Send SSI's Van to the West Coast!



This campaign aims to bring SSI activity to some of the most anti-Israel campuses around the country, where a confident pro-Israel message is needed the most.

Our Goals:

- To reach the most anti-Israel campuses where there is no active SSI presence.
- To reach an audience of hundreds of people with a bold and visible pro-Israel message.
- To encourage and challenge freedom of speech on the grounds of leading academic institutions.
- To execute a campaign that is pure grassroots activism,  for which SSI was created.


Overview of  Spring 2018 Campaign Pilot:

A team of four people, that included three activists and one videographer traveled across the Ivy League schools on the East Cost.

Spring 2018 Route:

The first time this campaign was executed,  it was at the following Ivy League schools where SSI does not have chapters (this excludes Columbia University and UPenn) :

Princeton, Yale, Brown and Harvard Universities and Dartmouth College.  

The SSI team was equipped with a fold-out table and chairs to be set at a public space, with pro-Israel materials to hand out, banners, coffee to give out and attract by-passers, and more. The table featured items such as leaflets disproving common accusations against Israel and those exposing the anti-Semitic face of BDS, set of Virtual Reality glasses, and other attention grabbing materials.

Here are some of the posters we used:

At each destination the SSI members were set up in a public space, in the most central campus location that is available. A table was set by it, and the activists’ goal were to attempt to engage as many people as possible in a conversation about Israel.
We engaged hundreds of students, faculty, and community members during the week. The reactions ranged from anti-Israel students who accused SSI of making them feel "unsafe" because of our message and tried to remove us from campus, to many others who came to hear and learn from us, and thanked SSI for being the group that is finally speaking up the truth! 


Get SSI's Van to the West Cost Mission! 

At SSI we believe that the first Van Campaign pilot was extremely successful, and because we believe in unapologetic, clear pro-Israel message, we want to continue with this campaign as a recurring project each semester. 

Fall 2018 Route:

In the upcoming fall semester we plan to visit five new universities, this time on the West Coast, all which were included at the top 20 on the list of The Algemeiner’s “1st Annual List of the US and Canada’s Worst Campuses for Jewish Students .” The schools are:

Stanford, San Francisco State University, UC Berkeley, Portland State, and the U of Washington.

It's time we change the focus from the “cherry tomatoes” advocacy style of trying to convince everyone of how nice we really are, to exposing the true face of anti-Zionism as the modern-day anti-Semitism and of campaigns such as BDS or hate groups such as SJP, JVP and IfNotNow.

When Israel is accused on college campuses for human rights violations, genocide, and apartheid, we cannot win-over the academic community by just continuing to speak about hummus and innovative technologies. “Israel wants peace” is not an answer to the false claims of “ethnic cleansing” brought against Israel. 

Students Supporting Israel is the only grassroots movement, that with the Van Campaign, talks on the campuses that were listed about topics such as: Palestinian salaries to terrorists; Jewish civilian victims; Lack of freedoms in Arab lands; lran’s support of Middle East terror; Jewish presence and connection to the land of Israel and our united capital Jerusalem. 

Fall 2018 Budget Categories:

Van rental for a week including gas and insurance
Flights for activists to and from starting and ending location
Video editing and photographer fee
Room and Board for 4 Activists for a week:
Printed handouts, materials, and brochures with information and more


For additional discussion of the campaign please contact:
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