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PLEASE NOTE:  The Ostrander Family has created a centralized location ( ) for posting updates on Scott’s recovery. They will be as timely as possible in getting the news up as they receive it. Thank you so much from the OCG Family for your continuing support, prayers and good energy <3

Again, please go here: for addresses to send cards, gifts, checks, and see all the other ways you can help.

[Update post from Bob Rose and Ryan from Oregon's Constant Gardener] Shortly before Scott's accident his health insurance provider used a minor billing discrepancy as an excuse to cancel his policy. He was in the process of trying to get it reinstated or a new policy when the accident happened. So, Scott is completely without coverage for all of the expenses which we can only imagine will be enormous. So, it is more important than ever for us to do anything we can to help Scott to recover from this without being financially devastated.


 As many of you may have heard, our dear friend  Scott Ostrander, owner and CEO of Oregon's Only/NFTG was in a traumatic, life-threatening accident on Sunday. He was working on his property in Eugene, Oregon when he was smacked in the face with a log. The accident shattered his orbital bones, nose, and jaw. It is a miracle that he wasn't knocked out or no one would have known. He found the strength to get himself back to his wife and son where he was transported to a trauma center in PDX.

Last evening, a team of surgeons put him back together again.His surgery was several hours long. He has a long road of recovery ahead of him.
For all of those reading this that know Scott personally, you know he is a strong man. Sure, he has physical strength but his mental strength is solid as well. He will get through this.

Although in the Instagram pic above, Scott is being his usual jovial self. But let's get real. We are VERY VERY lucky and fortunate and grateful that this man is alive and still with us. It is no joking matter.
As you can imagine, this horrible accident has rocked Scott's life well as his wife Morgen and son Liam's world. While we know that his kickass team will keep things rolling at work,  many of us ARE his family and may want to help out.

A few people have mentioned "Scott would be appalled at this" or "He will be fine"... but a great many of us know that this horrible event is going to affect their family in many different ways and is going to be enormously costly. We want very badly to help out in some way.

I was somewhat hesitant to start this page, because I didn't know Scott's feelings on it.  But after speaking with those who are closest to him it became clear, and was requested by them that we needed to do so.

And that is the glory of  Crowdfunding. Altho some folks within the local community are sponsoring creative methods of fundraising, there are many other people across the country may not have access to local pages and/or events.  People across the country and world would also like to help this amazing man, and Gofundme is the most respected, efficient,  and trusted platform to do so..  We decided a  Gofundme page like this is infinitely more manageable and accepts all forms of payment. From PayPal to credit cards to debit cards. It is also easy to widely distribute and it is not bound to FB members only, which is huge. It's transparency is unmatched. It also does not fade away quickly like a FB page does.

Please share the link far and wide.

 I'm sure a lot of you also feel the same way. So many of us WANT to give back to Scott. This man has helped so many people and has changed so many lives of people...myself included...that we CANNOT not give back.So many times we have watched him do for it is time to do for him. He needs his community and family like never before.

Thank you for all your love and support of the Ostrander family at this time. They need US this time.


In addition, please read a much better Gofundme intro from  Bill Burns...which was never opened but has now merged with this official page.


From Bill Burns:

A few days ago, Scott “The Beard” Ostrander was in a horrible accident and suffered a massive blow to his face from a downed tree while clearing brush from his property. He was able to walk the 100 or so yards without neighbors noticing a profusely bleeding Sasquatch limping through the open fields. His wife Morgan, visibly upset, grabbed a towel and immediately drove him to the local hospital

While there, the Doctors told him that he needed surgery and they weren’t equipped to provide those services locally. Scott was placed into an Ambulance and sent to Portland Trauma Center where he completed a 4 or 5 hour reconstructive surgery last night, July 12th.  His jaw is now wired shut and we’re hoping he’s recovering. 

I tell you all this so you understand the road he has to travel to come back to us. We are sure that his hospital bills alone will be a burden on this great family man and friend of so many. His Nectar family and I are asking for help with Scott's current and future medical expenses to bring back this amazing person to his community and not put he or his wife under the stress of paying exorbitant medical bills.

Scott Ostrander has a beautiful wife and son and are an important part of the Eugene community of Oregon and a very important part of the online community he so dearly refers to as #Nectarfam. He is also a small business owner – CEO of Oregon’s Only and Oregon’s Constant Gardener. He has created his own Nutrient line – Nectar for the Gods with his partner Frank and tries in every way to help everyone around him. He has done more for the Nectar family than we could ever repay him.  I have witnessed his gift of love for gardening and love for total strangers by giving his money, his time, his effort and communication on social media answering questions about gardening with and without his nutrient line. His generosity in this industry is hard to come by.  He gives freely of both his heart and his pocket.  The kindest soul I have ever met. Carl Gorca said it best “Without Scott D. Ostrander, most of us wouldn’t be where we are today.” I am amazed by the out pouring of love and respect from everyone in the community for this man whose heart is so big and full of love.

Please help Scott and his wife Morgan who have helped people all their lives, never asking for anything in return, and show them their kindness is worth paying it forward. With your donation, you will help a Husband, Son, Uncle, Partner, Friend and Small Business Owner. I thank you in advance in helping this wonderful human being (well, part Sasquatch) to come back to us whole and full of life! Please give anything you can, any small contribution and/or some words of kindness and encouragement are appreciated. Blessing on him, his immediate family, his Nectar Family and you!  


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