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Chris Jolliffe, the partner who pulled me out of the fire 20 months ago wrote this for you all:

"It is a wondrous thing to give from the heart,
And from the infinite ocean of love
Pour balm on troubled waters
From a greatness of spirit.
When love is tangible and flows
From purses not filled to overflowing
Yet with an equal generosity,
It is a currency measureless in value
That breaks the walls of all vaults wide,
And shakes the tree of families and friends
To trembling with gratitude.
What you have done here, pennies and pounds,
Has purchased freedom, and our hearts
Will hold these treasures to account.


He says it much better than I ever could.  Thankyou each and every one of you <3


15 years ago my husband and I bought some land to build our house on.  The process was slow and beset with ... "problems" (those who know me are aware of the problems).  In 2017 I discovered my husband was cheating and he became my ex-husband the following February.

However, this meant he had no interest in finishing the house, and unless it was finished, I was going to forever be stuck in a building site (as I had been for the previous 13 years) that was unsellable.    I managed to get the inside to a finished state last year with a lot of help.  But the outside is terrible.  Building rubble, debris, abandoned building junk...  No-one wants to buy it, and we had to accept a £100k devaluation to get an offer.  Today we lost that offer as well.  To stand a hope of getting out of this, I need to get the outside done.  I'm desperate.

I've put a £4k figure as that's just a little over what my lovely landscaper Andy has quoted me to get it done.  It would give me enough to get new Estate Agent photos taken and slap a bit of paint around as well.  I'm aware that's a huge amount of money though.  

Don't feel you have to give, PLEASE don't feel pressured.  My problems are not unique, and I do feel bloody cheeky in even asking.

Thankyou xxx



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