, 8 National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) Meeting in Oklahoma City. We captured four very powerful interviews—including Dan Schneider from The Pharmacist—and made connections for capturing more interviews on our upcoming trip.

Other trips we would like to take before the end of 2022:
  • Kansas City and St. Louis, MO to attend the National Community Pharmacist Association Convention and to capture footage of two of our patients who will be featured in the film.
  • Upstate New York; Skippack, PA; and Delaware to film the Grand Opening of a new location of Wellness RX, day-to-day life at Skippack Pharmacy, and the patient experience of someone impacted by retail pharmacy issues.
  • Madison, WI and Chicago to attend the joint NABP/American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy meeting and to capture footage of an entrepreneur with a unique alternative pharmacy model.
  • Southern Florida to film an art show of an individual using the power of art to effect change in pharmacy and his daily life with his husband who works as a pharmacy manager in a chain retail pharmacy.


We have exciting new opportunities for individuals and organizations who would like to contribute financially to the project.

Become a Sponsor
Businesses and organizations, ranging from independent pharmacies to large national pharmacy organizations (and everything in between), can sponsor our film for a minimum contribution of $3,000. Perks include your logo on our website and a special thanks in the credits and on social media. Contact us for details!

Become an Associate Producer or Executive Producer
Individuals and organizations looking to invest in the film can sign on as a producer. The minimum investment for an individual is $10,000 and for an organization is $50,000. Along with sponsorship perks, you have the potential to receive an ROI on your investment. Contact us for details!

Thank you all for your support in helping to bring Would You Like Shots with That?—The Fast-Foodification of Pharmacy in the US to a screen near you.

To learn more, go to our website: www.wouldyoulikeshotswiththat.com
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