Help Children in Haiti Living in Constant Fear

Hi, Nick (Indigo Traveller) here. If you’ve reached this page, it’s because you’ve watched my video in Haiti's biggest slum, Cité Soleil. As you clearly witnessed in the video, Cité Soleil is an unbelievably harsh and extremely dangerous environment for anyone to live in, let alone a child. Many families do not know where their next meal is coming from, and on top of that, bullets constantly rain down over their houses.

About the charity:
Third World Awareness is a Canadian not-for-profit charity organisation that supports and empowers communities in Haiti. It is a volunteer-based organisation that does not maintain paid staff or an office. The volunteers donate their time and fund their own trips. This allows for all fundraising proceeds to be used directly for grassroots initiatives, such as building a school, providing medical and school supplies, food, etc. Third World Awareness also employ Haitians from within the community to help create jobs. Sean, who you have seen in the videos, has been working closely with Third World Awareness since 2003.

All money fundraised from this page will go directly to Haiti to support children and families.

Thank you for your time and for taking an interest in supporting the people of Haiti who are facing unimaginable hardships on a daily basis.


Bridget Ogundipe 
York, ON
Registered nonprofit
Donations are typically tax deductible in Canada.