Using Art & Design-SAVE OUR YOUTH!

I'm reaching out to you because I've finally started a GoFundMe for showing our youth a different path than the money we so frequently raise for funds to bury them. This life changing cause means so much to me because I was one of those kids, but I had help from people who demonstrated a better way, without the influence of guns or violence.

Recently, I met a young man who viewed one of my products and he shared such great design ideas that I decided, who best to create the designs on my patent invention than the people who love wearing the product? My desire was made even stronger when the young man with the brilliant design ideas was surprised that I was the longtime owner of this manufacturing/design company.

I was shocked when he explained to me that due to his life circumstance, the only understood language in his surroundings was of the ‘gun’ and that he did not want to die. He said that if he could have some meaningful place to come to, it would at least keep him off the streets where he would have a better chance of staying safe, and give him space to grow into the man he envisioned himself to be one day. From that moment onward, I had the idea for the ‘Youth Designing for You’ movement.



The idea that I had invented and patented a new twist of an American Staple, The Hoodie could maybe be used to create a new path and a new life especially for our youth was born. My thought, that the Hoodie is a garment that is loved and revered by millions worldwide, inspired a light bulb moment where I thought to myself “Wow! Why not use the hoodie, set up a designated division to give creative youth a safe haven and teach them how to use their creative talent to earn the respect they so desire. I knew that with my position and experience, I could empower them through entreprenuership and help them take control of their own destiny, as was done for me.

The talent of a young artist-Pierre

Our society teaches us how to be an employee but not employers.
Not many of us have the means to ‘think big’ where such ideals are not popular among the average working class families. For example, if their life is similar to how I grew up, most conversations around the dinner table concerns how to get through the hardships of life. A.K.A. how to pay the bills, how to keep putting food on the table, how to get a job. Not how to take control and provide for others through employement, money, or knowledge.

There is rarely any talk about stocks, investment, or ownership. Therefore, I created this campaign so that we begin to change this mindset and create an environment where our youth can thrive with a new direction of pride, creativity, responsibility, and ownership. It is said ‘God bless the child that’s got it’s own” and if this helps them to stay alive and out of trouble, then WE will have created something truly remarkable.

I have created and patented a product, and set up a division where the youth will oversee the creative input into the ‘Athleisure Hoodie’ and other products in this division. They will be learning how to run a company and its products from conception to end user. I want them to come in as an employee and leave with the desire and the ability of becoming a future employer. Power is in ownership! Ask Oprah!

We know that in today’s world of financial uncertainties that your hard earned funds we are asking you to share are not easily to come by, but our youth is experiencing an emergency, and change is a MUST, which is why in addition to running my day to day business, I am opening up my design studio and factory to share my 45 plus years of business ownership, experience, and knowledge in hopes of changing the thought, belief and direction of our youth.

We are asking you to donate to support the employment of 3 or more creative and determined youths that are at risk. We need your donation to make a difference, we asking you to help these kids turn their life around using their creative talents in design and induce a notion of owning a business in their minds. We need your donations to work on keeping them alive. Let’s change the world and the direction of our youth, ONE YOUTH at a time. Then he or she can pass it down. This is a world that is led by example, help me help them be the example. Chance the Rapper and ‘Common’ are doing a great job, helping to secure funds for education in our public-school system.

I believe the universe has given me this assignment of turning ordinary kids into extraordinary big dreamers and doer’s, giving them a much better alternative than the one above. Let’s not wait until our government does something about it, because we, the people are what makes up a government, the kids are all our products in training.

On my own, I have opened my doors to the future, I am willing to help build a new nation of owners, who will go forth and pass it on to help other youths that believe they too can be owners. The gun nor the gang is the answer, ownership is. Again, just ask Oprah!

If you could support my GoFundMe by making a donation and then sharing it with your network, I would greatly appreciate it. Again, I know that money can be tight, so please know that even $5 helps me get closer to my goal! Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them.

What we need:
3 young artists hired @$15/hr. for 20 hr/weeks X 6 months = $21,600

Help me give some talented young kids a job, a life, and a purpose. If we can help employ atleast 3 youths each season, we would have made the world a better and safer place for all.

A video created & edited  by our talented youth:  created by Dewond Mapp (Videographer) and  edited by Don Sahan (Editor).

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to the music. This video is intented for visual purposes only. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENTED.

More about Jermikko:

 My SwapOut Hoodie was worn by Beyoncé in her Lemonade video, published by the United States Patent Office, written about in Sun-Times Splash, Chicago Tribune, Bustle, Glamor, Essence & Instyle magazine. Also nominated for the Chicago Innovation Award 2017 and the Women's Executive Award.

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Thank you,
Team SwapOut Hoodie
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Our design studio is located in a  HubZone, which is a low income Artist community.


Jermikko Shoshanna 
Chicago, IL

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