Help Shannon attend the CFML!

We do apologize for the time lapse between updates as we have been figuring out the best way to proceed with the travel plans. We had to revise our travel expenses due to not meeting the goal to book the cheapest airfare rates. With the new travel expenses it means a new goal to reach for the remaining travel expenses.
The cost of gas and tolls will be $500 plus the cost of meals should be about $500. The NEW GOAL is $1000.

I had a friend who suggested using AirBnB website to find a place possibly cheaper than hotel rates. We were blessed to find a place to "rent" for $550, which saved us about $700 that would've been needed for a hotel room for the duration of the stay for the Congress of Future Medical Leaders program. So, the tuition and the place to stay has been paid for by the funds we have already received and earned.
Also we will be traveling by car up to and back from Lowell, MA. We live about 45 minutes North from Tampa, FL. It is a 20 hour trip without stops, which means a two day trip up there and back as I will be the main driver. Shannon doesn't have enough experience to drive for long distances. She will be able to drive for an hour or so here and there to help out with the driving. We will be stopping and sleeping in the car at rest stops to save money on hotel expenses for the driving there and back.

Dear everyone,
                    Thank you for listening to my story, and for considering to helping  me raise the funds I need to attend the Congress of Future Medical Leaders program.
           I was born to my loving parents on October 7th, 1998 in Northern Alabama near Huntsville. My older brother, Justin was two years and two months older than me. We lived in Alabama with my grandparents (on my dad's side) for a couple months before moving back to Central Florida. After staying with my grandparents (on my mom's side) for a few months, my parents found jobs and a place for us to live.
           When I was two years old, my parents divorced because they couldn't be together anymore. My Mom has been a single mother most of my life. She has done the best she could raising my brothers and me. I have seen the struggles she has been through providing us with the best life she could give us. 
           When I was three years old, my older brother, Justin was hit by a car and killed. He was five years seven months old at the time of the accident. It happened seven months after my parents divorced. Justin's best friend had dared him to cross the road because he did it. My mom believed we were in Justin's friends bedroom playing. We had went out the back door to play outside without my Mom knowing. I had seen Justin be struck by the car and laying on the ground as my Mom attempted to perform CPR on him until help arrived. It was very hard on us lossing him.  My Dad and my Mom had their own ways of coping with his loss.  My Mom was there to give me comfort and helped me through my heartache and trauma of seeing such a horrific scene. My Mom's dad, grandpa moved in with us right after the accident to be there in case my Mom needed him to lean on.  My Mom somehow stayed strong for me.
          We had moved a couple of times because life kept throwing curve balls to my mom. Three years later, my Mom and I was were blessed with my younger brother, Nicholas, being born. He was a such a happy baby. I even didn't mind changing his poopy diapers at six years old because I wanted to be the best big sister in the world. He has turned into a loving and annoying little brother or young man as he likes to be called. After my Mom gave birth to Nicholas, she started to enjoy life again. She was happier and smiling more.
              When I was in the second grade I was being lazy about doing my school work. My Mom would try various things to get me to do it. I would refuse to do school work and homework. I failed second grade and had to repeat it. The following school year all my friends had moved onto third grade and were asking me why wasn't I with them in third grade. From that point on, I promised to myself I would be the best student I could be by studying hard and earning the best grades I could get. I have kept that promise to myself I had made years ago. I have maintained a 3.7 GPA in my academics.
             My grandpa talked my mom into moving yet again to get a fresh start away from all the heart ache she was going through.  We moved to the panhandle of Florida and stayed with my great-aunt and her family for a couple months until my Mom found a job and a place for us to live. My Mom found a very good job taking care of terminally ill patients. While living there, my Mom met her second husband. That marriage didn't last long, because for some reason they didn't work out. He was nice to my brother and me. We had continued to live in the same place for a few years. It felt stable were ever we lived but it felt nice not to be moving around.  My Mom met her husband through our family members. They started out slowly dating.  Their relationship  resulted into marriage. They seemed happy for a while. 
Through courses of events which lead us to move back to Central Florida, my Mom is once again a single mother raising her two teenager children.
          I have seen my Mom struggle with the different jobs she has had over the years growing up and the income she has made in each of those jobs. She encourages Nicholas and I to think about the experiences we want to be able to provide to our families one day. From the simple pleasures of going to the park, the beach, camping, fishing, or swimming in the nearby springs. To the extreme adventures of going to see Yellowstone Park, the Grand Canyon, the Niagara Falls, or adventure parks.  She wants us to follow our dreams of becoming whatever career that will make us happy. In order for us  to provide for our children better than she has done for us.  My mom has provided us with clothes on our backs, food on the table, a home, and place to rest our heads at night throughout my life. She has sacrificed for us by always putting our needs above her own. She would always some how come up with that few dollars we needed for clothing, shoes, or a new book from the book sale at school.  I have been blessed with an amazing mom, who I look up to for all the wonderful qualities she possesses.      
          My Mom has been my steady rock encouraging me to pursue my dreams where ever they my take me in life.  My dream is to become a Veterinarian with a business degree.  To one day have my own Veterinarian business where I can provide care to all the various rescued animals and reptiles needing help plus be a mobile Veterinarian to visit animals at their home.
         When I would read books about all sorts of interesting facts of the different types of reptiles, insects, mammals, and aquatic animals, I would rattle off the them off to my Mom.  Reading is one of my hobbies as well as drawing, painting, and coloring in adult coloring books.
           I am a Junior in Crystal River High School. I have a few close friends who are there for me when I need a friend to talk to or hang out and be scared watching a scary movie together. During my senior year, I will be dual enrolled to start taking prerequisites I will need to take in college. After I graduate high school next year, I will be attending University of Florida as it has an excellent Veterinarian program.
        I was surprised when I received a big envelope in the mail. Inside of it was an invitation. I have been blessed by being invited to attend The National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientist Award program which is called Congress of Future Medical Leaders.  I am extremely appreciative and  beyond excited to be invited to attend the Congress of Future Medical Leaders program which I was nominated by a school personal.  It is a tremendous honor to receive this once in a life time opportunity.  Being nominated and invited means the world to me.  By realizing people see beyond the bright, caring, friendly, intelligent, good nature, and funny young lady I am as well as seeing how much faith they have in me to achieve my dreams in life.  I will also receive a transferable college credit for attending the program on June 25, 26, and 27, 2018 in Lowell, Massachusetts.

      There will be knowledgeable medical speakers discussing the newest medical technology and informative activities presented to all the delegates attending. My eyes have opened with all the possibilities
being discussed at the program. By attending, I will use the information I learn at the program to give me insightful medical knowledge to pursue my career as a compassionate Veterinarian. I am extremely humbled  for the chance to broaden myself in this insightful medical program!


           For me to attend the Congress of Future Medical Leaders program, I am responsible to pay for the tuition which is $985 upfront by February 28, 2018 or 3 monthly payments of $362 with the first payment due on February 28, 2018. Plus the cost of all travel, hotel, transportation, and meals. The hotel cost is $1500, the airfare is $1400, the rental car is $600, and meals cost is $500.
UPDATE as of January 27, 2018:
Due to the very generous anonymous donation and Jonathan's donation, I have the tuition funds. I only need the travel expenses which add up to  $4,000.

           It will be a 5 night stay including the three day program. My Mom and I have calculated the travel expenses which include airfare, hotel stay, rent a car, and meals by looking for the best cheapest deals we could find online. We live in the Central Florida area on the west coast near Tampa, FL

         It is a lot of funds needed to attend this once in a life time chance program. We believe it is worth the costs it will take to attend it the Congress of Future Medical Leaders program.  The CFML will give me insight into the vast knowledge of what is current in all  the medical field, plus meet other students who have similar career goals.
         My grandmother had always told me if opportunity comes knocking, you better answer the door it will only come around once! I am answering the door! I just need some help from you either by donating to my fundraiser $5, $10, $20 or any amount you possibly can do as any amount will be helpful to raise funds in my fundraiser and/or by sharing to spread the word of my story!

          I will be earning as much funds as I can by finding work either babysitting, cleaning houses, pet sitting, or light yard work. God willing between the funds I'm able to earn and with your help with donations I will attend the Congress of Future Medical Leaders.  I see this  opportunity as an investment in my dream of becoming a compassionate Veterinarian to provide care to all the loved, the abused, and the homeless animals out there in the world.

         Please spread the word of my story it is just as important as donating! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me, and considering to help raise funds to attend the Congress of Future Medical Leaders program! I greatly appreciate it more than words can express, so does my Mom!

        The deadline is June 15, 2018 as we will need time to book all the travel plans. I appreciate your compassion in donating and spreading the word by sharing my fundraiser! Thank you for taking your time to read my story!


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