Helt Family HARVEY Flood Relief

My name is Andrew. My sister Heather, my brother Scottie, and I would like to tell you about our dear parents, Scott and Pat.

Scott (age 71) is a USAF Vietnam Veteran with service as a flight medic. He is designated as permanently disabled by the VA due to prolonged exposure to Agent Orange. He has suffered Acute Leukemia, Melanoma, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Type II Diabetes, Heart Failure, and Neuropathy, all a result of his military service. A lifetime of ailments has fueled Scott's passion for helping others. He devoted 48 years to a career of various roles in the healthcare profession and is now a retired Hospital Administrator. In his retirement, he continues to counsel cancer patients in his spare time and has graciously done so since surviving his initial bout with Leukemia as a young man. He is a great father and loving grandfather.

Pat (age 68) has also devoted her life to helping others. She spent 47 years in the nursing profession where she cared for people of all ages. Much of her career was dedicated to aiding children and the elderly in the Pediatric and Geriatric fields. In the latter part of her career, Pat focused her experience and skills on assisting surgery patients in a variety of specialized surgical practices until her retirement. She is a life-long member of the Crete, NE chapter of the United Church of Christ (U.C.C.) and is also a member of the P.E.O. Sisterhood. She is a beloved mother and grandmother.

Scott and Pat, are one of the many victims of HURRICANE HARVEY's destruction. They dodged Harvey's initial landfall from their home in East Texas and hoped for the best when torrential rains and manageable flash flooding of their creeks, lakes, bayous, and low lying areas of town were the worst of their woes.

But the storm's final landfall eventually did hit East Texas, dropping dozens more inches of rain which caused catastrophic flooding in the Beaumont/Lumberton area where they live. Scott and Pat were evacuated by boat with their three dogs and only a small bag of personal items to be shared between them. Sadly, their home was not spared by the devastation that followed.

Those who know Scott and Pat are probably aware of their recent move to Texas from North Carolina. They loaded all of their worldly possessions onto a truck and relocated to East Texas to be close to their eldest son, Scottie and his family. That move was a mere 3 months ago. They had just finished unpacking and settling in and now their new home has been completely destroyed along with a lifetime of their belongings. Their automobiles were also destroyed in the flood.

To make things worse, they were advised by their insurance company that flood insurance was unnecessary because their home was supposedly not in a “designated flood zone.” As most would do, given the facts presented to them at the time, they trusted this advice and proceeded without a flood insurance policy.

Scott and Pat's story is far from unique. Hundred's of thousands of victims of this storm have suffered the same if not worse. Luckily they were able to evacuate their neighborhood and join their son Scottie just before the storm took their home.

We are grateful for their safety and are currently assessing how much it will cost to fix/replace everything that was damaged.  This is where you can help. The foreseeable expenses of replacing their home and rebuilding their lives are unclear at this time. All we know is that that they will need as much help as they can get and all donations, small and large, will be put to good use. We have set an initial goal of $50,000 to help them recover and rebuild.

We would like to encourage anyone and everyone who can spare funds, food, and clothing to the victims of this storm to do so in whatever capacity they feel most comfortable. We simply want to share the story and the faces of Scott and Pat as a way to personalize your support if you should be so moved to send it their way. If for some reason Scott and Pat find comfort and security and there are funds left over, those funds will be passed along to one of the many charities helping other victims of this disaster.

We thank you all for taking the time to read about Scott and Pat and we thank you for you support.

Fundraiser organized by:
Andrew Helt
Kansas City, MO
Son of Scott and Pat

Heather Panahi
Wellesley, MA
Daughter of Scott and Pat

Scottie Helt
Beaumont, TX
Son of Scott and Pat

*Please note: Until Scott and Pat are able to personally withdraw donation funds by their own means, all funds will be withdrawn on their behalf by their son Andrew Helt and forwarded to them in full by electronic bank transfer.

*All funds will be used for costs related to salvaging, restoring, and rebuilding the home of Scott and Pat Helt.
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