Saving Elizabeth – Time is Running Out!

Hi, my name is Success and I’m fundraising for my sister Elizabeth who has been let down by so many hospitals and doctors in her home country.

Elizabeth’s ordeal started 10 years ago after she was diagnosed with fibroids in Nigeria. She had an Abdominal myomectomy in 2015 to remove the fibroids. A year after the operation she became pregnant with her son however, she didn’t have an easy pregnancy due to complications from the myomectomy. She had her son in 2017 via an emergency c-section during which it was apparent that her surgical wound from the myomectomy wasn’t properly stitched, causing her intestines to protrude. This resulted in her having another operation during childbirth to fix the damage caused by the previous operation.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of her ordeal. Elizabeth’s stomach started growing in 2019 accompanied by rapid weight loss and we initially thought she was pregnant again. However, after medical examination, pregnancy was ruled out and further tests carried out revealed another fibroid was growing. Then, the doctors advised against another surgery due to her still healing from the previous surgeries.

Her condition has since deteriorated further. A radiology report from December 2021 shows that both of her kidneys are grossly enlarged and measure about 17.15 x 13.29 x 16.13cm and 15.92 x 11.48 x 12.40cm in size for the right and left respectively. The report also shows multiple, varying-sized degenerating intramural, subserous and submucous fibroid masses, two of which measure about 4.50 x 3.12cm and 2.22 x 1.66cm in size respectively. At that point, she was referred to a different hospital to have an abdo/pelvis MRI done.

The MRI was done in January 2022 and it shows a large well-circumscribed masses in the suprarenal areas bilaterally. They measured about 14 x 10cm and 13.7 x 10cm on the right and left respectively. Another large T1 and T2 hypointense mass is seen arising from the pelvis into the lower abdomen compressing the urinary bladder. This measures 14 x 10.4cm and it contains what appears to be like cystic as well as solid-enhancing lumps. She was then referred to another hospital for a scan.

The scan was carried out in April 2022 suggesting further problems. It shows an anterior abdominal hernia in the umbilical region suggestive of an incisional hernia. It measures about 3.2cm in length. In addition, the scan also shows a bulky uterus with inhomogeneous myometrium measuring 13.9 x 7.9 x 13cm. It harbours multiple anterior and posterior intra-mural fibroids, one of which is in the posterior measuring 5.1 x 5.8cm. She was then advised that she requires an Abdominal CT scan and biopsy. However, to date, no hospital has been able to carry out a biopsy on her due to the lack of competence and medical equipment required to carry out the test.

She has since been travelling from one hospital to another in search of help but to no avail. She has now been told by several doctors in Nigeria that they are unable to help her. She’s been told she requires multiple surgeries to remove the fibroids, mass in the kidneys, and a hernia repair. However, doctors in Nigeria are too scared to operate due to a lack of medical equipment and expertise. One particular doctor said the mass in the kidneys must be reduced before any operation can be done to avoid damaging both kidneys. She was then prescribed Sunitinib, a cancer medication that the doctor claimed would help reduce the size of the mass in the kidneys.

Funding this medication wasn’t financially easy, but out of desperation to help my sister get better, I didn’t mind exhausting every credit card limit I had, because, to me, her life is priceless. She was on the medication for a good 6 months but unfortunately, the drugs ended up causing more harm to her body than any good, and she was advised to stop taking them. Upon stopping the medication, the doctor who prescribed the medication got rid of her by referring her elsewhere for further tests and refused to see her afterwards.

With the generous help of my employer, I was able to arrange a private online medical consultation for Elizabeth with a specialist in the UK who is willing to work with us in diagnosing and putting together a treatment plan for Elizabeth, but only if we can get her to the UK. The consultant has diagnosed her with probable Bilateral kidney cancer from the initial consultation he had with her online and from the previous scans she's had. The consultant has warned that if she doesn’t get urgent medical help, she may not see another Christmas as survival is poor with Bilateral kidney cancer if not treated in time.

The costs of processing the medical visa, flights, private consultation, investigation and therapies, including treatment upon arrival in the UK, have been estimated between £30,000 to £60,000 however, this could quickly double depending on actual diagnosis and treatment plan. All funds raised will be used for these purposes only.

Elizabeth is a fighter and a lover of life. She has no intention of giving up because she wants to live for not just her 6-year-old son and husband, but her nieces and nephews who she has been caring for over the years, even through the most challenging times of her life. She has repeatedly cited her son and family as those who continue to keep her going.

With your help, we can make Elizabeth’s dream of watching her son grow into a handsome adult come through, as well as enable her to continue being the amazing aunt to her nieces and nephews who have continued to heavily rely on her physical and emotional support. These kids, her son, her husband and the entire family will be lost without Elizabeth. We don’t want to lose her and she’s desperate to live.

So please, if there is any financial assistance you can provide to help Elizabeth get the urgent medical attention and treatment she needs, it would be a massive blessing. Nothing will be too small.


Success Cahill

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