Help Us Save Scout The Wonderdog

Help save my best friend. Scout has Cancer, which we hope is treatable with chemotherapy at this stage. AND WE THOUGHT WE WERE INSURED WITH PET PLAN!! 

While I personally believe that we are responsible for our own dogs well being, and I’m not a fan of people asking for money, we are in a unique and shitty position for a few reasons.

1. We have had a really rough couple of years with our beloved dogs. In the past 2 years our older staffie who has since passed also had cancer that cost us roughly $5k. Louie has had major spinal surgery, which we could claim back, but cost $4,500 upfront. And Scout has had a few ongoing issues, including two dental surgeries and other tests for lumps that have cost around $2k (not including this weeks bills).


Heres the situation;

Shes been tentatively diagnosed with multiple myeloma. We will have final results next week.

This week alone has already cost close to $3k in vet bills. I spoke to the vet today and I'm waiting on quotes, but chemo will be roughly 500 per session and she will need to have blood tests to monitor her progress too, whch are approx 500 every time too.

We have two dogs, one (Louie) was already covered under Pet Plan Insurance, and we decided to cover Scout under a seniors plan. We got an email confirming that she was covered, including a policy number, and then we thought nothing of it.

Then, come yesterday we get the news that Scout has cancer and  we contacted Pet Plan, only to find out that they had declined her insurance (on the grounds that they couldn’t access her history, which is BS as they already had all of Louie's vet details, and therefore most of Scout's). They say they sent a letter to that effect that we never received.

What we have since realised, to our detriment, that we weren't charged monthly for Scout’s insurance. But because we already had an exisitng debit with Pet Plan, we just didn’t think to check.

 - On the first phone call the customer service woman told Ollie that we werent covered and promptly hung up on him.

- On the second call the customer service person was alarmed that we had recieved a policy welcome pack and claimed it was an “admin error” .

We have now raised a claim with the finiancial ombudsmon to determine our position as I'm sure you'll agree their actions are negligent at best.

If you have read this far, heres a few things you can do to help!

Donate, even the smallest amount helps

Share, we don't want anyone else to experience the added burden of fighting an insurance company at an already painful time. 

Message us! Visit! Bring Wine ;), its nice to know we have the support of our amazing friends and family xxx
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