Shield Maiden Play - Viking Voyage to NYC!

Support meaningful feminist theatre with this fundraising campaign for #shieldmaidenplay!

This powerful and empowering one woman show is part of a global response to address gender bias and women’s equality. We are reaching out for your support of @shieldmaidenplay as we travel to New York City.  "Shield Maiden" is selected to perform at the largest and most prestigious solo show festival in the world - United Solo.  This festival takes place on 42nd  Street in the legendary Theatre District of Times Square.  "Shield Maiden" debuts in NYC on October 31, 2019.

“Shield Maiden” was written in 2018 in response to female rage and vulnerability sparked by #MeToo and #TimesUp. The play is a 10th century TED Talk style presentation given by a Viking woman warrior named Ingrid Larsdottir. Ingrid is an elite warrior leader using her time on stage to educate the audience on warrior life from a woman’s point of view. This is a call to action as she looks for new recruits. She inadvertently reveals parts of her personal story exposing her rawness, pain and rage. Ingrid’s struggle to cover her trauma and vulnerability with tension and humour is the backbone of the play. 

Ingrid is a fictional story inspired by results of a real life archeological study. Wikipedia sums it all up quite nicely here  .  The outright gender bias in science coupled with the rage filled outcry against abuse against women and children was the spark for "Shield Maiden".

This play is also a real life call to action to audience members to rise up. It’s a clarion call to affect change with honesty.  

"Shield Maiden" is inspiring. Women across the generational spectrum come away feeling they have permission to use language to express anger, frustration in ways they haven't in years.  Women testify that after seeing "Shield Maiden", they switch off auto-pilot and explore gender expectations in their relationships. Many folks feel driven to pursue neglected dreams and find personal triumphs. These are real changes being made as a result of seeing this play. 

We need to actively engage in the debate about what women’s power, sexuality, rage and vulnerability look like when gender bias is set aside. 

If you crave this kind of theatre experience, we invite you to help make it happen in New York City this fall!


We have created a hot new play with its finger on the pulse of international conversations. The play is edgy and innovative and we have a super creative team already working together as a powerfully cohesive unit. “Shield Maiden” has proven itself on stages in Canada and internationally. This play hits home. Audience members leave the theatre feeling revved up and ready to act.

"Mel portrays Ingrid with ultimate bravery - my hope is for all of us women to feel that fierce all the time."   Mary

"Shield Maiden sparks conversations about gender equality, feminine empowerment, and the #metoo movement – with a flamethrower.    I’ve never seen a theatre crowd leave a show so charged up."  Mitch 

"Thank you Ingrid! You have no idea how much I needed to hear what you had to say!"   Maxine

"I will see you in Valhalla! Thank you for inspiring me to let my Viking out. She will rage and conquer."  Sara

"The story of women, our loss of power, the finding of our power, the voice of our power amidst our truth, our pain and our battles is so important. Thank you!"   Christy

"Ingrid's take no prisoner's approach is relevant and resonates- It's about time!"  Anonymous



$6000   Flights and accommodation in NYC for Melanie and a two person crew (production manager and sound engineer) 

$600     Crew wages (covers travel days plus tech rehearsal and performance)

$500      Ingrid’s costume is coming apart at the seams and needs to be replaced.

$400     Promotion during the United Solo Festival and beyond.  We will advertise the play in festival material to sell tickets and generate interest. We would like to use the momentum of performing at this prestigious festival as a springboard for finding theatre production and/or securing additional financial backing.

$500     Fight choreographer fee/rehearsal to deepen warrior mentality using super dangerous (looking) sword/axe moves on stage

$500     Rehearsal time with director to integrate fight choreography with current blocking and stage directions


Your contribution will help us extend critical conversation on gender bias, women’s rage and sexuality on a larger scale. New York gives us exposure to an enormous theatre universe and so much more. We are planning public panel discussions with local modern day women warriors in NYC. This will sew the image of women's strength and power even deeper into the social fabric.

This is a great opportunity to expand the radical notion that women are equals to men and can own the full range of their feelings and autonomy.  We want to get this show in front of as many people as possible. 

#shieldmaidenplay is a reflection of what society is hungry for RIGHT NOW! The story is historical. The subject matter is universal. The time is NOW.


If you are a modern day woman warrior and would be interested in sitting on a panel and hosting this play in your town/community, please contact us at [email redacted]

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Come see the show in NYC on Halloween and be part of the rowdy crowd.  You can dress up as your favourite warrior or Viking or come as your very own amazing self.  

To purchase tickets go here 

If you can't make a donation, you can still be a powerful WARRIOR ALLY by sharing our campaign with your friends. Word of mouth is the best advertising! We would appreciate any level of support you can offer.  Share this with friends and family, co workers, clients...

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Thank you for your support. Skol!

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