Scott's Dream:Changing Kids' Lives

Scott Hazelcorn:   No Matter How Distant, Still Changing the  Lives and Learning of Children

Scott Hazelcorn wasn't much for handshakes. It didn't matter who you were or how old you were, Scott preferred to give you a hug.  He had an open heart and a sunny nature; your problem was his problem.

Scott had something called "Haz's rules" for the best way to live your life:  

1.  You start the day listening to a Spanish - or another radio station in a language you don't understand -  that way you'll never hear bad news. 

2.  You bring delight and joy to those around you; the meaning of your life will be determined by the value you bring to others.

In 2001, Scott was a 29 year-old  trader at Cantor Fitzgerald.  Cantor Fitzgerald had just spun off a company called eSpeed and Scott's work group shrank from 30 to 4.  In a few months, it was to disappear altogether, but for the time being, Scott's boss asked him to stay on to help close the division.

So perfect:  Scott  could make the money he needed to go back to school and become a teacher.  AND he would have the money he needed to buy  the ice cream truck he had always dreamed of.  Scott could already envision it: hot city summers, ringing the bell, surrounded by ecstatic children.  After all, who doesn't love the ice-cream man? 

On the morning of 9/11, Scott Hazelcorn, and 2,604 other people who were in the World Trade Center, left our lives forever.  With them went all the plans for tomorrow and the next day.   Countless dreams and hopes vanished. A list of promises for the days to come disappeared. 

Sixteen years later, as September 11th approaches, those of us who lost family and friends, are haunted by the memories of that morning.  Very often the only thing that propels us forward is the glimmer of hope that somewhere, somehow, the legacy of those we loved and lost is being rekindled here on earth.  

For Scott Hazelcorn, the future teacher, and ice-cream man, that legacy was about the hearts and minds of children. 

Of course it was.  Because like Scott,  children shine with the joy of today and the hope of tomorrow.

They hug, they smile and, unbeknownst to the grown-up world, they resonate with the spirits of those who have dared to dream.

The Time In Children's Arts Initiative thanks The Scott Hazelcorn Children's Foundation.  They so kindly   donated $25K to give one 1st grade class class from a tiny Harlem school -- a school that is a feeder for FIVE domestic violence shelters -- an entire year of Time In's life-changing Opera 'N Art program starting this October.  

25 incredible little children - so many of whom live in domestic violence or homeless shelters, or in subisdized housing and whose schools have no money for the kind of arts programming these children so need to flourish - will come to Time In every week.  And we will fight for the funding we need to make sure that they come every week from now until they graduate from 5th grade.  Because that's what Time In is all about:
                         Equality, Opportunity and Access

Thank you, Scott and Family for bringing so much hope to kids who deserve a bright and shining future!

Unfortunately, there are 25 more children - yes, another whole 1st grade class -  for whom we only have $1700 in place for them to participate in the program.

                         That's why we need you now. 

We have until October 18th to create Scott's legacy and we need $25,000 to do that.  That means another $23,300.

Will you help us match the generosity of the Scott Hazelcorn Children's Foundation and change the lives of kids who would never have this kind of opportunity? 

For every $29  raised, one 1st grader is able to attend spend an extraordinary morning at Time In. 

For every $125, one 1st grader will have a month of Time In.

And for every $750,  one 1st grader will have a whole year of Time In. 

Every week:  Opera, Art, Museum Visits, Gallery Hops, Intimate studio time with some of the world's leading opera singers and musicians.  Laughing. Making art.  Listening to music.  Dancing. Learning. 

The Time In Children's Arts Initiative brings some of the world's most exhilarating, arts-immersive programming to some of the most chronically disadvantaged children in the country.    Find out more

Won't you please join us.  We are indeed a special kind of family.  Come on board.  Let's be the change that we wish to see:  Stand with Time In and together, let's bring Scott's dreams to life.

                   Now is the time to make a better world.

                         Equality - Opportunity - Access
                 Changing the World One Child at a Time
                    The Time In Children's Arts Initiative

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