Save The Brisbane Hotel

Go Fund Us… High 5s and Hand Outs

We’ve been operating one of Hobart’s best live music venues (or the best as we see it) for over twelve years. We’ve fed you, hydrated you and shown you some good times and great nights (and some sore mornings). But sadly, now we need some help.

You’ve been looked after with cheap cheap beers, cheap shows, free shows, free bingo & krackieoke for YEARS. We’ve provided a safe and friendly environment where everyone can come and have a drink and a dance or just chain smoke yard darts out back.

The Briz has supported bands that have had their first gigs, and for some their last shows. We’ve nurtured bands to see them mature to worldwide fame, we’ve seen generations of punters come, have a great time and for some to grow up and move on, or others who are still partying with us today. 

There have been a heap of fundraisers over the years for many great and worthy causes, and this one is very close to our hearts ‘cause it is our hearts. We’ve put our blood, sweat, beers ‘n’ tears into this place. We’ve loved and lost and fought and won and lost out. Now we’re fighting to keep the doors open and to ensure we keep the rock ‘n’ roll alive.

* * * * * * * *

Whilst we do not know the final dollar value on how much this will all cost, we know it’s a huge investment!!! This is an old building that needs work anyway but the old girl has plenty of life left in her. We guestimate the renos and upgrades will cost more $100,000 but we won’t know an exact figure until everything is done and dusted. The difference in classification between hotel and live entertainment venue is harsh as when it comes to the safety features required. And because we have upstairs it’s even more so. There have been thousands of band members and friends who have crashed out or partied on upstairs over the years as well as the awe and wonder of Grimoire in some of the winter years past and the scares (and maybe wee puddles left) of the Haunted House. To keep upstairs running and compliant each room, all ten of them, and the hallway that runs through them needs upgrades. And new walls and doors to be built/installed to ensure that if there was a threat of fire everyone, upstairs and down, would be safe.

As for downstairs, some of what needs to be installed will hopefully never but used but is required to be there. New exhaust systems in the windows and/or skylight in case of smoke, the real kind, not the silly fake stuff. Upgraded fire alarm systems, new exit door and lighting are needed as well. An upgrade with the most practical benefit will be the installation of a wheelchair accessible toilet and permanent wheelchair access into the pub! There are some issues as the building is Heritage Listed but we’re working with designers to make this happen.

And it’s not just the costs of the new gear needed, it’s the labour of all the tradies that will be in to make these changes - brickies, sparkies, engineers, painters, locksmiths, builders and more. The place will be a high vis party for weeks.

We’d also like to be able to recompense staff, security, promoters and bands who have or will have to lose out until this can be rectified. It’s not just us personally suffering through this tough time, it’s the full Brisso team/family and we don’t want people to miss out. The show will go on but we’ll be hitting pause on the banging setlist for a little while.

As with all business, the bills will roll in even if the rock ‘n’ roll isn’t happening.

We know that this is a lot of money needed and whilst we’ve been setting aside our own funds in preparation, we’ll need help. So think about how much you’ve saved from all those $2 pints and chuck us some bickies.


Chris Giblett and Casey Bond-Williams - owners, managers and rad people
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