"Say GoodBye TBI"

Every dollar contributed to the Neuro-Laser Foundation through this site goes to support research and subsidize the treatment of Veterans and First-Responders with TBI. Your donations are tax-deductible and you will receive a thank you letter which documents your contribution.

In the wake of the VA's admission that they misdiagnosed thousands of Veterans as not having TBI, the importance of a study which Dr. Henderson co-authored has grown in importance in the fight to halt Veterans' Suicides.

On July 7, 2016, the Department of Veterans Affairs released its official accounting of suicide deaths among veterans, averaging 20 per day. This has fueled demand for answers among the Congress, VA, CDC and the Obama Administration. Today Psychiatry Advisor published an article by Theodore Henderson, MD, PhD , co-Founder of Neuro-Laser Foundation, outlining how neuro-imaging diagnostic tools available for PTSD and TBI are available to avoid these tragic endings. This news can provide guidance to veterans, psychiatrists and other medical professionals tasked with treating these two, previously thought to be untreatable, conditions that are common among suicide victims.

Dr. Henderson, along with co-Founder Dr. Larry Morries, have a heart to help our country servicemen and women through the Neuro-Laser Foundation and “Say Goodbye TBI” campaign. The Drs. are raising financial support through it’s non-profit organization to help provide treatment for qualifying veterans at a low, or no-cost to them and their families.

No TBI Treatment Has Worked—Until now.

TBI troubles soldiers, veterans, first responders, athletes and many others. Despite epidemic-like numbers, most treatments for TBI are directed at symptoms and only marginally beneficial. Symptoms can mimic many other conditions, and TBI can be dismissed or misdiagnosed. The wrong treatment can potentially do more harm than good. For example, Veterans are often treated for PTSD when it is actually TBI.

Jennifer's Story: "Filled with Hope"

Jennifer served as an officer for the Colorado Springs Police department for 10 years, until being injured in the line of duty. Jennifer came to law enforcement after an active life in athletics. She labels herself a “tomboy” and participated in basketball, soccer, softball, and numerous other school and community sports. She describes herself as “the type of athlete that sacrificed my body, including my head, for the sake of the game.” She reports having many concussions over the years in sports.

Jennifer was diagnosed with major depression and PTSD after the death of her daughter in 2006. Since then, she has struggled with progressively worsening memory issues, anger problems, anxiety, severe depression, obsessive-compulsive thinking and difficulty thinking clearly. Prior to treatment, Jennifer said, “I am no longer the person I used to be! I've lost all hope of living a healthy and active life.”

She reached out to the Neuro-Laser Foundation for help. Her SPECT functional brain scan revealed brain injury in several places. Drs. Morries and Henderson explained how multi-Watt near-infrared light therapy works and showed the data of their recent studies. “I left Dr. Morries’ and Dr. Henderson’s offices filled with hope – hope of living not just existing,” says Jennifer.

Please donate to help Jennifer, other first-responders, veterans, and others "Say GoodBye TBI" 

-- TBI troubles millions of people, and has serious consequences. Symptoms often mimic other conditions, so most treatments and medications are off-target.

-- However, newly published research shows the Neuro-Laser Foundation {a 501(c)3 foundation established in Colorado} can identify and help repair brain damage from TBI using a patent-pending multi-watt Near-Infrared Light Therapy (NILT) applied directly to the location of the brain damage. No pills. No side effects.

-- Insurance coverage varies, but typically the necessary diagnostic brain scans and treatment are often covered. If you have chiropractic coverage that is often helpful. Still, there are many who cannot afford insurance or with limited insurance plans.

-- Join us in the fight against TBI. Tax-deductible donations will be used to treat veterans and first-responders who need financial aid.  Also, funding is necessary to continue studying the efficacy and other applications of NILT in a fully-equipped clinic. A TBI trial commences in 2016. 

The need is enormous. Help us, help them.  

What is Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?
TBI refers to brain damage resulting from a hard hit to the head or whiplash, including concussions. Symptoms can include headaches, sleep disruption, emotional and personality changes, cognitive impairment, and brain fog -- which can all lead to anxiety and depression.

The Center for Disease Control estimates 3 million concussions are reported every year, but millions more occur and go undetected.

What Does TBI Feel Like?
Imagine the machine (your brain) that allows you to think, feel, organize, and make decisions suddenly goes on the fritz. Everything is harder. Lights are too bright. Sleep is a struggle. Your emotions are no longer your own. Unclear diagnosis leads to trial-and-error with medications. Frustration leads to hopelessness.

Science Shows the "Near-Infrared Light Therapy" Method to be Effective

Introducing a new treatment for TBI which stimulates brain healing processes using light. Yes, light is the answer! But not just any light - light in the near-infrared spectrum that can penetrate scalp and skull to reach the brain. In this last year, we published 5 studies showing the efficacy of this treatment, and now we are near receiving a patent for our method.

The most exciting news is this:

Our NILT method can stimulate the  energy production and repair processes within brain cells to help the brain recover from  injury!

Patients see clinically-significant improvement with:

- Headaches
- Sleep
- Anxiety
- Anger
- Impulsivity
- Depression
- Memory loss
and more.

But more research is needed. We envision other applications for NILT. So we ask for your help. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today.  Your tax-deductible donation will do two things:

1. Provide funds to treat Soldiers and Veterans as well as other victims who cannot afford treatment.

2. Partially fund double-blind, placebo-controlled studies.

Say "Goodbye TBI!
” Like These Patients

“The Light WORKS: It will give you your life back.”
-- Jennifer

“(Since receiving NILT treatment,) I have earned my electrician certification and found a great job, but most of all, I am back with my wife and have purchased a new home. Thanks Doc.”
 -- Returning Vet. Terry, diagnosed with TBI after receiving the NILT treatment in the clinical trial, published in August.

“I am working in the oncology ward, doing wonderful. I really appreciate your help.”
-- TU: Registered Nurse, Off work for 8 years, due to auto accident. She is back at work. 

“ I have a great new job... back with my husband.”
-- BK: Injured in auto accident— had cognitive problems, headaches, depression, sleep problems, felt suicidal, & couldn’t work.

“It’s given me a new life...or a new opportunity for life!”
- EM: Veteran injured 30 years ago in the line of duty.
Visit www.tbi.care  for more information about our non-profit foundation {501(c)3 established in Colorado} committed to treating TBI and other neurological disorders.

To read more about our research to date and see publications, visit the News Archives at our website http://www.tbi.care/category/news/ .

Our total goal is to raise $680,000 for research and underwriting  veterans' treatment.



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