Restore Laura's dignity

We are a group of women who are currently living in Namibia; from Ghana, South Africa, France, and the U.K.  We are all active in helping people in our local community and raise funds locally for small projects.     But we have recently become involved in the lives of a local, young, single mother with two children.  Their lives have been changed dramatically overnight and they are desperately in need of help.  

Laura (the name has been changed for security reasons), a single mum with 2 kids was brutally attacked, strangled, sodomised with a knife, and raped by two men. Due to the amount of time she had to be away from work in connection with her injuries she lost her job. Over a period of two years, she has gone from having a good job (Office Manager) and a nice home to becoming homeless and penniless. Laura and her two young children have been moving continuously from one temporary accommodation to another. Sometimes they have even spent the night sleeping on the floor of a kind stranger. The family continue to be harassed and receive threats from friends of the rapists. Laura’s two young children are malnourished, and one of them has been so sickly that he will have to repeat this year’s schooling. They have been traumatised by this series of events, and one of the children has twice tried to kill himself. Now they need a chance to have some normality and stability in their lives and to get on with their schooling, whilst their mother looks for a job. This is a woman who has been stripped of her dignity and failed by the system. Our aim is to help her regain the life that she had, with a decent job and a safe home for her children.

Why use crowdfunding?

Imagine not knowing where you and your children will sleep in one months time, let alone tomorrow night? This family has urgent needs. There are some cases where man’s inhumanity to man, or in this case, man’s inhumanity to woman, is so despicable that you feel somebody should be doing something.  We have decided to be that somebody and thus we are co-ordinating this appeal to our friends, family and compassionate strangers.   Any money that is raised is not going through an organisation with overheads;  it will go directly to Laura and her two children.  A number of their most urgent needs are being funded by ourselves and other local people. 

- schooling for the kids  - ensured locally. The school is being very supportive.

- eating everyday - ensured locally - we are a group of women getting organized to provide them with weekly food and sanitary products

- finding a job - we are working on finding her a job by distributing her CV through all our contacts

What we want to do urgently is to raise enough money to pay her rent for one year,  so that she can start turning her life around. 

The cost of a small, safe place to stay will be about £350 per month plus a small additional amount for basic furniture.

Every single donation, however small or large, will show Laura and her family that there are people in this world who really do care about their fellow human beings, and are prepared to support three complete strangers.  Do please share this email with all your friends so we can give Laura and her family the best possible Christmas.   Many people deserve a break in life but we can’t, alas, help them all.    But just once in a while a request comes along that pulls at one’s heartstrings, and you know you must help in whatever way you can.  Let’s not let Laura down this time;  let’s be the helping hands.  Together we can!

Thank you for listening, and helping us turn this heartbreaking story around.
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